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Powder's Page of DragonLance!
Powder's Den

Coming Soon! More wonderful DL Art and information that you love!


Welcome to my lair, I am Powder, the silver dragon. I hope all is well. In my cave you will find pictures of my comrades as well as information long forgotten to the world of Krynn. May all that you seek be found.

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Any original fantasy writings (DragonLance or not), poetry, art, other pages to link. Please send them to me: Powder with the subject of "fantasy writing". Thank you!another secret

About Me
About me (Powder) and why I do this
DragonLance News
DragonLance News@Powder's Lair, What's going on with DragonLacne.
Art Gallary
A collection of Fantasy Art
Information about the many races of Dragons on Krynn and other worlds
Sponsors and Contributors
A list of people and sites who have contributed to my page
Links to other DragonLance related pages
Webrings and Awards
A list of webrings I belong to and awards I have won
Companion Rhapsody
A parody to Bohemian Rhapsody
The BoE
My opinion on the BoE (they're SO stupid!)

If you have any problems with what I have displayed, here is the Disclaimer , and if I haven't mentioned you, your company, or infringed on any copyrights please notify me, this is my business e-mail.

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Jamie Luis
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