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This is some of my old equipment I'm selling.

Just e-mail me offers. I will take trades on some of the stuff. All prices are shipped so don't worry about shipping.


red anod Cobra LED #24 w:
chrome double trigger grip frame
chrome LCD style double trigger
chrome Kapp US thread ASA
silver DYE fang trigger guard
clear DYE stickies
chrome Kapp breach knob
dual (2) red Unique volumizers
red Kapp US ASA
red Gen-X 2 reg
silver metric ASA adaptor
matching red stock reg
silver ball detente
Kapp chrome low rise
Kapp red low rise
Cobra LCD LP internals
Cobra bolt
Cobra s/s hammer
12" J&J two-piece with ceramic tip
12" X-enterprises red clear acrylic tip two-piece
cut and polished stock Jacko
match annod DZ II
match annod bank adapter
tons more that i'm forgetting
68/4500 Angel AIR
red screen
$1000 for everything


A) SOLD B) Straight elbow - $2 C) SOLD D) Fat Boy rubber wrap around grips - $10 (2) E) SOLD F) SOLD G) ASA to 1/8th thread adapter - $2 H) SOLD I) SOLD J) SOLD

Smart Parts wood grips. Bad picture, I can get a better one if you want. - $15

only one left; blue Kapp volumizer for the Angel - $15

Parts without pictures (pics available if you're interested):

-Angel Eclipse Ice splash double trigger - $15
-custom red anno DZ II (not flat red like from Kapp, shiney red) - $40
-red bank adapter (same color) - $10
-Benchmark on/off offset cradle - $25
-chrome Kapp microdrop - $25
-long Midi rail - $15
-red Kapp US reg adpater for Angel LEDs - $20
-Unique padded goggle bag - $15
-on/off for screw-in tanks - $5