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A little about me

This is me

This is me in Atlantic City

This is me at the Hard Rock Cafe on my 21st b-day!

This is me at the Jessica Simpson concert

Hey there everyone! For those of you who don't know me my full name is Melissa Strobl. I'm 21 years old and live in NY. I'm majoring in Early Childhood Education at Orange County Community College. As for my personality I can be really shy at times and other times you can't shut me up. I like to joke around and just have fun. I think I'm fairly independent. And I've made some really good friends recently. I love you guys, your the best! I don't know what I'd do without you.

In my spare time I like to hang out with friends, talk on the phone, listen to music...I'm always listening to music, I'd go crazy without it, I also love to shop, ski, play basketball, rollerblade, swim, go to the movies, work on my homepage, type (I like to send long emails lol)...

Well now I will let you read the rest of this page and if you want to get in touch with me fell free to do so (check the bottom of this page for that). I love making new friends.


Food: Italian
Soda: Sprite
Coffee: French Vanilla
Snack: Ice Cream
Candy(s): Hershey kisses
Movie(s): Jerry MaGuire
TV Show: Dawson's Creek
Talk Show: Rosie O'Donnell
Cartoon: Doug
Songs: I Wanna Love You Forever & Promise by Eve6
Singer: Jessica Simpson
Groups: 98 degrees
Actress: Jenifer Love Hewitt
Actors: James Van Der Beek & Matthew Perry
Sport: Hockey
NHL team: NY Rangers
Baseball team: NY Yankees
Basketball team:NY Knicks
Season: Spring
Place: Sea World
Store(s): Media Play and Bath & Body Works
Color: Purple
Ice cream flavor: Chocolate
Kind of Car: Camaro
Perfume: Tommy Girl
Disney character: Tigger
Place to eat: The Olive Garden
Type of movie: Romantic comedies
Name: Kaylee
Saying: Yeah, ok, sure, whatever
Salad Dressing: Italian
Cereal: Cocoa Pebbles
Time of day: Night

Likes: dolphins...I love dolphins, my dream is to swim with one someday, I also love astronomy...I love looking up at the night sky especially during meteor showers, (when I was younger for a while I thought about being a astronaut lol and a dolphin trainer...I would love that I think) let's see what else do I like... rollercoasters, soccer, ice cream, candles, animals, the ocean, warm weather, pugs, ferrets...

Dislikes: being lied to, seafood, mushrooms, running, cold weather, spiders, bugs, driving in the snow, being sick, football, tests.

Concerts I've been to: I'm a concert nut! I love going to concerts! I've been to: Boys II Men f/Next, Uncle Sam and Destiny's Child and K104 Fest f/Joey McIntyre, C-Note, EYC, Mulberry Lane, 1,000 Clowns, Sixpence None the Richer, Jana, Shanice, Blessid Union of Souls and the Spin Doctors; Backstreet Boys, Ricky Martin, Mariah Carey, K104 Fest 5 f/Westlife, Splendor, Shannon, Mr. Big, Anastasia, Michael Fredo, Sonique, Reno, and Olive. And the best concert was of course Jessica Simpson (Griffins Song) with opening acts Evan and Jaron and Tim James.

Well I don't know what else to write, so I guess that's it for now.

If you want to contact me on Yahoo! Messanger my ID is Mel_Strobl
My AOL screen name is: melstrobl
You can also email me here

And don't forget to sign the guestbook! Thanks so much!

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