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Jessica takes you to Disney Land

Riding the rides at Disney Land. Playing volleyball on the beach. Singing with your sweetie. It's all in a day's work for teen Jessica Simpson as she prepped for the Disney Channel's Jessica Simpson & Jason Raize in Concert, airing Saturday, June 24 (and repeating throughout the summer). Jason is the star of Broadway's The Lion King and has just released a new pop album called NYC.

The two taped segments at the amusement part and played volleyball at the beach (her dancers vs. his). Jessica even sat down at the beach for a Q&A with some young fans, which she walked away from totally amazed at how smart and intelligent their questions were.

Then it was off to the concert, as Jessica and Jason went from real beach to an indoor one built on on Hollywood soundstage, complete with sand, palm trees and plenty of swimwear. Ah, the magic of show biz! "I love the beach theme. I'm such a sucker for the ocean, so I think it's going to give me a lot of energy tonight because it's something I love so much," Jessica told us about her first headlining concert. "It's a lot of hard work, but it's a rush."

The singer looked casual in a bandanna and overalls for the afternoon rehearsal with her eight hip-hop dancers. Watch the special closely and you'll be able to see Jess' little sis Ashley as one of the dancers! They rehearsed for the concert full-time for nearly three weeks!

Taking a break, Jessica checked out the latest J-14 and laughed her head off when she saw our humorous feature on famous stars having ugly children (where we combined Nick Lachey's face with Jessica's to create a child only a mother could love!). Jessica, thankfully, thought it was so funny that she said, "Nick, get over here! Have you seen this?" The commotion started a ripple effect that brought the rehearsal to a halt! But soon it was back to hard work.

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