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Hey there everyone! Welcome to my homepage. It is dedicated to my favorite singer Jessica Simpson. She has the most amazing voice, a wonderful personality and not to mention she's a terrific role model and inspiration to many people! So I hope you like it and don't forget to sign the guestbook!

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1/1/01 - I won another award, so I put that up, what a good way to start the new year :)
12/31 - I put up more of the FHM article, it's almost done. I also added some gif images and changed some of the fonts around.
12/30 - I added a bunch of new links to Jessica Simpson sites, updated the news and contact info. I also did a few things about the appearance here and there. And added the 2 awards I just won. I also added more of the FHM article. And put up 3 new pics.
12/29 - I put some more of the FHM article up. I also got rid of my forum since no one goes in there up put my chat room back up. Hopefully we will get some use out of it this time :) I also changed the colors in my guestbook.
12/28 - I started on the FHM article and put up the pics.
12/22 - I added a new link (Amberly's Jessica Simpson Site) and added a little to "Help Jess' Charity". I also updated Jess' appearances. And I got up the Nov. J-14 article.
12/21 - I put up info on how you can help Jessica's Charity
12/19 - I finished the Teen Vogue article
12/18 - I put a new pic of myself up
12/16 - I put some new pics up
12/15 - I added pics from the Xmas at the White House Special