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Jessica Simpson has something to smile about. This 19-year-old balladeer already has two hits off her debut album Sweet Kisses - "I Wanna Love You Forever" and "Where You Are"; she snagged the hottest tour in town when she opened for Ricky Martin this past fall; and she's talking with the WB about getting her own television show. On top of these great career successes, Jessica's won the heart of boyfriend Nick Lachey from 98 degrees. You'd assume that the fame has turned this Texas girl into a major diva, but the truth is that she's surprisingly normal. She loves Brad Pitt movies, she's a self-confessed shoe freak (she owns 80 pairs and counting) and she's weak for her mom's home cooking, especially Southern fried chicken.

Shy girl
Who would have guessed that this superstar is secretly very shy? "I'm extremely shy," she tells J-14 about her hidden secret. "This business has really helped me out in that area. I try to keep up the energy and go out on a limb now, but it's my younger sister Ashley who's really the go-getter of the family." Jessica is close with her family and they've been a big help to her, both emotionally and professionally. Unlike most stars who have to bear being on the road without their family, she brings them. "They're right by my side," she says. Ashely provides backup dancing, dad Joe is her manager and mom Tina styles her wardrobe. "I'll be wearing something my mom loves, but my dad's like, "What's she wearing?" laughs Jessica. Her dad, a minister, encourages his daughter to go for her dreams and follow her heart. He even gave her a gold ring with a cutout cross. "It symbolizes my abstinence. I vowed to God, my husband and my dad that I'd save myself," she says. Jessica admits it's a tough promise to make, but it helps that Nick understands and supports her decision.

Real love
Jessica knows what she likes in a guy. "He has to have dreams and goals. Honesty is also a big deal with me," she says. "Oh, and I love full lips. Ya gotta have something to suck on," she says. Looks like Nick's lips fit the bill. The loverbirds have been dating since they met on tour over a year ago. Jessica admits that she felt emotional working with Nick on "Where You Are." "It's the most heartfelt song on the album. It'll have you in tears," she says. She was thrilled to finally see Nick during the making of the video. They've both been so busy lately. Along with the possible WB show, Jessica wants to pursue movies in the future. "My dream is to have a movie like The Body-guard with Whitney Houston, where I have the soundtrack and I get to sing and act," she says. That's one of my big goals."

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