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Some of my friends Homepages:
Tami's page
Rich's page
Steve's page

Other Cool Links: Make-A-Wish Foundation MTV's cool site! My favorite NHL team - The Rangers! My favorite radio station! Do some shopping! A cool way to chat with friends! Customize your own radio station! Check out Rosie O'Donnel's site! Check out some cool whale and dolphin merchandise! Check out the yahoo pager to chat with friends. This is my favorite singer! listen to some music on real player! See who's at the top of the charts! Check out this Disney site! Do some shopping or just check out the site! Find out about Sea World here! Lot's of cool backgrounds and screensavers here for free! Discovery Cove-new vacation spot in Orlando, Fl. Swim with dolphins, rays and tropical fish. The Official Site of Dawson's Creek. Log on to Dawson Leery's home computer.
Westlife Check out this cool page and hear some music from my fav. group Westlife!

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