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Jessica's Third Video Diary: (11/22)

"Hey guys! How is everybody?? I just got off stage, um, sweating and gross and people are pulling at me left and right and they're crazy right now! But I'm in my dressing room. I just got finished doing a show. Actually, it was for a charity to raise money for the Children's... Children's Foundation... Children's Hospital Foundation [laughs]. We actually raised, like, over a million dollars today so it was very pretty much for kids with AIDS and cancer and stuff so it was a very touching concert. It was great. Anyways, what am I doing right now? I'm going crazy! Um.. my mom just had to take my shoes off because my boots [the camera starts to pan down towards her feet]. No don't show my feet Dad!! [she starts to hide her feet, talking in a child-like voice] Y'all can't see my feet!! My shoes that I performed in, I'm just like my toes are gonna start bleeding!! I will not wear those shoes again. Anyway, I'm probably boring you. Um, let's see, my week is filled with lots of stuff. Tonight, I think I'm going right now, tonight I have to take the Red Eye. That's always fun. I always take Tylenol PM then I sleep the whole flight! I take the Red Eye to New York then I have a performance, some MTV performance and actually that's another charity and I'm doing that with 98. That'll be fun cause I'll get to see Nick! And then, that night, I take another Red Eye. I get to Dallas at like 1 in the morning, and then hair and make-up starts at 3 in the morning, then I have to start press at 5 in the morning and then that's all day, but then I'll get to hang out with my family cause I'll be in Dallas. What I'm doing is I'm performing for the Dallas Cowboys half-time Thanksgiving. It's gonna be a huge show. There's supposed to be 90 million viewers... and I expect you guys [she points her fingers towards the camera] to be some of the viewers! It's gonna be really cool, so you guys gotta watch it. And that's actually for another charity called the Salvation Kettle Kick-off.. for The Salvation Army. Anyways, so, my life is crazy-busy. But after that, me and my family.. Nick, my Grandparents, everybody, we're gonna go have Thansgiving dinner. And you know... eat lots of turkey, and gain lots of weight. Um, actually, you know what I'm doing right now? The label... made me work out! Like, I don't work out. I don't like to work out that much. And now, I'm having to work out with a personal trainer and I'm doing like [she starts punching the air] boxing stuff. I can kick some butt!! [smiles. Her mom sticks her head in frame and says.. 'And her mom's doing it with her!!'] My mom's doing it with me. Well I'm proud of my mom!! She was doing it with me!! He's, like, having me doing, like, all these football drills and all this stuff. Some of you guys might know him.. he's my security. He does a lot of my security. So if you see him, it's Boom. That's his name. He's kickin my butt!! But anyway, I'm having lots of fun. Almost done with the record. I've got like two more songs to record and then I'm completely done. I can't wait for you guys to hear it. I think they chose a single and I think I might be shooting my video in six weeks. That's why I'm working out. I gotta get buff!! Bye guys. Happy Thanksgiving! Be thankful for everything in your life; Don't take a second of it for granted. Bye. God Bless!!"

Jessica's Second Video Diary: (11/15)

"I'm eating my favourite candy in the whole world. You have to try these! I'm not like an endorser, this is not an endorsement or anything. Sour Skittles. See, I love Sour Patch Kids and I would always eat those at the movies, if y'all care, and now, I stock up on Sour Skittles. There the best. You guys would love them. It is Saturday and I'm doing another photo shoot. The last time I talked to you guys I was doing a photo shoot and I'm doing another one. And this one's for Redkin. It's a hair product, I'm sure you've all heard about it, but... I'm the Redking hair model! [she tosses her hair, someone off camera chuckles and she laughs] Anyways, I'm shootin this, we're out in New York City [you heard a knock].. and I'm being interupted by somebody. [The video cuts here, then starts again] Sorry about that... my stylist came in! I... what have I been doing? I have been working on my album. I'm back out here in New York working very, very hard. This week I recorded a hit song.. you guys are all gonna love it. It's called 'What's It Gonna Be'. At first I didn't want to record it, to be honest with you, because one of the lyrics says 'are you a dog or a gentleman' and I thought that was kinda weird, but you guys are gonna like it just because I'm gonna tell you that you're gonna like it. I love it. The song is a great song. It's very, very hooky. Sounds kinda like Mariah, and that's why I love it so much because I love Mariah. Um, what else is going on? I went to the NSync concert last night. Hung out with the guys in their playroom or whatever it is! They have, like, all this stuff! Every kind of video game, like all these, like skateboards and they're definetely living life very well. I'm very, very jealous of them! We had a lot of fun though. I don't know if any of you guys saw Nick and I there, but a lot of fans were taking pictures and we were saying hi and so hopefully I've met some of you! Um.. let's see.. am I rambling? I think I'm rambling!! [laughs] Anyways.. Um, I am, uh, about to go shoot some more pictures and I have to record some more this week.. and.. [she pauses, someone off camera is obviously telling her something].. What about my website?? [she laughs very hard, an off camera, child-like voice says "do you like it?"] Do you like my new website, guys.. I hope.. are you gonna edit that??? [laughs, video cuts and then comes back] What I was trying to say is that I hope you guys really love my new website because I love it and I hope it gives you a chance to know me more and that all of you guys will be my friends and feel comfortable writing me and asking me any questions. You guys are the best. Thank you so, so, so, so much! Eat some sour skittles!! Get fat with me...[she holds up a skittles package that she has been munching on throughout the video]"

Jessica's 31st entry (first diary entry): (11/3)

HELLO OUT THERE!!!! I hope you are enjoying the new site! It is taking a moment to get everything going but hang with me. It is going to be so awesome when it is finished! They are working on making things easier for the slower computer learners like me!!! I am really not so great at all of the ins & outs of computering but i am learning! I hope the video diary works out well because it is alot of fun to actually get to talk to all of you. I am in New York at the moment. I started working on my album again today. I spent the day writing with Corey who is the executive producer of my new album. He also wrote and produced I think i'm in love! I love Corey...he is my big teddy bear! Writing is such an intimate thing for me and he makes me feel totally comfortable...he gets who i am! Nick left for Europe on Sunday and i already miss him. Did you guys get to see the Radio Music Awards? I am not bias or anything but 98 was definetely the best! I thought Nick sounded so amazing. He was actually nervous because Boys II Men were sitting right in front of them but they all did great! Nick has a birthday on the 9th and i do not even get to be with him...sad!!! So I will keep everyone posted on this site. There will be alot more interaction between me and all of will be fun!!! I'll write more later in the week as things progress...I love all you guys and i appreciate you loving me back...thanks for being my friends as well as fans! Talk to ya soon!!!

Sweet Kisses and Hugs,

Jessica's 30th entry: (10/13)

Hello to All My Friends Out There...

Well, we have had quite a time on the MB lately but i think it was good! It spurred everyone to really think for themselves and created some interesting conversations. One thing you should know is i am a big girl and it is okay if you do not agree with everything i do because i am sure if i knew all of you i would probably not agree with you on every aspect of your life as well. That is what makes us individuals and interesting! The last few things i have to say about the current FHM cover and article is i actually like the pictures. My mom was with me the entire time and she actually toned all the clothes down to what you see. She always looks after me in the styling department. I cannot see what i look like so i trust her completely and she is yet to let me down. She knew the clothing was sexy but classy as she describes it. In the article, i was candidately honest which gets me in trouble sometimes. For the record, I love Britney and Christina and i totally respect them as artist and entertainers. I think they are incredibly talented, beautiful young women and i am actually very proud of both of them. I wish them the best in everything they do. A few of those words in the article were twisted to sound a little better but that is what happens in this business. So that is all i will say about any of that! Thanks to all of you who stick by me. This MB is my way of letting you in on a little bit of me. I share things with you all that i would not share with the everyday public. I hope you can understand me and love me even when things seem a little shakey! Life for me is extremely good. I am spending a lot of time with Nick which always makes me happy! I am still working on the is going great!!! I cannot wait to share all the music with you guys! Last weekend i was in Georgia doing a was fun and the people were the nicest!!! After that i flew to Waco to see my grandparents for a couple of days. I love spending time with my grandparents...they are the best! I also got to see all my friends who go to Baylor University...we had a great time! I miss all of them but they are always there for me!!! I love you all and i pray you have a great weekend!

Sweet Kisses,

Jessica's 29th entry: (10/3)



Jessica's 28th entry: (10/2)

Well, it has been a while since i have been on here. My life has been a little crazy but i am use to it. First, let me start with Griffin's Song...what an amazing night that was. To be able to share one of the most inspiring moments of my life with many of my fans was a blessing. To have Mama Lupita and two of the orphans to see what all of you had helped accomplish for them was the biggest blessing of all. I love doing what i am doing because the very reason i started singing was to inspire give them hope when they felt hopeless, love when they felt unlovely, laughter when they felt happy or sad, and belief in themselves and humanity when they felt like there was none. This is what i have and always will stand for. I appreciate Paul Caine and his family and Teen People for giving me this opportunity to realize a dream come true. The money raised is enough to feed, clothe, diaper, teach and build for quite some time for the orphange...I could not have done it without your support and thank you from the depths of my all are beautiful! I am still in the process of making the album. It looks like the single will be out in January with the album in stores in March. The new songs are really awesome and i hope all of you will love it! I have really enjoyed being in New York! It is such a fun city...and the people are so great! They say what they mean and they are who they are. Also, thanks to Teen Vogue for the cover. I hope everyone likes it! Isn't the new teen Vogue a great magazine? I really like it! I performed at the Vogue party introducing the magazine and it was alot of fun. The Hot Zone you guys saw was shot there. Otown opened the show...they are really cute guys! I will be on the cover of YM next month so check it out! Now, speaking of covers...there seems to be quite a bit of controversy over the FHM cover. I will never try to justify or apologize for something i have done when my intentions were right. Why would i want to cause people to be angry with me? I will tell you all that i have been wearing short skirts, short shorts and bikinis my entire life. I have not changed who i am in anyway. I think the most important thing to remember is who i answer to and that is GOD! At the end of the day, he knows my heart and that is all that really matters! Ironically, i got out of christian music because i felt judged about my character based on what i wore and now i am in the secular world standing for that which is good and still being judged on my clothing by the same judgemental christians. So i guess there is no escaping the judgement of some! One thing i have learned in these short 20 years of my life, is that the ones who judge the hardest are usually the ones with secret personal issues. Aren't we all glad that God is not like these people? I am who I am...nothing about me has changed! I am still a virgin, i am still a christian, i still am a role model and i take that seriously. All i wanted to do is prove that women can still be sexy and stand for good things. At the end of the day, i hope you are my fans because of my music not my outfits! I never claimed to be Mother Teresa, only a girl in the business striving to be the best i can be and making a positive difference in my world!

I hope this clears up any misconceptions and please know i love all you guys and i think you are the greatest MB out there! Your support and love never, ever ceases to amaze me! Everybody have a great, positive day and NEVER judge a book by its cover!!!!


P.S. To Christine: I never meant to ignore you when i arrived at the Griffin's Song event...we were all a little stressed over the driver who had gotten lost and we had almost had two wrecks...needless to say he could not drive but i never meant to ignore you...PM my dad and send me your address and i will send you a pic or ya!

Jessica's 27th entry (9/05/00)

Hey Guys! How is everyone doing? It is really late and i cannot sleep so i thought i would write to my friends on the MB. I need to do a little catching up!!! Basically my life lately has been very busy but not a lot to tell. I am in the studio working on the new album. It is really going to be great. The producers i am working with are the best of the best so the tracks are HOT!!! I have been writing as well. I love writing songs but sometimes i get stumped. It is funny because i come to the MB to get some inspiration and i always seem to find it!!! You guys help me in ways you cannot even imagine! Nick and I have been writing together as well. That is a really cool thing that i enjoy alot! The uptempo songs are a little more R&B but the ballads are still very pop. I cannot wait to finish so i can share it with all of you!!! I would love to share some of the titles but the project is really hush-hush so i cannot tell yet but as soon as i can you guys will be the first to know.

Last weekend was the Arthur Ashe Kids Day in New York. It was a lot of fun!!! There were so many fans there...that always makes it great! Nick and I got to sing our duet and for all of you who were interested...that was not a hickey on Nick's neck but it was actually a zit! Trust me if it were a hickey, we would have hid it...not shown it to the world...we got a huge laugh out of the whole story!!! I am glad you guys do not miss any keeps me on my toes!!!

Also, another thing to clear up is "MYSTERY GUY"...My whole family got a kick out of that! He is a friend of Ashlee's and our family. He is actually from Dallas but we met him out in LA. He is a great guy and according to some of you all...a "HOTTIE". His name is Jason and he really is a fun guy! The guy standing behind me in the People magazine picture at my birthday party in dallas is a really great friend of mine. We actually dated for awhile and we went to Prom together. His name is Charles and he is a stud football player at Baylor University in Waco...he is a great guy as well!

There are a few things i wanted to say to some of you...To "a changed evelyn" thanks for the beautiful poem. I did read it and it made me smile! To "amy44122"...thanks for the great fan page. I think yours looks great! To the friends of "Matt from Minnesota" who killed himself i am so grateful that WYA could help you all through such a difficult are in my prayers! Also to all the birthdays out there in September...HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ME!!! I think the Jessica Simpson Online Street Team is an excellent idea!!! YOU GO GUYS!!! And To "Top 10 Ways to Get Mentioned"...Keep trying!!! I laugh reading those!!!

Everyone have a safe and happy labor day weekend...i will be working! No rest for me!!! Thanks for all the love and support you guys give to me...everyone one of you on this board are important to each bring you own personality and individuality!


Jessica's 26th entry (7/08/00)


You guys, my fans, never cease to amaze me! I know you voted your little fingers off for me and i am so grateful for your belief in leaves me speechless! I know i would not have been standing up there receiving my surf boards if it were for your perseverance and love for me...thank you to all of you who voted and voted and voted for me and nick. In case you haven't heard yet, we won for best love song with Where You Are and I won for Breakout Artist which was a total shock. I really wasn't expecting that one at all...i was actually not expecting anything but you guys surprised me! It was a fun night and i felt very blessed!!!

So since i last talked to you, i have been out of the computer world because my laptop was acting crazy! But i am back in business so here i am! I am in New York working on the new album which i hope will come out by November but i am going to have to work my booty off to achieve that goal. Things are going really well in the studio and it is actually fun to be working in the studio again. It is very tedious work but i love the studio...i am doing some writing and who knows i may even learn some producing skills before this album is finished!

This weekend i am going to Jacksonville to tape Summer Music Mania...i cannot believe it has been a year since i first appeared on national television...what a year this has been. Do any of you remember that performance? I sang IWLYF and i had my four girl dancers doing a lyrical...i was watching the performance the other day because my best friend, Cooper, gave me a video of everything i have done on televsion for my birthday...isn't that the greatest gift. My mom is terrible at taping things because we are never anywhere where she can but Coop got it all for me...I love that girl! She is the bestest friend in the world! Another one of my best friends came to my video shoot and she shot footage and put together a video of a "behind the scenes making of the video" which she gave me for my birthday and it is adorable too! I have great friends who still support me and that means the world to all my old homeys... i love ya and i miss just hangin with ya...we need to go play hide-n- seek in Walmart!!!!HAHAHA! When i was in high school, we never did the party scene so when we got bored we would find the absolute craziest things to do and one of those was to go to Walmart and play hide-n-seek...we would put on camoflauge hunters suits and hide in the trees or stand like a lamp with a lampshade on our heads..just straight out stupid, silly stuff !!! It was fun!!!! So much for nostalgia....

I also want to thank all of you for requesting I think i am in love with you on the radio and on trl...the song is doing really well, and again, you know it is all because of you guys!!! Sounds like a song...keep on nagging the radio stations and mtv!!! The Teen Choice Awards airs on the 22nd of August i believe and i am not sure when Summer Music Mania airs. I am also doing a few end of the summer radio shows so hopefully i will be in your town...i love meeting all my message board fans because i feel such a connection with you all so be sure if i am in your area you let me know. I would love to have a meet n greet for message board fans only...that would be cool! When i do my own tour we will definetely be doing guys deserve VIP treatment! Speaking of my own tour, hopefully i will be doing a few dates in october/november but nothing is totally set yet. As soon as it is, you will be the first to know.

The other cool thing i am so excited about is a benefit called Griffin's Song that i am doing with Teen People in New Jersey to benefits SIDS foundation and the orphanage in Mexico that i love so dearly! Mama Lupita who runs the orphanage is being flown to New York along with one of the kids from the orphanage for the benefit and we have raised so much money for them already. This is a place i have been going to for the past 5 years, working and helping in anyway i possibly could. I always said if i ever get in the position where i can help these children out in a big way, i will...well that is a dream that has become a reality! If any of you can come, you should! It will be an evening of fun, love and tears...It is Sept. 23rd and all the info is on the opening page of my website.

So i will close for now but it has been fun talking to you and catching up...i love reading your entries and i want you all to know...YOU ARE THE BEST FANS IN THE WORLD! Oh, one last thing i almost entertainment weekly magazine they rated the web pages of some of the pop singers and our board was voted the best...see the whole world can see that the jessica simpson message boarders are amazing people...i love you all and i am proud to call you my fans!!!!


Jessica's 25th entry


I have never felt so all are the bestest!!!! I had a really great birthday. I went home to Dallas, Texas where my best friend from home, Cooper and another friend of the family/ personal secretary, Connie, put together the most amazing party for me. It was at a lakehouse in cedar creek, texas which is owned by the sweetest doctor and his family...The Herzog's. About 125 of my closest friends were invited. i do believe almost everyone came except 3 or 4. We jet skied, water skied, jumped on a trampoline into the lake, swung off ropes, ate alot, talked a whole lot and had an incredible time just hanging with my friends! Dr. Herzog took a few of us out to ski and Nick was there, of course. He tried to get up on the skis and couldn't so i got in and i got up and actually skied for one of the first times in my life. As soon as i finished, Nick jumped back in the water and he got out there and finally got was so cute! I don't think he was going to be outdone by his girlfriend... hahaha! But it was such a blast just being with all my high school buddies and families i was close to. There were alot of adults their because a lot of adults have played really important roles in my life...i loved sharing my birthday with all of them! It was definetely a big texas shindig with all the fixin's from bbq to hotdogs to chili con queso, and of course, my favorite cake...strawberry with cream cheese icing which had the blue background with hearts on it...made by the best cake baker in Dallas, Carol Reid, who is also a friend. My Nanny made homemade ice cream which is the absolute best!!! We finished up the night with fireworks! It felt good to be 20 years old!

We finished the big around the world promo tour which went really well...Australia was beautiful and alot of fun..i worked hard but i have a few days off before i head to New York City to start working on my new project...the new album. I am so excited about this i can hardly stand it! It is so much fun to think i am making my sophmore album and this time around, i have fans like you guys to think about when i sing. It gives real meaning to my songs to know i am singing and writing for each of you!

Thank you so much for I Think I Am In is really hitting!!! I am so blessed, and it is all because you guys are out there requesting, buying and supporting my album that makes all this possible...i really do mean it! With everything that is within me...THANK YOU TO ALL MY TRUE FANS!!! You give me so much inspiration...i read my happy birthday wishes and i wept...i am a lucky girl! One thing i promise you all...i will try to always be their for you as much as i can...if not in person at least in heart for you all are ALWAYS with me! Your love and committment inspires me and this is the best birthday gift anyone could ever wish for!

Love to all of you, Jessica

Jessica's 24th entry (6/26/00)


I cannot believe i am on the other side of the world from home...when it is day here, it is night there. My poor body clock doesn't have a clue what time it is!!! The people are so sweet here. The fans are adorable! They met me at the airport as i was getting off the plane from a 12 hour flight. Press from all of Asia was there with cameras on...filming! I always look so lovely when i fly!!! I had slept the entire flight so you can imagine what the taiwainese think of me...hahaha!!! I am learning a little mandarin language which i basically suck at but i am trying. Today has been a very full day with alot of press, mtv and other news/radio stations. I perform a really large showcase tomorrow about 40 minutes worth of singing which i am excited about.

We came from London which was alot of fun....Sony/Columbia in London took excellent care of all of us. We ate delicious food...The Big Easy...they have found the way to keep me happy...Texan or Cajun style food! The restaurant even played Boot Scootin' Boogie which we all proceeded to sing, and they had never heard the song before. Gustavo, one of my dancers, is from Houston, Texas and Zeb, my cousin, is from Waco, Texas so we represent Texas in the biggest is fun! People from around the world think everyone from Texas owns horses and oil wells and drives really big cars and have cactus in our front yards...We worked alot of London doing alot of tv shows and press. It was fun!!! Things went really well and the fans are growing over there...thanks to all my fans in England and surrounding areas...i appreciate your support. Thanks to Paul, Robbie and Lisa for taking such good care of me and Sam for driving me everywhere!!! I am excited because i get to see Nick tonight because he is flying to Taiwan to do some press with me and sing where you are. It is a big hit over here and also in Australia where we will be going in a few days. I can hardly wait to see him!!!! Well, I love all you guys and i hope you are having really fun summers. I love the way you are supporting I think i'm in love. It means so much to me! Thanks for all the votes and request. Also, i hope you got to catch the disney concert special. We had so much fun doing that! There is a place to vote for your fav disney special on the disneychannel website and i am in 3rd place. I was so happy that everyone seems to be enjoying it! I cannot wait to go on tour and do an entire show and get to perform for all of you! Soon, very soon we will have details about a fall tour! Keep all of us in your prayers as we continue our promo tour around the world! It has really been alot of fun, and i have learned so much about my fans from around the world! Again, thanks to all of you for supporting you know, i cannot do it without you! Be watching for details about an upcoming PAJAMA PARTY/BIRTHDAY BASH....that is all i can tell you at the moment!!!!!

Sweet Kisses to all, Jessica

Jessica's 23th entry (6/22/00)

I received an email from AJF telling me that Apryle is not doing very well. Apryle this is for you...Life as you know is a fragile, beautiful flower never to be taken for granted. To face death is something i can only imagine but i want you to know that i am thinking of you and praying for you daily! I pray that you find peace in Jesus Christ knowing that when it is your time, you will meet him face to face and as a christian this is the greatest reward we will ever receive! I love your strength and courage you show all of us, your friends and supporters, on the message board. Apryle, I pray that you feel God's never ending love, grace and mercy as it wraps itself around are forever on my mind....with all my love, Jessica

To Apryle's family and caregivers...Be strong...God is a God of miracles! What sometimes looks hopeless is actually full of hope! Love, Jessica

To All The MBer's...You never cease to amaze to all, Jessica

Jessica's 22th entry (6/19/00)



Jessica's 21th entry (6/17/00)

Hey Guys....I just wanted to give a quick update! I just flew from Florence, Italy to Colgne, Germany. Things are going really well. I am definitely a busy girl but things are going really fast! We just did two shows in Florence, Italy and it was the most beautiful place i have ever seen. We performed for this tv show called Festivalbar...the stage was in front of this gorgeous church that was built forever ago and MichaelAngelo and Galleo are both buried cool is that? It was in a square area and the kids had been there all day waiting for all the acts to perform. It was so beautiful because it was exactly like you would imagine it would be. People were hanging out the windows of the buildings cheering for was just really inspiring! Alot of the performers are italian or other europeans so it is fun to watch the different bands and styles of performers. I met Jon Secada which was really fun.... He was really nice and extremely complimentary of my voice which made me feel good.

Tomorrow which will be today for you i will be performing for a televsion show in Germany and then we are off to Oslo, Norway for another show! Tonight we also got to fly in a private jet which was the best!!! Well that is really all for now because it is like 3 in the morning here.

I hope all of you guys are doing well...thanks for all the TRL votes and radio request...we just have to keep at it with TRL which i know you all are...thanks so much. You guys all know i would be nowhere without all of you. Each and every one of you are important and special to me.....THANK 4YOU!!!!

Hugs and of course Sweet Kisses, Jessica

Jessica's 20th entry (6/8/00)

HEY-----I'M BACK!!!!! I know it has been awhile but just because i'm extremely busy doesn't mean i don't think of you guys all the time. My life is crazy!!! Since i last talked with you all, I have shot a video, performed on rosie, traveled the world doing promotion and radio shows. The other night i had a radio show in New York..Zootopia. Well guess what happened? I was about to walk up on stage to join the dancers who were dancing the intro when i felt a little wind and i looked down and my zipper had broken up the front of my pants...i could not believe it! The last time i was in NY was when my pants ripped on the Ricky Martin tour...i was like oh my gosh this is insane! My mom had this "feeling" and had brought a spare pair of pants along with her to the side of the stage...we ran under the bleachers where alot of fans were sitting and did a quick change...Mom to the rescue AGAIN!!! They had to stop the intro music and start over but the show went really well and i had to laugh really hard...the irony was just too much!

The video shoot was a blast. Can you tell? We all just had so much fun. I love all of my dancers....they are so fun and so good! We shot for 3 long days but it went by really fast. When we are shooting the scenes at the Pier in Santa Monica it was so cold we were all freezing...this huge wind came blowing in and we were turning blue. When we were on the ferris wheel i was trying to hunch over to get warmer but it was absolutely the best! Thanks for all your support of the video on TRL...keep on voting like hundreds of times...i know i am! Shhh!!! Don't tell anyone, haha!

After the video shoot, we did a radio show in la and one in sacramento and then we were off to europe. The fans in europe are really amazing and supportive. Overseas my music is doing very well. It is so cool to sing to a crowd of fans who cannot speak your language but they totally understand you! I do interview after interview, and they always listen like they really care. I am seriously working my booty off but it is alot of fun! The hardest thing overseas is the we have some serious PB&J parties in my room. We call room service and order. They think we are crazy!!!

After 17 days in europe, we returned to the US doing radio shows. The shows are alot of fun because there are so many other acts performing so you get to talk to the other artist which is always fun! Through all of this i had not seen Nick for over 3 weeks and i was getting depresed. He joined me in New York and Boston to sing Where You Are and was i happy to see him...did i mention how cute he is???? Being away from him is definetely the hardest part for me. I feel like something is missing and i just do not feel complete. He is my life, my heart, my soul all wrapped in one. All i have to do is talk to him and my whole day changes. I hope that all of you find someone in your life like can be a friend or a parent or a boyfriend/girlfriend but it is so fulfilling! When he walks out on the stage to sing with me, the audience goes WILD!!! It is so cool! In the New York show, i was wearing really red lipstick to go with my pants that i did not wear (haha) and during the show my microphone had somehow smeared my red lipstick all over my chin and under my nose. When Nick came out on the stage to sing he was looking at me so weird. Then he took his hand and tried to wipe it off by making a gesture to go along with the lyric..."and i can see your face"...Then he started smiling....VERY BIG!!! I knew he wanted to bust out laughing but i still didn't know why. We laughed really hard about that after we got off the was hilarious. He said i looked like a clown or a 2 year old who had been playing in her mom's lipstick!!!! Why me??? At least i can laugh at myself. I think that is so important...never take yourself too seriously!

Gosh, I miss you guys! Sorry i haven't written sooner. Keep me in your prayers just as i pray for all of you. Pray for my strength to keep going...i am really tired! But i am not complaining because i know how much work is required to make Sweet Kisses a success! I have the next 2 days off which is a good thing. On Friday, I am shooting the cover for the new Teen Vogue magazine. It is the very first issue and i feel so blessed to have been chosen by Vogue for this honor. Then i leave for europe again on saturday. I am also going to Taiwan and Australia. I will be back in the states around the 8th of July..just in time for my birthday...i am turning 20 years old. I cannot believe that! I wish i could have a huge birthday party and meet all of you...that would be fun! A message boarder birthday bash!!! I love you all...thanks for all your love and you know, I FEEL IT!!! Even though i do not know all of you personally, please know you are a part of my heart....

Much love and sweet kisses to all, Jessica


Jessica's 19th entry (5/1/00)

WOW! Where do i even begin!!! I have been so unbelievably busy...i have not had a single day off since the teen people party in january. I apologize for not writing more often but i honestly have not had the time.

First of all...i just finished reading alot of your comments about the Latin Billboards and i started crying...again! I am so moved by the latin community and their love and respect of my voice and music...i worked so hard learning IWLYF in spanish. I recorded a spanish version which has been doing very well but to actually sing in spanish live is a different story than recording it in the studio...but i learned it and i was so honored to be asked to sing at the Latin Billboards but i have had the worst head cold for the past when i go for the big note out of the bridge...oh my gosh it was like all in my nose and i could not get it to come out the way i wanted it too...i was thinking in my head jessica this is not happening to you on national television...this is the worst feeling for a singer especially when you are on television, and then the people started jumping up and applauding for me...i was so moved i did not know if i would make it through the rest of my song...then my voice came back and i was able to sing the big note and end it right and then everyone stood up...i seriously was fighting back the tears, and my bottom lip was quivering... i was so emotional i wanted to run and hide but the latinos embraced my passion and i love them. They are so passionate about music and they respect the voice which i love so much...thank you all very much.

Sometimes i wonder why do these things always happen to me but i believe it is God always keeping me humble and showing me that i am only human and i am nothing without him. I truly know that the voice i have is a gift from God and i always want to give him all the credit. I am recording i think i am in love in spanish as is a real challenge!

I have been in Orlando this weekend doing the Grad Nite performances for the seniors of 2000. It was alot of fun and the fans were so cute...Destiny's Child also performed and i always love hanging with those girls! I have to tell you the most beautiful experience of the weekend was meeting Lauren. Lauren is a 19 year old girl who is blind and graduating from high school. Her dream was to meet me so her friend asked security if she could bring her backstage to meet came and asked me and of course i said absolutey! When i walked up to meet Lauren, she was absolutely adorable...she wanted to feel my face, my hair, my hands and really get a picture in her mind of what i looked like...she knew all the words to my songs and her favorites were faith and iwlyf. Her friend was crying because Lauren was so happy...i was fighting back the tears because i did not want her to think i thought her situation was sad...she was a beautiful, happy girl and i felt so blessed to get to meet her. Anyway, i wanted her to come on stage and sing with me on iwlyf but security would not let her so when it came time for that song in the show i dedicated it to her and i also sang a little of faith in me acapella because it was her fav and she was disappointed it was not a part of my show...after talking with her i was once again reminded of why i do what i is for people just like lauren or any of you who feel inspired or connected to me through my music. If in anyway it has helped someone in anyway then i know i am doing the right thing...I LOVE MAKING MUSIC!!! Thanks to all of you for supporting me and allowing me to do what i love!

Last week i taped the Disney Concert Special which will air in June on the Disney Channel. It was so much fun and i got to see Rudy and the gang again as they came to watch the taping. As you all know, Rudy got to meet Ashlee...i think he was a little in awe of her beauty. My dad read his message and we all thought it was cute! But back to the disney concert...i have all new choreography, new dancers, i had a band, back up singers and i even had a choir come in and sing your faith in me with was awesome! I can't wait for all of you to see it!

My new single is going to be I Think I'm In Love...we shoot the video next week. It is going to be my first dance video which i am really excited about...Fatima is the choreographer i am using and she is amazing!!! She does the BSB and it is really going to be hot!!! Hopefully this video will be more "mtv friendly" as they love to refer to it...keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for me! I really love you guys...i feel like i come here and i have just talked to one of my best makes me feel better in everyway...thank you guys for being sooo amazing!

One last note of "heart of innocence" as she wishes to be referred to...keep your head up and keep believing in have been through alot and look at how far you have come. You must be an extremely strong person with a beautiful is what is in your heart that is most important. Please know that I believe in you and i am praying for your strength of heart.

Much love to all of you and God's blessings on everyone....Sweet Kisses, Jessica

Jessica's 18th entry (4/4/00)

Hey is me! How are things? I am actually in LA for a month. I cannot believe i get to sleep in my own bed, eat my own food and drive my own car. I am in rehearsals for the upcoming events i have happening so i am still working but at least i get to come home at night. I AM HAPPY!!!

Speaking of happy, i was so moved by all of your prayers and encouragements for Apryle. Apryle if you or your family read this isn't it amazing to know you have so many people who love you and pray for you...what a community of friends you all have become...i feel like a proud parent!!! I have to say i laughed loudly at the doritos ongoing story and found it very entertaining. Thanks for getting Nick and I back on TRL...keep on voting! We both really appreciate it!! And request the heck out of it at radio...just annoy them until they play it like crazy...haha!!! I hope you guys like Fanatic...LaToya was the cutest girl ever...she was such a doll! I know many of you wanted to be chosen and you would have been just as great as she was...maybe there will be a next time!

Tomorrow morning i am shooting the cover of Teen to be on stands in june...i am filming a disney special which will air sometime in june. Also, i am doing the disney grad nights coming up in Orlando at DisneyWorld for graduating seniors...that will be alot of fun. I have a few radio shows coming up as well so maybe i will be in your area...i hope so!

Thank you guys for supporting me and loving me the way you do. I would not be where i am today if it wasn't for all of your prayers, love and belief in me. Over and over again i say this but it is true...I am so blessed! If it were to all end tomorrow, i would feel fulfilled and i would know that i was loved...thank you all! GOD is good, all the time...All the time, GOD is good!!!
Much love and sweet kisses....Jessica XOXO

Jessica's 17th entry (3/23/00)

HEY GUYS!!! How has everyone been??? I am in New York where i am about to wind up the premiere tour where we have been to 10 cities and performed Where You Are before the showing of the movie Here On Earth. It has been so much fun!!! The crowds have been so great and everyone has been so supportive of Nick and I and our song. I have loved every minute of being on the road with Nick! We have been able to hang out, watch movies (when we are not exhausted), and just be together!!

I hope you all enjoyed the TRL performance yesterday...don't you just love Nick in leather pants!!! I am so happy with everything right now...thanks again to all of you who have loved and supported me and my career! It means EVERYTHING to me!!! I have been spending alot of time in Europe so it has been harder for me to communicate with you guys. Europe is awesome and we are heading out again on Monday for the UK, Spain and France. Traveling overseas is alot of fun but very tiring because of the time difference and also the food is soooo different but i am adjusting! I hope everyone picked up the Seventeen mag, Jump, and Glamour. I have also been told I am in a few others along with Nick. I am still not used to walking through the airport and seeing myself on the cover of a is a strange feeling!

It is so amazing to me to read the MB and see how much of a community you all have become. The way you all are always there for each other and encourage and love through your responses is AWESOME!!!! Please know that even though i cannot personally communicate with each of you i feel like i know you just by your messages. You still continue to inspire me....THANKS!!! I will write more later and sooner.

Sweet Kisses to All, Jessica

Jessica's 16th entry (2/22/00)

HELLO FROM TOKYO, JAPAN... It is so beautiful over here and i cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful, sweet, kind, considerate and caring the fans are. They have absolutely amazed me!!! I was presented with my gold album here in Japan and it is a huge honor to be recognized by the beautiful people of Japan. They are all about the voice which i love. They respect vocalist and they do not get all caught up in the hype that we Americans do about image, etc. They respect your art and the way you present it! I am overwhelmed by their respect, love and support. One of the fans, which was a businessman about 35 years old, stood in a long line to bring me a ring that he had received when he was in the hospital very ill. His friend had brought him the ring and my CD during his hospital stay and he wanted me to have the ring because he said my CD had "HEALED" him. I was of course moved to tears (sappy ole me) and stood up to give him a hug and the whole line of about 500 people started giggling and was sooo cute!

The young girls are so adorable...they dress so cute! They all wear really short skirts and some of the biggest platforms i have ever seen...i love platforms as you probably know so i am definetely checking out their style!!! The children are so beautiful, like porcelain dolls! I am eating alot of McDonald' those hamburgers and fries! The other night we had a traditional Japanese meal where we took off our shoes and sat on the was alot of fun!!! I miss the states but i have been very moved by this beautiful country and its beautiful people.

Thank you for embracing me Japan...i hope to make you proud. It is really strange because i am actually bigger in Japan than i am in the US at this moment. I think the most humbling thing is knowing that people from a totally different culture love my music, and they get it!!! What more can i say...i am BLESSED!

So how is everyone on the MB? I haven't really been reading it alot lately because some of the things have been so negative and i really do not need that negative vibe in my life so i scroll through and find the positive things and i feel encouraged. I love the threads of how my music has inspired or encouraged you, how "where you are" has helped you through painful times of losing someone, i love to read about your lives and lack of prom dates or boyfriend/girlfriend stories, your thoughts on BSB, Rudy's love of Ashlee, Valentine's stories, encouragement of my family members, auditions you did or did not make, how you want to pursue your singing careers, and cute, funny, inspirational stories and thoughts..this helps me to know who my fans really are. When i started this journey of my career, i vowed to be honest and straighforward with my fans, my record label, my publicist, my parents, my management and most importantly God. I try very hard to keep that vow but i do not want to regret having been so honest with my fans that they take advantage of it! I have shared my life with you honestly and openly and it saddens me to think that just a few of you take advantage of my honesty. All i ask is that you Respect me the way i have Respected you...with integrity!

I love all of my fans and i think you guys are the most amazing people out there. I want to be there for you as much as i need you to be there for me...thanks for loving me and accepting me for who i am! I was so psyched when we were #6 on TRL on guys did that!!! Thank you so much....It is also on 98 Degrees page to vote for our song so let's get the forces together and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. Even my 78 year old grandmother is cute is that!!!! I really love all of you and i appreciate everything you do for me. My music is my way of giving back to you...i hope and pray that it touches your heart and makes your day brighter!!!

Hugs to all, Jessica

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