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Griffin's Song

I went to Griffin's Song on September 23, 2000. This was a dream come true for me because Jessica is my all time favorite singer. So because this was so important to me and it was for a good cause I decided to buy the Gold Pass ($500). Which enabled me to meet her and Nick after the concert. But before I get to that I want to talk about the concert. I was sitting in the second row! I couldn't believe I was so close to my favorite singer! First some people talked to us about the Griffin Fund and showed us a slide show about it. The radio station Z100 was also there. Her opening acts were Tim James and Evan & Jarron, I fell in love with them right away. They were great! Then when Jessica came out she sang a prayer. She had minor difficulties with her mic but that didn't stop her, they got it working and she sounded great as always! She sang songs from her album and some religious songs, and all were great. She sang "Where You Are" with Nick and they looked so cute together! Towards the end of the concert she brought up Mama Lupita and two other girls from the orphange who money from this concert was being raised for and she sat them down and sang "Your Faith in Me" to them. They all had tears in their eyes and were crying and Jess had tears in her eyes too, I saw them. It was so worderful what Jessica has done for this orphange. This was a dream come true for her. This concert has raised so much money for them. After the concert there was a lot of confussion about what was going on. I was in this one room eating some food they had for us cause I thought Jessica was going to be in there, then they told us she was going to be on the stairs, so everyone rushed out there. But while I was in this room I saw one of her dancers, so I went up to him and asked him for his autograph and he signed my program "Melissa-Hope to see you again!-Michael) then my dad got a pic of us and he put his arm around me! But I was so mad cause my dad lost the camera with that roll of film in it! Anyway at the stairs, Jessica was standing there with Nick and the Caine family and she gave a speech. Then we found out that Jessica and Nick were going to be signing autographs in this one small room, so we all had to form a line and they only let a certain amount of people in there at one time. Luckily I was toward the beginning of the line. When I got up to Jessica I couldn't believe it! She said "hi how are you" and I was like speechless. Then I said "good how are you" and she said she was good. Then I told her how much she has done for me and that I wanted to thank her so much. And she was like awww, your welcome. She was soooo nice! And she signed a pic I had of her and Nick and she told Nick it was a cute pic of them and showed it to him. Then I got Nicks autograph but barly even paid attention to him cause I was so in shock I actually talked to Jessica Simpson! It was the best night of my life!

Griffin Fund
This info is from the program I got at the benefit concert:

Since the death of their son, Griffin Matthew, in July 1996, Paul and Pamela Caine have worked very hard to integrate Griffin's memory into their lives and the lives of their own children, Samantha, Ryan, and Gavin. The Caine's personal experience with helping their children understand and cope with having a brother who died inspired them to establish the Griffin Fund, a fund dedicated to supporting surviving and subsequent siblings in families who have lost a child.

Children of all ages experience difficult and profound feelings of sibling grief. Bereaved siblings can greatly benefit from resources specifically developed to help them channel their emotions. For example, because children are naturally creative, art materials provide a wonderful medium through which they can express their thoughts and feelings. By funding programs and materials such as support groups, age-appropriate books and art therapy initiatives, the Griffin Fund strives to help children work though their greif and, ultimatlely, develop important coping skills that will benefit them throughout their lifetime.

The Griffin Fund is committed to helping children explore and express their feelings of grief in ways that are creative, healthy and positive. We are proud to be working in conjunction with the CJ Foundation for SIDS to accomplish our goals.

CJ Foundation for SIDS

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