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Jessica's Spring Beauty Tips

Since this is the first spring of the new millennium, its time to re-vamp our spring look and who better to give us beauty tips than the gorgeous Jessica Simpson? After all she constantly has makeup artists and hair stylists around her making sure she always has the newest, freshest look. With all that beauty attention, she's certainly picked up a few new tricks to do on her own. So here's just a few...

Tip 1 Great Eye-deas.To get that wide doe-eyed look, try a new eyebrow look this spring. After all, great eyes start with great eyebrows. Jessica's eyebrows are tweezed in a delicate, sweeping arch. NO two arches are the same, however. Everyone has differently shaped eyebrows and should get it done to fit their individual faces. The simplest and most natural way is to simply get the tips tweezed or waxed to a thinner point. Small as it sounds, it will still make a dramatic difference.

Tip 2 Sweet kiss-able lips. She knew what she was talking about when she named her album Sweet Kisses. To get them, you have to have kissable lips. Glosses are still very much in this season, but lip liners are on its way out. So kiss your lip pencils goodbye and check out some of the latest glossy colors for the spring. Nude, brown and peach are some of Jessica's faves. But for a night out with Nick, she can never go wrong with deep, ruby red.

Tip 3 All that glitters and shimmers. You probably already have some silver face and body glitter in your collection, as does Jessica. But this spring try some new colors that bring out your skin's natural undertones. Before she hits the stage, Jessica's stylist looks to brush her with some sun-kissed bronze beads. A streak of pinkish hue shimmer is great for the cheek area. For those sleeveless occasions, try dashing a bit on those bare shoulders. Just one thing, all it takes is a little shimmer to make you shine. You don't want to look like you just rolled around in a glitter pile.

Tip 4 Clear as a bell Just as last year, the fresh-faced, natural look is still in season-and more so. Jessica keeps her skin looking flawless by drinking lots of water. trying to gulp down eight whole glasses a day is quite a task, but the results are definately worth it. For one it can help reverse all the damage that eating that second chocolate candy bar did to your zits. Also it's a great way to help you lose or maintain your weight. Suggestion: try swapping that Diet Coke at lunch with a cool bottle of water. Carry an extra one around with you through the day so you have water handy.

Tip 5 Hail to your nails. One absolutely must-do this spring to update your spring nail polish colors. Lose the dark heavy colors you've been wearing all winter and liven up your hands with something tangy. Jessica has a dooey nail color to match almost all her lip glosses. This spring, think flowers, bright and fun when choosing your colors. Most of all, chose a couple shades that complement your complexion. When in the mood for a bare look, at least keep those nails shiny with a stroke of clear. Don't forget, dragon nails are very out! Jessica keeps her nails short and neat and looking sweet. If Nick likes them, she can't be too far off.

Tip 6 Curly or straight? For the past year, the bone straight hair look has gone to new heights. Jessica's hair stylists know how to keep her hair straight look shiny and silky. But as fly as Jessica looks with straight hair, she certainly knows how to rock a curly 'do as well. So why not have jun with curls this spring. Whether it's tight and coily or loose and soft, curls always look ultra-feminine all year round.

Tip 7 Walk this way It's not just the clothes Jessica wears or the style of her hair, it's how she works them. One of the biggest rules of thumb in the entertainment business is to watch the way you move. And why not? Everyone else is paying attention. Jessica knows that true beauty isn't what you do on the outside but what's on the inside. So let that special something about you speak in the way you stand and sit. Good posture say a lot about a person. Mostly, it says that you're confident! Walking with confidence is just as beautiful. Jessica doesn't have to swing her hips to make people take notice. She, like most runway models, always look up, keeps her back straight and takes long, easy strides.

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