News Archive Part 2


  • Comments that were made in a TV interview between controversial US shock jock Howard Stern and Eminem have been dropped in the lawsuit that is being filed against the rapper by his mum, Debbie R. Mathers-Briggs. Lawyers for both the mother and son agreed to drop the interview from the lawsuit on Monday (November 22).(dotmusic)

  • Awaiting tracks:
    Funk Master Flex Dec 7
    DJ Clue Dec 28
    Next Friday Dec.....

  • I think the word is out about Marshall's marriage. The reception will be held in January.


  • Eminem won The Best Hip-Hop Artist at the MTV Europe Music Awards. He said that he would rather take Christina Aguilera (Singer of "Genie in a bottle") than the award. For those who haven't heard, Christina has a huge crush on Eminem. They aren't together.

  • The re-release of the Slim Shady Lp was also released on Monday (Uk only)

  • Marshall's tour is now officially over not including his gig in Detriot November 24

  • Marshall was unable to finish his Euopean tour due to a throat infection he missed the following tour places: Copenahgen, Hamburg and Malmo.

  • Marshall wil however be In L.A. shooting a new Video for "Forgot about Dre" next week.

  • Here is a quick interview Marshall had with Radio 1:
    Eminem's hit back at critics who say his lyrics are too violent, anti-women and generally not very nice. "It doesnít really effect me. What it does is, when I hear criticism, I throw up two middle fingers and Iíll address it, but it doesnít mean itís bothering me. It just means that I wanna make people feel stupid when they criticise me, yíknow what Iím saying?", he explained to Radio 1. "And if you criticise me I will find a way to do that. I will find a way to make you look stupid if you criticise me." Eminem's a fast mover - he told Radio 1 he's taking December off to spend time with his family and will get his next album finished in January to be in the shops by March: "I feellike this album is more on a serious vibe than the last one was", he says. "I donít have my humour and my sarcasm on it, but Iíve seen a lot now and Iíve learnt a lot in the past year, so itís enabled me to take more in and I have more things to talk about now. So I would say itís more on a serious vibe."


  • My Fault was the Pizza Remix. The changes are as follows. I may not have them all word for word but they are there and just the replacment lines. Here are the changed lines:

    an ex manager who just moved from huston
    whose into blues and alternative music
    she told me she was hugry
    i said it wasn;t a problem
    i have a coupon for pizza with everything on it
    we can minus the sausage and double the mushrooms
    i'm alergic to mushrooms
    (dial tone)
    who is it
    pizza man
    susan thats yours
    nuh uh i didn't order any mushrooms
    shut up susan i'll pick em off it
    you just ate the wrong slice
    so what your dad use to chase you and spank you with hangers
    sorry your dad losked you up in his attic
    gotta go find dave he majored in allergies

  • Marshall will be re-releasing the Slim Shady Lp on Nov 15 wit 3 new songs and 4 videos in th uk only ( news provided by James!!)

  • Marshall will be releasing "Forgot about Dre" with a video in Dec.

  • Marshall is in this months Black Gold and this weeks Newsweek


  • Marshall will be on the new celebrity death match soundtrack which will be comming out Nov 9 his track will be a remix of My Fault!

  • Marshall will also be on the End Of The Days soundtrack with a song by the name of Bad Influences which will also be out nov 9

  • Chronic 2001 will be out nov. 16

  • Sorry News has been very limited since he is still doing the European tour

  • Marshall is in the following magazines
    Black Beat
    Rolling Stone

  • Marshall is in a nomination form for Rolling Stone so make sure tro pick up a copy and send it in!


  • Today is Marshall Mather's 25th Birthday.....!


  • ~On the Canadian Channel, YTV, The Hitlist Show, Christina Auguilera said that if she could go out with one star it would be EMINEM! She likes his cute blonde hair :-)

  • FANatic premiered on MTV on Oct.15, with SHERRY and EMINEM. Check out Sherry's Freestyle Section everyone!

  • Marshall is in the following Magazines:
    (All UK Mags)

  • You are able to "Hear Turn Me Loose" on Real Audio at


  • 1)The Celebrity Death Match soundtrack, to be released this fall on Interscope Records, will feature the vocal remix of "My Fault". Additionally, a video for "My Fault" is in the works, featuring a claytmated Slim Shady!
    2) The 'End Of Days' soundtrack (new Schwarzenegger armageddon flick) will feature the unreleased track "Bad Influence".
    3) Eminem's "Slim Shady European Tour" has been delayed a few days due to Eminem's scheduled Saturday Night Live appearance on 10/23 with Dr. Dre.

  • Eminem's "Fanatic" will appear on MTV next week. Should be verrrry interesting. The show will air on Friday, 10/15 at 5p.m. and 10:30p.m., and Sunday 10/17 at 10a.m., 7:30p.m., and 11:30p.m., to start with.

    10/25 Oslo @Rockerfeller
    10/26 Stockholm @Cirkus
    10/27 Berlin @Columbia Halle
    10/29 Chemitz @Ajz Talschock
    10/30 Vienna @Planet Music
    10/31 Munich @Muffathalle (Juice Jam)
    11/2 Stuttgart @Longhorn
    11/3 Zurich @Limmatheus
    11/4 Offenbach @Capital
    11/6 Koln @Live Music Hall
    11/7 Manchester @Academy
    11/8 London @Astoria
    11/9 London @Astoria
    11/10 Glasgow @Barrowland
    11/12 Amsterdam @Melkweg
    11/14 Copenhagen @Vega
    11/16 Malmo @KB
    11/17 Hamburg @Grosse Freiheit

  • Marshall was not on Fanatic on Monday there is a Rumor that it will be on tonight for a short clip check out Reruns of Fanatic are friday. I'm not sure about the date though.

  • Chronic 2001 will be out Nov.2/99


  • Once again, Marshall's mother is sueing Marshall. She did not follow through with the last one and this time she is sueing him for 10 million dollars for accusing her of drug ussage.

  • Eminem is planning on on two new albums for the year 2000.

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  • ^Rapper Eminem says he's planning to release an album next year as part of the Detroit hip-hop group D-12. "I'm a member of the group," he said, as he arrived at the 16th annual MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 9. The album will be released on his own label, Shady Records. Eminem also said he is halfway done with his next solo disc, slated for release next year. The "My Name Is" rapper also has recorded a track, tentatively titled "Get Back," for DJ/producer Tony Touch's upcoming mixtape LP, according to a publicist for Tommy Boy.


  • *As you all know, Eminem has been in the studio for the last three weeks working on his forthcoming, as yet untitled LP. So far, there are about 4 tracks done, produced by Dr. Dre and F.B.T. Productions. Check back here for titles! Eminem will participate in the forthcoming Interscope Records release of the soundtrack for Celebrity Deathmatch. An all knew track from Eminem, titled "Bad Influence", produced by F.B.T. Prods. & Eminem, will be included in the soundtrack. It looks like Shady may also be "claymated" for one of the new season episodes. The soundtrack will be out this fall.If you are in the rotten apple, stop by and say "high!" Look for the D-12 song "Get Back", featuring Proof, Bizarre and Slim Shady on Tony Touch's forthcoming "Piecemaker" LP on Tommy Boy Records. Em is also throwing a hot verse on Funkmaster Flex & Big Kap's mix tape coming out this winter on Def Jam. Check the appearances section on the home page for Em's upcoming spot dates scattered around the country.


  • Well, everyone knows this but....Eminem won for The Best New Artist in a Video for the MTV Video awards. Also, (as you all know) he performed. If you can't figure out what it says on his sweatshirt, (blue blinking lights) it's ROLE MODEL.


  • Marshall will be having a online live concert from Kansas City. Here is the link:

    August 15 - August 30

  • Eminem will be relasing an album of a lot of his miscellanous songs onto one official CD. It will not be out til' September, at the soonest. The title is F*ckin' Crazy. Here are the tracks:

    1. Fu*kin Crazy
    2. Forgot About Dre f/Dr. Dre
    3. Green & Gold f/Anonymous
    4. The Showdown f/Dr. Dre
    5. Nuttin Ta Do f/Royce Da 5-9
    6. Watch Dees f/Thirstin Howl
    7. 3 Verses
    8. Scary Movies f/Royce Da 5-9
    9. Get U mad
    10. Fu*k Off f/Kid Rock
    11. Hustlers & Hardcore
    12. The Anthem
    13. Bus A Rhyme f/Missy Elliot
    14. Flyest Material f/High & Mighty
    15. My Name Is (Rockstar Remix)
    16. 5 Star Generals

  • His 3rd album will be out on Febuary 23, 2000