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Detroit MC Marshall Mathers (a.k.a. Eminem) released his debut 12" as one half of the two man crew, Soul Intent, and soon after released his '96 debut album, Infinite, featuring members of his crew, The Dirty Dozen. After being featured in The Source's Unsigned Hype column in '98, Eminem further made his name by dropping verses on indie singles by artists like Shabaam Sahdeeq and OldWorlDisorder. By the time he released his "Just Don't Give a Fuck" 12" and Slim Shady EP, Eminem was an underground sensation.

Eminem's solid reputation as a lyricist earned him the respect of the powerful Dr. Dre, who signed him to his Aftermath label. Eminem's debut on Aftermath, The Slim Shady LP, hit No. 2 on the Billboard album charts within weeks of its release thanks to the breakthrough success of the single "My Name Is."

Eminem received two awards at the 42nd Annual Grammys: Best Rap Solo Performance for "My Name Is" and Best Rap Album for The Slim Shady LP. He also records as one of the newer members of the New Jersey-based Outsidaz crew.

Eminem's latest, The Marshall Mathers LP, was released in May 2000.

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Real Name: Marshall Bruce Mathers III
Also Known as: Eminem & Slim Shady
Age: 25
Date of Birth: Oct.17
Place of Birth: Kansas City
Raised: Detrĝit
Albums: Infinite (1996), Slim Shady EP (1998), Slim Shady LP (1999), Marshall Mathers LP (2000)

  • Has a daughter named Hailie Jade, she was born in 1996
  • He made up the nickname Eminem (pronouced M&M) from his initials
  • As a child he lived with his mom. He's never met his dad
  • He moved back and forth between his mother and grandmother's house, until he was 11, when he and his mom settled in Detroit.
  • He first got into rap music at the age of 14. Some of his musical influences growing up were the Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, and Run DMC.
  • In 1997 he took second place at the rap olympics
  • Dr. Dre heard about his sucess at the olympics, and heard his EP and signed his to Aftermath Records
  • Claims be a perfectionist and is very sarcastic
  • Married to Kim, the mother of his child