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The Realm of Dr. K.M. Rook

Welcome all to the wonderful and oft-bizarre world of Kyriel Rook.  There are two central threads that run through (and often entangle) my existence.  Those are writing and magick.

Writing is more than a hobby to me--more like an addiction.  I write both fiction and non-fiction works,  primarily supernatural and fantasy in nature.

My other mainstay is magick.  When I say magick, I don't mean "magic" like stage performance.  I mean the serious, concentrated study of forces that operate beyond this physical plane.  More on that later.


K.M. Rook is in process of releasing a first electronic work, I am the Necromancers Child.  Email for updates.

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Dangers of Essential Oils

Household Tips for the Magick User

Alternative Healing with a Twist

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My Writing:

I have written a number of works, none of which are currently in print, per se.  I have a few articles in e-zines and similar works, however, my biggest project at the current time is a novel (being printed electronically) entitled I am the Necromancer's Child.  It is about a young boy abducted and inducted by force into the ways of necromancy and dark magick.  More on that forthcoming.

External Links:

* Dreaming Gates (or mirror site) - For some entertainment you might want to check out Dreaming Gates, a metaphysical retail/ wholesale business.  (I am a partner.)  They stock all kinds of oils, incense, magickal items, etc., including custom spell-work.  So stop by if you get a chance!

* - For all things malakim!  Information and education about the Malakim (angels) and their Fallen Brothers.

modified Seal of MIKAL from The Magus by Barrett

Seal modified from The Magus
by Francis Barrett