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Remembering the feelings, upon first entering the room
Overwhelmingly shy, quiet, scared, and naive;
Never quiet knowing what to expect
W/whom to trust, love, or believe.
This lil one kneeled quietly in the corner.

Never really said a word, just silently observed A/all,
she knew that she was a submissive,
And to her heart she must be true.
This girl was new to this world, but some how she felt,
That she belonged here, that she was finally home.

One day she met a Master,
He was drawn to her quiet demure.
He answered her questions and gave her advice,
T/they soon became good F/friends

He saw her desire to be a submissive was sincere,
He saw her potential shining through, wanting/needing
Desperately to be set free.

One day He offered to train her,
This girl, humbly and gratefully accepted His offer.
Never knowing that one day she would belong to Him.

It had been a very long time since this one had let S/someone get
close to her,
He pushed her to open up, to express her feelings and thoughts.

It was a slow process at first,
This girl had been hurt too many times by too many people
her heart had many scars,
she had built a wall around her heart to protect herself.

So this special Master had to break down the wall around her heart and
break down her trust barriers.
He knew that He had to earn her trust,
Little by little He did just that, and she slowly began
To open her heart to Him.

He helped her to look deep within her heart and soul,
she saw the submissive that she wanted to be,
The submissive that she knew she could be.

With every passing day she felt herself growing closer to Him,
Noticed her feelings becoming stronger,
Wanting Him to be more than her Trainer her Friend.
Oh the joy that this one felt the day she found out that His feelings were the same!!

On that wonderful day, He took her as His own,
He promised to love her, to guide her, to teach her, and to protect her.
she gave Him her life: her heart, her mind, her body, and her soul,
Belonged to Him from that day forward.

she promised to love Him, trust Him, submit to Him and only Him,
And to obey His commands.
she is His submissive, His possession.
He knows her and loves her like no O/other.
He has entered into her heart and soul more deeply than she had ever,
imagined or dreamed possible.

He taught her to love and trust not only Him,
but herself as well.
she told Him all about her past and He still stood
Proudly by her side comforting her.

He helped her to face and slay her demons,
And as she confronted each one,
she took back the control that they had over her,
she was able to give herself more completely to her Master.

With every passing day T/their love grows stronger,
she grows deeper into her submission to Him.
He takes her places that she has never been,
Each day she offers herself to Him, with all the love
And devotion that is in her burning heart.

He takes what she so freely gives,
He brings her pleasure and fulfillment that is so overwhelming.
she fulfills Him in ways that she had never dreamed possible.

she is grateful to whatever force that has brought T/them together,
Luck may have brought T/them together, but it does not
Keep T/them together.
For nothing Worth having comes easily.

T/they have T/their unique and wonderful relationship,
Because T/they have put love, trust, respect, time and effort into
Making T/their relationship what it is so Powerfully today.

she knows that this wonderful Master holds the key to her heart,
her body aches for His touch,
she yearns for His lessons.

Each day she yields to His presence,
Yields to His dominance over her.
she willingly gives Him the control that He seeks.

she melts as He calls her His submissive,
His possession
His love,
From a glance He can make her body tremble,
And bring her to her knees.

He is the keeper of her heart, mind, body, and soul
He has given her His heart, His love and devotion,
He has promised to this submissive to always be true,
T/their hearts beat as O/one, and she knows,
That she will forever belong to Firm!

Dedicated to my wonderful Master Firm,
From His loving submissive, kathryn

Please feel free to sign my book. I have created this web page as a Tribute to my wonderful Master. I would love to hear any thoughts or comments Y/you may have about my poetry.

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