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ileea's Beadwork

Click on these links to see my work. I'll try to keep the pictures up to date with my work.

My Family,

What I do in my spare time

Swaps I have done

Work in Progress, may take a while to load, be patient

Beaded Ornaments,


Necklaces And Chokers,

Other Work plus a tutorial,

Free Patterns


Beadwork For Sale

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Hope to have some more of my favourite bead sites linked here soon! But these ones are great!!

Joan's Beadwork and Other Things ,

Laura's Ornaments & More ,

Emily's Page at Beadwork.about.com,

Welcome to StrayBeads,

Judith's Beadwork

Some of my backgrounds are courtesy of my beader friend Marcie,

Marcie's Page

A Beading forum that all are welcome to join, just updated the link so you can get to the forum now.