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Hey Guys,

Well, yet again, I've been banned from the phone, so I decided to work on improving

my site a little!!

There are a few small changes, but nothing too major.

I have a small favour to ask of you all. I've been up for 7 months now,

but still, I'm not on Yahoo! I've applyed heaps of times, but I'm not sure

why I'm not up there yet. So if you could help me out, my URL is:

taynx & enjoy

luv Sarah


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Please say hello to Allium.

She get's kinda lonely here sometimes!

I've got a new campaign going, it's a book of all the FanFic dedicated to Hanson!

If you've written a story about the guys, or would like to, just e-mail it to me with the title,

your full name and the country you're from. Also, Please send them in RICH TEXT


Please send these before September 29th

so that I can put the book together!

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This site is lovingly dedicated to the memory of Peter Angel,

Forever, With You In Your Dreams.

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