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here's me & part of the leadership class at one of El Camino's dances
here's MEEH & mah leaders! *HeEhEe*...
*SORRY SOOOO BLURRY*... here's me & my friend joy in da year of *1999*
here's my close friends who graduated *2000*... it was *MaRy's birthday!!!
here we are again @ EC high skewl CHRISTmas of *2000* (far right)
We WeRe BOWLING, DaT iS UnTiL We SaW A CaMeRa! *HeEhEe*! =)
here's the complete COMPLETE el co clik c/o 2001, 2002 & 2003! =) we're ALL in this lovely pic! this was taken at our picnic @ gellert park about a week before the camping trip, which i have evidence of below! *HeEhEe* =)
~*PEEK*~ ~*AH*~ ~*BOO*~
HeRe We ArE CaMpInG iN Da PiCTuRe BeLoW!!! =) Ov CoUrSe i'M WiD MaH GuRLz! =]
JoY-JoY'z BdAy PiX *2002*!!!
HeA'z A CoLLaGe oV OuR MoSt ReCeNt StUdiO PiX... ^_^ ExCePt Da 2 oN Da LeFt...DoSe ArE oLDiEz...
*cough cough*...WhO'z BdAY??? [ *MEEH* BdAy ] TaKeN oN NoV. 29 ,2002 =D =)
HeA'z AnOtHeR BdAy PiX... HeRe We ArE aLL BLuRRiFiEd & STuFF! =)
& HeA iS Da MoSt ReCeNt PiC oV *MEEH*...
top left JoShO, *MEEH*, WiLL, RoMMeL & KiMMiE
DiS iS ThE SaMe aS ThE PiC AbOVe, BuH iT's iN SePiA StYLe... *o0o0o0oHhHh YeAh!!!* =)
SeNiOr BaLL 2003 WiD CHeStEr @ EC HiGh...