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Indian Tribe Status for Kanaka Maoli?

Copyright 2000 (c) Kenneth R. Conklin, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved

This section of the website is devoted to the question whether kanaka maoli (Native Hawaiians) are an Indian tribe, or could qualify for that status under the law. Here are the issues to be discussed. Click on the one that interests you.

Introduction to the issues. Why did the Indian question come up?

Why do Indian tribes get special rights? Why do nations have sovereignty, independence, and self-determination? A very brief look at the history of the United States and the history of Indian tribes. A very brief look at the U.S. Constitution, treaties with Indian tribes, treaties with the Kingdom of Hawai’i, and the laws governing Indians.

Why Indian tribal status is inappropriate for the kanaka maoli people and wrong for the State of Hawai'i.

Relations Between Indian Tribes and Non-Indian Communities in Other States

What Criteria Must Be Met for Federal Recognition of Tribal Status? Why Do Some Alleged Tribes Fail to Get Recognition?