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 **As I'm sure we ALL know by know, the Eisner and Harvey award winning, Harley Quinn Origin story "Mad Love" has FINALLY been adapted to cartoon.YES! Our mans, Bruce Timm and Paul Dini were reluctant at the outset, both being very fond of this story, but on the new network, they were allowed to work it just the way they wanted - and the result - ? Naturally, I havent' seen it yet, but if the two Head Honchos of Harleyism give it the thumbs up, I ain't complainin. Here's what Timm had to say in "Wizard" magazine "I always said I din't think it was going to work on TV simply because it doesn't have enough action in it. It surprisingly does. On the old Fox network, we would have never gotten away with it. It's just way too intense, too sexy, too psychological, and too violent.It's goin to be very close to the comic - not quite as risque" and here's what Paul told me in an e-mail. "It'll be on sometime in the fall. The voice work by Mark Hammil and especially Arleen Sorkin is some of the best in the series. The tape made me cry when I heard it. It's incredible.Yes, we had to make a few changes in the story, more for time than for the censor. The thing about Harley and her grades is gone because the whole Batman-narrated flashback scene is gone. It just made the episode too long. Most everything else is in, though. " The episode is in two parts. Part One finishes with Harley busting Joker out of Arkham.
Updates on that - it's NOT a two-parter after all, which don't sound good to me,as it's really a two-parter type story. However, it airs on JANUARY 16TH!!!!!!!!! That's VERY VERY SOON PPLE!!!!
It has aired and it was BRILLIANT!!!! An extremely faithful adaptation of it's predecessor, in fact the animation followed the book practically frame by frame and only two, very small scenes were cut out!! All in all, it was a rousing success!!
Minor criticisms were made...the biggest bein the voices. They weren't BAD....but they weren't spot on!!!! The emphasis, the just wuzn't quite right, and at times seemed very rushed.Most Harleyites agree that this was the case, which is a huge dissapointment.No was still 95% perfect!!!
** A Harley, Ivy and Livewire teamup episode is on it's way!!! This sounds COMPLETELY awesome, and Ican'twait. I BELIEVE it's up against Batgirl and Supergirl teamup in an all-female episode "Girl's Night Out" but I may have got my wires crossed.Anyhowz, there definetely is a Livewire, Harley and Ivy teampup!!!!!
New developments on that episode - it let every single Harleyite down!!! Ivy and Livewire treated Harley like crap, and Harley wuz treated as nothin more than a bumbler!!!! BOOOOOOOOO!! Apart from that, the script wuz mediocre. A big dissapointment with what could've been a great episode.
**"Beware the Creeper"** - raunchiest,most sexually charged line eva said in a kid's cartoon(and aired unedited), by Harley to Joker. Not allowed to say anymore!!hehe. But trust me, it's hot as firecrackers!!
And yes that epiosde absoulutly totally rocked and kicked butt!!!One of the best to date, it wuz quintessential Joker and Harley.I wuz told that the pie line wuz the worst, but there were worse ones.
**"Batman Beyond" info on Harley's status in the show, from the mouth of Dini:" As to Harley's future fate, B.T. and I joked about her being president and it got into print. I don't quite think that's the case, but I'm sure she's not dead, either. Remember, she's at least ten younger than Batman, whom I always place around thirty-seven. Granted, I don't know how spry Harl' will be when she's sixty-five, but I don't think she's any invalid. The fact of the matter is we don't know where she is. She'll probably pop up at some point."
* A new ONLINE cartoon will be beginning soon featuring Harley, Ivy and Catwoman and called - GOTHAM GIRLS! You can find it HERE
* Gotham Girls is pretty cool - the first episode, with Harley and Ivy, was lots offun - download Flash and go see it!

 **Ya'll remember the much-hyped "Harley and Ivy" mini-series which was meant to come out, oooh - two years ago? Hold onto yer hats, kiddies, it's comin!! It was meant to be earlier this year, but owing to the boy's busy schedules, it's been delayed.Dini hopes for Decmeber, in this quote:"Hmmm, I dunno exactly when the H&I miniseries will be out. Bruce Timm has finished penciling it and it looks great. I don't think it it'll be on the schedule until it's inked and I don't know how the progress on that is going. I was hoping the first issue would be out for the San Diego Con in August but that was wishful thinking. I'd say Nov. or Dec. for issue one at this point."
** Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Terrible Harley & Ivy mini-series news!!!! It won't be out for AGES!!! After askin Dini whateva happened to it, this is what he had to say : "Sad to say, I don't know where the Harley & Ivy mini-series is. Bruce Timm finished penciling it almost a year ago and our staff designer Shayne Glines has been inking it at a snail's pace. As Bruce, Shayne and Glen Murakami (who is going to color it) all want to work on it together, and as they've all got full plates with BATMAN BEYOND, it'll be quite some time before it's out. DC is not going to schedule it until it's done and that probably won't be for another year." waaaaaaaah!!
** UPDATE on H&I minsieres - Harley & Ivy miniseries will be released in late 2000. (hmmmmm)
**"Gotham Adventures"** - absoulutely fantasic two-parter solo Harley story to come up in I think ish 10. After reading the plot breakdown,(and getting Ty to change a few things, hehe) I can guarantee this is gonna be a winner!!! I can't give any plot details away at this time, but if yer a regular AOL user ya may have heard the rumor Harley intends to write her autobiography - well, yeeees and noooo - it's actually a real scream what happens, I can barely wait another six months!!!
AND it has hit the stands and again has been met with rousing success!! Fans have loved the wonderful story and there's been nothing but kudos for the creative team! It's a classic Harley story!!!And of course, everyone knows now it wasn't her autobiography....but a "Harleyquinn" romance!!tee hee hee!!!!
**RED HOT NEWS!!!!!!!AHHHH!!!HARLEY TO BE INTRODUCED TO MAINSTREAM!!!!!!!!!!"No Man's Land" the latest story arc in the mainstream Batman titles, will feature the debut of Dr Quinzel!!!!!! OH MY GAAAAAAWD!!!! In a three-parter story to be written by Dini, Harley will be introduced as a therapist in Arkham Asylum.Dini promises she will be handled as she is in the cartoons. I'm worried. Intensly. Much as I adore Harley, and in fact, because I do, and Joker too,I don't want her in mainstream, Dini or no Dini.For her to work with mainstream Joker, either hers, or Joker's or boths' characters would have to be radically changed.And then neither would be the "TRU" character. Of course, as the moment stands, she is simply gonna be the therapist before the clown. But, she is such a popular character, I have little doubt that it's only a matter of time before she dons the costume. And what will happen when Dini leaves? Who will handle her then? **gulp** This is distressing me. Of course, I'll get every single book she appears in, but still, I have my concerns...I guess we will have to wait and see!!! That's it fer now, but stay posted!!!!!
Update on that news - the story won't be out until mid '99.
Updates on that news - Harley will be introduced as a civilain half way thru the No Man's Land storyline but won't show up as Harley Quinn until towards the end of the series, with the Joker.
Awesome update!!!!! Alex Ross will be doin mainstream Harley, yes ALEX ROSS!!! Awesome or WHAT? Here's a pic of the cover in which Harley will appear
Yay! Another awesome update!! HARLEY IS COMIN OUT IN JULY!!!!!! Mainstream comics Harley is ever approaching nearer!! woo hoo!
Updates on this news - and it ain't good!! Recent article at stated this:
"Since Gotham's fall, the Joker has been relatively quiet...but that's about to change as former Arkham Asylum doctor Harleen Quinzel joins the Clown Prince of Crime to put him back on top. But their partnership is a little...unusual, with Harley and the Joker continually attempting to eliminate one another. Harley enlists the aid of Poison Ivy to recover from her latest wounds, and Ivy's ministrations result in Harley's gaining nearly superhuman acrobatic abilities. Now the souped-up Harley's ready to show everyone that she's not going to be kicked around anymore...starting with the Joker and Batman!"
This news disturbs me - what does it mean? Harley AGAINST Joker? What's goin on here? A wizard article also revealed that she "is not going to be as loopy" WHAT? Does this sound like our Harley to you??? I have great faith in Dini, but I have to wonder if this will work. In Mainstream anyone can write a story, and there's no guarantee Harley will be treated the same as she is in BTAS. 
I've said many times that for a successful transition into mainstream somethin of Harley would have to change - and it looks like it's happening. So I guess we can wait and see. It might work and it might not. The biggest problem with this change is - it's not, of course, Harley!! Still it might be great - the only thing I'm really deadset against is Harley fighting AGAINST Joker instead of WITH him.
Updates on this news - we have nothing to worry about! I asked Dini, and he had this to say:
"Oh, Harley loves the Joker alright. They just fight now and then, as do most couples. Harl's not quite the doormat she was in the first few episodes of the show way back in '92 -- she's toughened up just a little, but she's still Mr. J.'s girl. Ivy's in the story too, BTW. I borrowed story bits from MAD LOVE and HARLEY & IVY to bring into Harley's mainstream comics debut. "
Also, here are the short summaries of all three comics Harley is appearing in next month:(from
Written by Paul Dini; art by Yvel Guichet and Aaron Sowd; painted cover by Alex Ross
The most popular character introduced in Batman's animated adventures enters the DC Universe -- and "No Man's Land" -- in a Prestige one-shot written by Harley's creator, Paul Dini (SUPERMAN: PEACE ON EARTH), with a painted cover by PEACE ON EARTH's Alex Ross and stunning interiors by Yvel Guichet and Aaron Sowd. Since Gotham's fall, the Joker has been relatively quiet... but that's about to change as former Arkham Asylum doctor Harleen Quinzel joins the Clown Prince of Crime to put him back on top. But when their unusual partnership leaves Harley a little worse for wear, she enlists Poison Ivy's help. Now the Joker and Batman are going to learn that this souped-up Harley's not going to be pushed around anymore"

"BATMAN #570
Written by Bronwyn Carlton; art by Mike Deodato and David Roach; cover by Rodolfo Damaggio 
Harley Quinn hits the streets of "No Man's Land" in Part 1 of the 2-part "The Code!" Following the events of BATMAN: HARLEY QUINN, Harley returns just as the Joker expands his turf over the broken bodies of two warring gangs. While she uses a philosophy called "The Code" to try to manipulate events to her liking, Joker makes a sweeping move that threatens to tip the balance of power in Gotham and change the face of "No Man's Land" forever." 

Written by Bronwyn Carlton; art by Tom Morgan and David Roach; cover by Rodolfo Damaggio 
Harley Quinn, the Joker, and the Huntress face off in "No Man's Land" in the conclusion of "The Code!" While the Joker's political campaign threatens to send the so-called society of "No Man's Land" even further into a state of anarchy, the Huntress and Billy Petit's renegade ex-GCPD band join the fray. But they've never tangled with someone like Harley Quinn, who doesn't appreciate anyone standing between her and her Joker!"
Sounds awesome,donut? hee hee!
** HARLEY QUINN was so AMAZINGLY popular,that there's gonna be a SECOND PRINTING!! OH Harls!*snf* we're soo proud!
** And Harley aint' through for the year yet, nosiree. Comin up is a tres cool three-parter...
Batman : End Game, featuring our lovable Harle and Mr.J!!!
This 3 part story will begin in BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #126 due out in comic shops December 1
Then the story will continue into BATMAN #574 in stores December 8
and last but not least will end in DETECTIVE COMICS #741
this assault will also reflect in AZRAEL: AGENT OF THE BAT #61 (starring Batgirl)
***NEWA ongoing Harley Miniseries is on the drawing board for mid 2000...this is only a SLIM possibility, and whilst a wonderful oppurtunity for Harls, chances are it may end up on her resume lookin like Joker's mini-series did way back in the seventies: ie: mediocre, at best!!! Noot much is known about it at this point, but it is very difficult for a villain of a certain cloth to hold their own in an ongoin series - there's only so much you can do with them aftera while. The person who told me this also had this to say "-An ongoing Harley Quinn miniseries is planned for a mid-2000 release. Oh, please, shoot me now; here I thought that DC would be improving with the new creative teams next year. She can't hold her own series - the Joker couldn't, so why would a second-rate female-quota- fulfilling copycat villain be able to? Let's all hope it gets canned, shall we?" a-heeemmmmm...clearly he is also not so fond of Harley, but let's not worry our heads too much about that right now (note to self: track this person down and stalk them with nitroglycerin filled balloons) hem - of course The Joker also had difficult with his series with the fact that the Comics Code insisted he be jailed at the end of each story - but it is a difficult thing to do, and the stories got increasingly silly. As much as a Harley miniseries would be a gift in this world, I'm not sure I want a mediocre one - kinda like I don't wanna Jenny McCarthy *spit* *spit* to play Harley. What are your thoughts?
** Just a comment by me on the recent mainstream books - has it been annoying anyone else how quickly Harley has been pushed into "goon status" or "plot device" ok so she's not a major part of the storyline, but man - she's literally just an acessory ALREADY! Also, I like they're keeping the abusive thing between her and Joker, but he's not ALWAYS like that to her TOTALLY! Basically, what I was afraid was going to happen - is beginning to happen.
* The ongoing HARLEY QUINN series will commence in September.
*DARK VICTORY #8 will feature the fateful night at the circus where Bruce and Dick meet for the first time. This issue also features the Joker trying to blow up Gotham City.
*A three issue mini-series entitled "IT'S JOKER TIME" will debut in May. Written by Bob Hal
* Look out for the four parter Mask/Joker/Harley series coming out VERY VERY SOON!
* News on the Mask/Joker/Harley story: Dark Horse and DC mix it up in May with Joker/Mask For the past few years, Dark Horse Comics has been exploring a cool and unique relationship with New York-based publishing giant DC Comics, and the result has been the development of a series of excellent cross-over comics projects. The next year will see the debut of many of these incredible series -- some published by Dark Horse, others by DC -- but you won't have to wait long to see the funniest fruit to grow from this comics family tree. This May, Dark Horse is publishing a quirky take on a week in Gotham gone terribly wrong, as long-time cult favorite and cinema darling The Mask gets some quality face time with the dark city's clown prince of crime in Joker/Mask.From the start, Joker/Mask was a near-perfect premise, but there was one major possibility to consider: pairing two dangerously outrageous personalities might prove to be a difficult balance for fans who might assume that all high-adventure comics are only a front for dull but flashy attractions. Before long, concerns about what might go wrong vanished, only to be replaced by the excitement of introducing an extremely good new series to readers. Henry Gilroy approached editor Dave Land with a tight and explosive script that was equal parts dark humor and fast, high-action crime, and within days, Land had everyone in the Dark Horse offices convinced that Ramon F. Bachs was the cream of a new crop of European comics artists who would be energizing the state of the industry for the next generation. 
"This project has had a number of different artists tied to it along the way," said Land. "I think it was fate that we ended up with Ramon. He's perfect for this book and I knew the minute I saw his work that I wanted him for Joker/Mask. It's been a real treat working with him."
And that cool script from Gilroy didn't hurt, either.
"Henry's great!," Land explained. "I worked with him on the Episode I adaptation and that was a rewarding experience. He's extremely professional and I can count on him never to hack something out or just phone it in. Even though he works hellish hours working as a feature animation writer, he comes through for me time and time again, paying attention to the details that really make a comics story work. He nailed this one with a perfect approach and a great plot, and I'm sure fans of Joker and Batman comics and The Mask will agree."
It's not hard to see the appeal of this new miniseries. It all starts when the Joker, his adorable, lovesick sidekick Harley Quinn, and a schmuck named Snuck break into the Gotham City Museum of Art with the intent of blowing the place sky-high in the name of criminal hijinks. But when their support crew of thugs fails to show, and there are problems with the detonation of Harley's bombs, it starts to look like old Jokey isn't quite the terrorist mastermind he used to be.
It's looking so bad for the Joker that the city doesn't even bother dispatching its SWAT team, as is usual during his sprees of crime and mayhem. Failure doesn't sit well with our clown-faced foe, but if he can't blow up the museum on Children's Day, the least he can do is deprive the community of some of its priceless artifacts. That's when the menace au trio discovers the key to restoring everything the Joker seems to be missing. It's an ancient, but otherwise unremarkable mask -- until it's slipped onto someone's face. When worn, the Mask becomes an insane tool for unlocking the id of its wearer, and that person becomes capable of anything imaginable. 
Combine that bottomless id with Gotham's favorite criminal mastermind, and it all adds up to a double-helping of mayhem that knocks even Batman for a loop!
Look for the debut of Joker/Mask May 31, when the first issue of this four-part series hits your local comics shop. Each issue features 22 pages of intense action and phenomenal art and retails for $2.95.
* More updates on the Harley comics series - "DC Comics' ongoing Harley Quinn series will begin this year, but maybe just a little later than originally intended, writer Karl Kesel told The Continuum. 
"As far as I know, Harley will start in November," Kesel told The Continuum. "Originally it was going to start in October, but there's some big JLA thing they're pushing that month. By delaying Harley for a month, we've been told we'll get a big push. 
"The book really deserves it-- Terry and Rachel Dodson are doing amazing work!" 
Said editor Matt Idelson of the series: "It's really strange because it has a lot of comedy and a lot of dark elements to it." From
* Some more Harley Quinn series news - here's the basic rundown:
" Harley Quinn is not the story of an honorable woman and her quest for justice. Instead, it's a love story gone horribly, horribly wrong, especially in the first issue, as the Joker's girlfriend must do with out Mister J's "calming" influence. Harley is driven to astounding lengths to free her loony lover. And that's just in the first seven pages. What follows is too strange for words, though it does involve a cameo by Batman. 
Here'sa pic of the cover I don't think I like Harley's face :/ See the first six pages here

 **Remember how Kenner wuz gonna make a 12" Harley figure and then changed their mind sayin "she's not popular enough" LOSERS! Well Hasbro is making this figure and it will ONLY be available thru order on the internet! To purchase it, go to this Site!!
**Well I just recently got some real cool news from Paul Dini about lotsa Harley toy goodies comin up wheeee!!!!!!!To save time, I'll post it up here....
"Cool new Harley stuff on the way: Looks like 1999 will be the year of Harley as far as toys and collectables go. You've probably already seen the tiny little Harley that comes with the mini-Joker playset (there's a mini Mr. Freeze set too - I don't have these, I've just seen them in B.T.'s office) well, at the end of March the WB stores are releasing a special MAD LOVE cel, drawn by Bruce and signed by both of us. In May the WB store also releases a 12 inch Harley animator's sculpture (I just saw it yesterday - sweeeet!) and in late October they'll debut the first ever Harley holiday ornament! It doesn't really have a Christmas look to it, but it is a darling image of her playfully swinging on a crescent moon. They are also doing Superman and Batman ornaments, but who cares? As if that isn't enough, Kenner is going to be selling a 12 inch Harley figure in fabric costume on-line sometime this spring. They are doing a Batgirl and Robin in the same series, too. I'm heading to Toy Fair in New York late next week so I will try to find out more info about that release and more Harley stuff in the wings."
** Welp, there's a few more Harley statues come out - a beeeyotiful Marquee and Ron Lee (ya can see pics Here) and apparantly one with Harley lying seductively over some giant playing cards!!! woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!
**Harley's popularity has clearly hit a new high,cuz them DC folks ain't losin no chance to cash in! Harley and Ivy cookie jar, more t-shirts,Harley on a Harley (Ron Lee) and even a Harley beanie! Holy heck it's HARLEY HEAVEN!
Add to that spiffy Harley pens and a HARLEY MUG! WAAAAAAAHOOOOOOO!
Can you believe it??? Thank you, DC and WB for being such money-greedy tycoons!!!!! Now there's a BEEEEEYOTIFUL Harley and Joker Light Sculpture AND a set of villain coaster featuring Harls and Mistah J! wheee!
Add a Harley wallhanging to the list!
A fantabulous Harley snowglobe, designed by the ever awesome Ty Templeton, is out now!

 **Ok, let's just have a rundown of all the rumors that circulated about the possibility of Harley being in the Fifth Batman film.
First off, she wuz meant to be paired up with Scarecrow, as a psychologist seeking revenge for the Joker's death. Then it wuz gonna be Joker, Scarecrow and Harley, and Joker would return as Batman's hallucinations.THEN it wuz gonna be just Harley, returning as the Joker's vengeful wife. (Erroneous rumors about Madonna being up for the role were fabricated. This wuz simply a misinterpretation of news - a joke about Madonna being a "Mrs joker" wuz made in a news article, and the rest came from there....) Then, both Scarecrow and Harley were scrapped, and it wuz just gonna be the return of Joker. Then Harley was added.Then both Joker and Harley were taken away, and it's just gonna be Scarecrow. That about brings us up-to-date. As the moment stands, it looks like the entire continuity may stop and be restarted, which sounds as good a move as any to me. I know, many of you are wanting to see Harley in the film, but to me it sounds terrible. For one thing, they won't get the Harley dude of all Harley dudes, Arleen Sorkin in to play her, and for another - well just look at the crappy work they've done so far!! They completely and utterly destroy and annihilate her character, and I really just couldn't bear to let them happen. As for animated movie news - word is, alot of pple WANT a Joker and Harley film - but looks as tho it ain't gonna happen.Yet. =))) We'll just haveta rely on the boy's devotion to Harley to get us there!!!
**k some REAL movie news for a change - -The name of the upcoming BATMAN BEYOND direct-to-video movie will be BATMAN BEYOND: RETURN OF THE JOKER. Comics Continuum spoke to BB producer Paul Dini about the upcoming film. Dini revealed what was up with the upcoming feature saying, "Mark Hamill is back playing several key roles, one of which is, of course, the Joker, who has miraculously turned up in the time of Batman Beyond… The other role is sort of a surprise, and that's all I'll say about it now."(I reckon it's Harley!) Dini continues, "I will say that for long-time Bat-fans, this is the big story they've been demanding for two years, bridging the gap between the classic Batman Animated series and Batman Beyond. Nearly a fourth of the film is a flashback which shows the classic Bat-team in action, dealing with a problem that is not fully resolved until Terry McGinnis enters the picture decades later… Throughout the film a number of secrets will be revealed, including what happened to Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing, as well as the details of that fateful night years before when the first Batman fought the Joker one last time… Fans will also learn secrets about Terry's past and his reason for continuing to be Batman long after he's avenged his father's death. In addition to this, we've got a bunch of new villains, appearances by a few old ones and many more surprises."
* Joker IS alive in Batman Beyond movie, not just in flashback scenes but ALIVE!!! WOO HOOO!!!
* I have got some TotJ rumors from "Profyler":
"Like I promised, more info on ROTJ. After a bunch of searching around, I have the basic movie plot. This is very sketchy, so things could change drastically before it's out. Anyway, when we last saw the Joker he had been turned into 'puddin' in World's Finest. Apparently, he survived and has been dormant for a while at the bottom of the ocean. Now, I think the Jokerz, the gang that honors the Joker find him or something, and resurrect him(?) Anyway, he takes on a whole new crew, I think he checks up on his old pals, and then he goes to wreak havoc on Gotham City and Batman. After a few shots in the dark, I think that Harley is in this movie, and she plays a key role, but the she's so old by now that the Joker doesn't care for her anymore. His new henchgirl is named Dee Dee. He's also got Chucko and the Bonk on his team, and someone called Ghoul. Here's some beginning sketches, kindly colored and touched up by Kryptcom, webmaster of DCUA. Anway, that's what I found...let me kno! w if I need to do any more digging."
The most obvious problem with this rumor is that World's Finest was NOT the last time we saw Joker, as Bruce Wayne and one of Joker's goons, disguised as Joker, reveal in JOker's Millions. You hear them discussing the moment where Joker threw Bruce off a building in World's Finest. And of course - how can Joker survive at the bottom of the ocean all that time? Anyway, we'll see. :)