I'm Insane and So Are You

Hey pple, here is where you can show just what kind of Harleyite you really are! Send in any type of pic ya got - a pic of you in costume, a pic of ya room, a pic of stuff you've made - as long as it relates to HQ or Mistah J of course!!! Let's take a look.....

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 Nathalie sent in this wonderful picof her own Harley costume! Faboooooo!

 Christina Carr and Martin Huger dress up as me and my Puddin! Awesome eh?

Wicked Angel wanted to be an individual - yet still pay homage to me! So here's her costume!

CrzyHarley sent in this pic of her boss Harley costume!Cool!

And here's one of CrzyHarley's awesome Harley tattoo!!

 Here's an unbelievably awesome Joker tattoo!! Is this incredible or what????? (Incidently...I'm almost %100 sure it's from the cover of Batman #451)

Now Marks' tattoo here is truly a beautifuul work of art!!!

Rich's tattoo is custom designed!!! Unbelievably awesome, ain't it??

Probably the best costumes I've seen, Saffron Shearer-Gare and her hubby as my and my puddin! reaking mAHVELLOUS!(And Saffron is kindly making me my new one!)

Here's Rogue in her truly very spiffy Harley costume! Yeee har!!!

And here's the Guy who Wishes He Was the Real Joker (but don't we all!)dressed as....The Joker!

Red's faaaaaaaaabulous Harley "Arkham Asylum" shirt - cool eh?

And here's Red's very cool Mad Love Harley tattooo!! Now that's some nice body work!

AHHHHH!!! THIS IS UTTERLY AMAZING! A HARLEY BIKE!! Bryan Timble restored this beautiful piece of work himself, and then " decided to dedicate it to my fave cartoon cutie!"!!! Outstanding!!!!

My buddy Peregrine's terribly awesomely awesome Joker costume - a LONG HAIRED Joker! cooooooooool!

One of the oldest, and still one of the best Harley fans, the fabulous Erika in her fabulous Harley costume!

Richard B. Callender and Jayme Dill as Joker and Harley in the totally marvy costumes they made - they're also started a costume shop of their own. Hmmm....anyone INTERESTED? :)

Here's another awesome Harley & Ivy tattoo from Peter Digby!

A Harley Guitar was something I used to dream about (too bad I can't play the guitar!) and Ted Monnin has realised my dream!! AWWWEEEESOOMMMMEEE!!!

Matt Ceretto's very tres trendy Harley tat! Beautiful!

Jessica Bruce, in the very beautiful Harley costume she made herself!

Vlado's beautiful Harley phone, he made it himself!