Harley's Halidom


A Sacred Sanctuary dedicated to the worship of the Glorious God of Giggles


Worship Joker!DIVINEWorship Joker!

Welcme, Fellow Joker Groupies, to THIS, my widdle Dedication Place for my Sweet Puddin, Mistah J.

HA HA, he's mine not yours!!!


Anyone who delights in basking in the warm glow of blood stained sunshine that is Mistah J, this is a quietly hedonistic place for you to cum and wriggle in the divintiy that is our mutual idol!


Now, his vital stats - they alwayz make MY mouth water!!

  • NAME:The Joker
  • REAL NAME: Unknown
  • ALIASES: H.A. Laughlin; Joe King; Joe Kerr; L. Afterman.
  • OCCUPATION: The most notorious and feared mass murderer of our time (*sigh*)
  • HEIGHT: 6'5"
  • WEIGHT: 192 lbs
  • EYES: Purple
  • HAIR: green
  • COMPLEXION: white
  • DRESS SENSE: Impeccable
  • SMILE: irresistable
  • MEASUREMENTS: 11 INCHES!!!!!!!!!!
  • FIRST APPEARANCE: Batman #1, 1940
  • CURRENT STATUS: Incarcerated in Arkham Aslyum for the Criminally Insane.
After extensive searching and looking and thinking and hummin and hawwin, I think I've found truly the best and most faboo Joker sites on the web! To get as much info as poss, you will haveta visit alla them, but hey - what could be more fun? Some are old and creaky and haven't been updated in forever and probably won't be again, but what remains is cool!
  • Joker's Realm - a truly magnificent site that tells the Joker's story sympathetically and beautifully, with lots of great info as well!!!It moved me to tears at one point. Really beautifully set out,and original too.
  • Joker's Circus/ - another great and beautifully done Joker site. Hasn't been updated in ages, but what's there is an excellent source of info.
  • Joker's Asylum - what's been done on this is great. Unfortunately, I dont' think it's been updated since fereva! Not much new info, but well presented!
  • Agrajag's Joker Page - a very brand new site, well presented and quite infomred, with some originality, esp a great Joker FAQ!
  • Ha-Hacienda - great page with lots of pics, info and coool links!!!
  • Joker: In tHe MoUtH oF MaDnEsS - AWESOME site with some fabulous insights into Joker's character, alot of originality and fabulous creativity and fun!Madeby my buddy and member in good standing of theCLA,Kabuki! (note: under reconstruction. Don't know if it'll ever be rebuilt, but I'm keeping the link incase)
  • The Ha-Hacienda - another one,and another fabulous one! Great everything! A must see!
  • Joker's Lair - A new Joker site which already has some great stuff there, and will probably only improve with time!

  • So there ya have it!!! I dunno what differences you and me got,girlfriends, but one thing none of us'll deny...