Fan Fiction

 Okay peoples, this is my Fan Fiction section!!!!Yeah yeah, every page has got one,and now so do I, *wow* I am just *soooo* original!!! He he. Anyhowz, my fan fic page rulz betta than the othas cuz it's entirely stories about YOURS TRULY and her darlin truly beautiful magnificent Puddin'!!!Yay!!! So get me, these stories are beyond soo-blime, you will LOVE them!!!You can look forward to plenty more from her too!! Most of her stories are Elseworlds and explain alot about how the CLA and J-Gen and the Empire came to be and how they work. Some of them are "What Ifs" as well. Of course, remember this is just fanfic, don't take it as law =) Because it's Elseworlds and What Ifs there's room for lots of possible changes, so stay tuned!! 

I'm not sure I myself will ever have the time, but if anyone would like to tackle the task of re-htmling Raven's first few stories onto a plain black background with white text, please let me know.

  • JOKERETTE! - by Raven.

  • This is both Jokerette's and Harlequina's introduction into the CLA!

  • Harley has a funny dream one night! Very cool!

  • Elseworlds tale about how the Joker dies - very very sad =(( but it also introduces Malcolm!
  • ON A DATE WITH MISTER J! - by Raven.

  • Did this really happen or is it one of Harley's fancies? Whateva it is, it's a funny story!
  • GOING SANE - by Raven.

  • Awesome epic tale - sort of what if sort of real - but anyhow ....Joker does the impossible..he goes sane!!
  • IN THE GLOOMING - by Raven.

  • A sort of What If story about Joker becoming Joker. Because his memories are unreliable we can't count all of it really happened - but we can rely Arabella is real. She's part of the Empire!
  • RETURN OF THE REBEL - by Raven

  • Arabella returns and Puddin must make an important decision!
  • TO FORGIVE IS DIVINE - Part One - by Raven

  • A What If tale about Joker's childhood.Very haunting.
  • TO FORGIVE IS DIVINE - Part Two - by Raven
  • EXTREME POSSIBILITIES II - Part One - by Raven

  • Elseworlds tale about how Malcolm ruled Gotham after Joker - and how he came into our world to meet the CLA!!
  • EXTREME POSSIBILITIES 11 - Part Two - by Raven
  • EXTREME POSSIBILITES II - Part Three - by Raven
  • EXTREME POSSIBILITIES II - Part Four - by Raven
  • EXTREME POSSIBILITES II - Part Five - by Raven
  • EXTREMEM POSSIBILITES II - Part Six - by Raven
  • EXTREME POSSIBILITIES II - Part Seven - by Raven
  • BEFORE HARLEY... - by Raven

  • HAHHAHAH! This story is a kak!! It's just a joke story, none of it "happened", but it's really cool!!! 
  • FOURTH OF JULY - Funny story about the - yes Fourth of July!( recommened to have read the others, simply so yer familiar with the characters init!)By Raven



    Here we've got a story from Kabuki. It's called "Interview with the Psychopath" and it's basically a cross between Interview with the Vampire and Batman! This is a really cool story, hope ya enjoy it!




    Annnnd here's our first work from Gaggy! Gaggy's got great potential as a writer, and I hopin we get more from him!!!

  • LOOSE ENDS - by Gaggy!



    And here's a story by ME! Yup that's right!!!!!! It's a spec story - anyone else ever wondered how Joker has survived all his "deaths" all these years? Welp, this is a theory!

  • JOKER'S GIFTS - by Harley Quinn



    And I thought, ya know I'm just completely FULL of inspiration these days, ya know what? I oughta join up my two biggest loves, Joker and Clopin, and whack em in a whacky adventure together! So I did!!!!!! I now present my Batman/HoND cross over, where Joker and Harley travel back to Medieval Paris to do some damage....and Clopin has to stop him!




    The Haven has a new FanFic writer! WOO HOO!!!!!! Brian here shows like he's gonna be givin us a whole new slew of faboo Harley & Joker fics, here's his first short one!

  • ONE NIGHT CHASE - by Brian

  • A short piece as Harley and Joker go for a ride!
  • A FUNNY LOSS - By Brian

  • Poor old Ivy and what she has to put up with!
  • MONEY CHASE - by Brian

  • Hmmm....Harley in trouble and....gettin cranky eh?
  • A WHITE GLOVE'S HOLD - by Brian

  • Harley's declared sane and released from Arkham. But love is thicker than sanity.

    A brand new fiction by Talespinner, this story is is a futuristic, Elseworlds Tale, featuring Harley and Joker's child!




    Ok, that's what I've got for now - there should be plenty more where they came from as time goes by, so stay tuned!!! And if you have a Joker and Harley story to contribute then EMAIL ME!!. I'd absolutely love ta hear them!!