The Many Faces of Harley

Ok so you think just because I'm only nine years old that I'm too young a character to have had more than one image, huh? WELL POOH ON YOU! Nyah! Cuz yer wrong!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!
I'm a gal of many masks and images, all of the completely spiffy!! Check it out.....

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First HarlFIRST ME!
YES!!!! This is the very first me EVA! Can ya believe! It's the drawing Paul Dini did when he was first comin up with my character for the show. Totally utterly different ain't it?? Heee heee, somehow I couldn't see myself with such a bad hairdo as that! But well - it's me and it's cute!

Me me!ME ME!
Yup it's the regular old me ya knowand love! The totally perfect awesomely cool grogeously splendiferous ME! (Harley). This is the me that debued in the cartoon in 1992, and it's the me you've known and loved eva since! (and probably will for ever and ever!) (amen) Well except then my little pom poms were both red. But that's the only difference!

Elseworlds Me!ELSEWORLDS ME!
Look I am such a cool character I've even been in elseworlds! How many villains can say that!!! Not even my beloved Ivy has been elseworlds. (urhm....I don't think so anyway.) What si elseworlds? It's where ya go somewhere else and the characters are all a little different. Like here, I wuz this chick named Hayley obsessed with a female Joker and I totally killed pple and everything! (and I had a nifty costume!)

Mainstream Me!MAINSTREAM ME!
Ahhhhh!! It's mainstream me as I'll be appearing in mid '99!!AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Dont' I look great? I wuz drawn by Alex Ross in this pic and as everyone knows he KICKS HEINY!!! I wonder what I'll be like in, probably!!! Can't wait!!!

So there it is! All my faces and images!! Pretty durn cool, huh?And it's just possible that I may in the movie too (bleurgh)so we'll have to wait and see fer that one! woo!!!!