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Helloooooooooo hanson fans and welcome to the Hanson Spotting Center. Grab your binoculars and let's go Hanson Spotting!This is a webpage for the ultimate hanson fans who can't get enough of hanson. here you'll find or the strange, weird and wonderful things us hanson fans see and notice about hansons videos, video/music clips, and appearences. So keep your eyes peeled and e-mail me if you have anymore. This page now has a chat room so get chatting! Before you leave it would be appreciated if you signed the guestbook. Thanks for vistiting!This page has just been updated so this should keep you spotting for a while.If you like this page VOTE for it at: THanks! This page is dedicated to my best friends in Townsville, Queensland-Australia: Kristin ( ex-hanson lover ), Kristi. G., Karla, Leila ( still a hanson lover ), Trisha and Michelle and of course Hanson themselves- Ike tay & Zac, who without this page wouldn't be possible. Hanson have moved house to another suburb in the outskirts of Tulsa Oklahoma called Binxby where they live in a white house near a close friend named Josh. I hope you enjoy this page as much a i enjoyed making it. C-ya all. Dolphins & Splashes, Krystal. Created and edited by Krystal. Info of the MONTH: Road To Albertane: During 'Where's The Love' when taylor begins singing the second verse which is supposed to go 'you drive me crazy but i don't know baby...." Taylor messes up the lyrics by singing: 'we're segregating, conciences are fading...', but we still love you Tay! *Taylor has now got his drivers liscence and both him and Ike drive the family car ( thanks to kangarooland for that). *Taylor has his ear ( cartlidge to be precise ) pierced! *Hanson's new album ( Known as album X at the moment ) is due to be release on April 25th and the new single sometime in march. MMMBop-The Video ~The video for MMMBop was filmed in L.A. in February of 1997 ~Was directed by Tamera Davis (the directer of a few Adam Sandler movies) ~They ride in a United Taxi with a missing U ~When they are on the "moon" the director told them to move very slowly to give the effect of no gravity ~Zac was trying to get them kicked off the bus and it works, that's why you see him shrug when he gets off ~The house they are performing in isn't theirs, it's the Dust Brothers! ~The first version of the video has Einstien in it and the new one doesn't because of some stupid copyright laws they had to take that part out. oh well... ~"Plant a seed, plant a flower, plant a rose..." That's not a rose they planted it's a pansy! ~The car they are driving is the same one Sandra Bullock drives in Speed 2 (that yellow thing) ~When they are on the beach doing karate on each other, they are doing this because this is a video of them doing "just stuff" and that's what they used to do to each other ~They are rollerblading because that is what they love to do, and the part where Tay and Zac crash into each other is "...totally real!" says Zac. They were looking at the camera man and didn't see each other so they crashed ~at the very beginning (when Taylor says "Ohh" and their in the house) if you look closely in the backround at the glass door, some man is lookin in. Any guesses to who this is? (note:Michael Simpson, a Dust Bro) ~In the Mmmbop video when Ike and Tay does the duo of which flower's gonna growwwwww, if it's gonna be a daisy or roseeeeee, well anyway the director cut out one of Ike's line was was suppose to be.. "which flower's gonna grow" ~at almost the end they taped Tay singing the chorus but in the background you can hear him saying "Ohhhhhhh!" ~After they get off the bus it looks like Taylor has a brown stain on his shirt ~When taylor is in the house and starts singing, "When u get old...", if u look at the window ledge in the back u can see this freaky jar thing, and later when Taylor sings, "Oh ya, in an...", on the table behined him you can see the freaky jar again! ~at the begining, in the house the door by taylor was closed, and later it was opened during the, "nooo oh oh, say u can..."! ~there are a pair of jeans hanging over the arm of the sofa in the backround ~In MmmBop, before they get into the cab, if you look in the background, you can see a streeet sign that says "Jude St." and when they get out it also says "Jude St." (hmmmm) ~At the flag on the moon you can see the hanson logo *please refer to next one* ~The flag on the moon didn't have the hanson logo on it, it was the Oklahoma state flag. (thanks for sending this is in ~When Zac is skating down the road heís falling but itís cut. You can see that heís on the way to fall ~when Tay is supposed to be playing the bongos, he is playing the keyboard and no sound is playing of the keyboards, but there is sound of the bongos! ~When Zac and Tay crash into each other, money falls out of Tay's pockets ~Zac almost fell when they where on the moon ~Zac tripped while running at the beach ~Zac lost control of his rollerblades while going down the curb. ~they have Einstein on the MMMBop video because Taylor's birthday is the same day as his (thanks for this one!) ~In the MMMBop video, in the end when Ike's doing the "Is it gonna be a daisy or a rose" part it shows Zac. His drums have a big hole in them!!!! (thanks Tara for this one!) ~in the mmmbop vid when their in the house the kids that are swimming in the pool outside are their brother and sisters (thanks for this one!) *kangarooland note* ya sure about that? ~In the living room, Zac seems to be yawning.(thanks for this one!) ~During the planting, "Can't you tell me" part, Taylor mouths "Oh, yeah" and he wasn't supposed to. (thanks for this one!) ~When Zac was in the trash can and he came out, at the bottom left corner, there's a little Taylor. (thanks for this one!) ~when they are at the beach Taylor is the only one wearing a swim suit with long pants. (thanks for sending that in Sharon) ~when they are in the yellow car and they switch spots so Taylor is driving Zac puts his hands over Isaac's mouth, it's weird. (thanks for also sending that in Sharon) ~in the MMMBop video, while they are pouring the seeds, dirt, and water out of their hands, if you look at Zac's hand you will see that he has something written on it. It's too hard to make out what it says though. (thanks Amber) ~I just wanted to tell you that when Zac is sprinkling the seeds in the MMMBop video he has "HI" written on his hand in bubble letters. thanx (thanks Meaghan) ~just for clarification: Zac does NOT have writing on his hand. It's stuck on seeds. Just before Isaac and Taylor walk into each other, in the background a little boy waves at the camera. Don't ask me who he is or what he's doing there. (sent in by Heather) ~At the end of the song when tay and ike are singing the chorus it is Zac in the background singing 'oh'. (sent in by Chester_66) ~There isn't a hole in zac's drums, is is just covered in clear plastic or what ever they use to make the drums (the drummer's drums in my dad's band is the the same) (sent in by Chester_66) ~Zac does not almost fall while skating, he is simply just leaning forward. (sent in by Chester_66) ~Also if you look closely you can see that Zac has dirt under his fingernail, when he puts his finger up next to the camera in the "Mmmbop" video! (sent in by Madeline) go back Where's The Love - The Video ~was filmed in June of 1997 in London ~Director: Tamera Davis (same director of MMMBop!) ~At the beggining when there is a crowd shot from behind Hanson when taylor is singing his wh oh ohs etc.. you can see Taylor's red and white candy striped boxer shoret!!! Lol! ~Hanson chose their favorite places in London to perform around ~Taylor had to mime the words because his throat was sore from singing so much ~At the beginning of the video Taylor's singing, and he keeps glancing to this girl at his left, and blushing and smiling ~In the VERY beginning when Taylor is singing his OOH's and AHH's, the crowd starts to seperate and you can see Tay's candy striped boxers (oh, the horror!) ~Tay says separating, instead of segregating in the WTL video ~During the scene where they are chasing the pigeons they originally wanted the pigeons to land on them, but they got so annoying they ended up chasing them ~When they are showing those machine things, there is a spinning five up in the corner. ~When Taylor sings "All Of Our Fighting" he whacks Ike on the shoulder, and Ike just kind of gives him this weird look. ~Unlike in MMMBop the guys are mainly singing TO the camera ~After Zac is sings his solo, it flicks back to ike, but in the background, Zac still has his mouth open. ~When they are sitting on the stairs and people are walking by them, they are all the same people, but the person you notice the most is that damn lady with green turban and pink dress who walks by more then 12 times! *could strangle her* ~After Ike's done doing his solo (dark clouds all around...), the camera goes to this place, and Ike's walking infront of Tay and Zac. Zac jumps onto Ike (literally, jumps) and cuts infront of Tay. It looks like Taylor's saying 'shit' or 'watch it'. Potty mouth boy.. ~In the part where Ike and Zac have their solos look inbetween them and you will see someone moving a spotlight ~when signing, "were pulling each other down" tay makes a pulling gesture (it looks pretty funny if you watch closely) ~Tay almost kicks a bird! ~and there is a very visible man in the backround of this video as well, (he can be seen the best on Isaac's guitar solo) ~when they sing "You drove me crazy" look at the boyfriends arm, he has red marks all over it! I think she was clawing him! ~when they're in the room with the white backround and singing "Give it up", Isaac has on dirty shoes (good god no!) ~Isaac nearly fell at the end of the funky disco dance. ~Tay said "oh yeah" at the end when his not suppose to. ~when they are driving the car and when they change seats in the car and Zac goes to the back seat before he sits down he moves over and grabs Ike's face ~when they are walking around that street light pole thingy, Zac is chewing gum very slowly. ~when their on the steps if you look in the back left corner you can see their dad and mom (or it at least looks like them) ~when their singing "lightning rain pouring down......" you can see the guy who's doing the light's in back of Zac ~They also left out a part of the song they left out,"Where's the love it not enough oh,oh,oh,oh,oh"! ~There's also a mistake when they are singing round'and round' showing Zac playing the drums, he's not singin that! He's saying something else ~when they are on the steps and that"oooooohhh" part Zac almost starts to laugh! ~In the very beginning of the vid when Tay is looking around at the people in the store he has this look on his face as if he was going to start to laugh but is holding it in! ~Notice they have to look around to find out what camera is in the begining of the video ~When the part goes Dark clouds.. Zac mircrophone its moveing from left to right to front (mmmmmm freaky mic!) ~Zac was biting his nails while they were at the table ~When Ike says "round and round" he says something else ~The guy who had the costume from peru looked at the camera and said something. ~If you watch the part where they're are standing in front of a factory like thing.(where Zac is wearing Blue ty dye shirt) When Tay's part is "It makes the world go" Ike and Zac mouth it to. It happens two times! I think that If you watch Ike and Zac during the mall scences, you can catch them mouthing Tay's part too! Interesting huh? ~after Zac sings We're waiting for the bright light to break through, when Ike starts his solo, Zac's mouth is still moving. Also, when Ike and Tay are supposed to be singing Look at look at look at what we're doing, Ike didn't sing all the part. ~at the part of the song where they are starting the refrain and Isacc says "Look at Look at Look at", and the joins Tay and Zac in singing what were doing. They show Ike while he is on the 3rd look at you hear but he isn't saying that! he aleady joined the other two ~when Tay is singing "not enough, not enough", Zac starts singing with him and just stops ~At the end where Tay says "Wont you, wont you give it up" Zac is also saying the same thing. (but it's Tay's line!) ~they (editors) skipped 17 seconds of it in the video. The video skipped 3:30-3:47 part of the CD. (To make it shorter i guess!) ~when it shows Taylor playing the keyboard and singing in front of all the people, there is something blotched out on the pole behind him. In some parts of the video, it doesn't seem covered up ~when their sitting on the steps, and singing " we're trippin' all over ourselves and pulling eachother doowwwnnn" they show ike saying down and then they show tay for like 2 seconds and look at tays face, its all smushed together ~After the part "look at what we're doin'" and they're on the steps, when they say "where's the love" it looks like Tay doesn't know what he's supposed to say! He looks confused. It's hilarious! ~when Tay's jumping off the statue in reverse, if you pause it when you can see them all up there there is a kid also climbing onto the statue ~At the very end, Tay says "baby", then his hand goes up! ~Right in the end of the video, when Zac puts his hand on the camera, between his thumb and his other finger, you can see that Tay lifted his hand like he was going to take Zac's hand off, but he stopped. ~when tay and zac are running in the wheres the love video by the birds tay almost runs into zac and about pushes zac out of the way making shure he didnt run into him ~in wheres the love when they are staring at that couple fighting and it shows them zac has his mouth covered and is laughing ~You can see their mother and Mackie in the back while they are singing on the steps ~After Zac, sings his solo, and the camera's on Ike, look at Zac, he still has his mouth open. (thanks for this one!) ~Tay always closes his eyes when he runs out of breath. (thanks for this one!) ~near the end of the video the 4th or third give it up before the song's over if you look at Ike when they say '' just give it up'' Ike has his tongue sticking out and he shakes his head at the same time so it goes left to right. It's quite funny actually. (thanks ~in the Where's the Love video the factory they stand in front of is the same factory on the cover of Pink Floyds "Animals" (I love That cd!!!!) before everything got tore down! *sent in by Amanda BoB* ~You know in Where's the love when that pole behind Taylor is fuzzed out? I think it says something like HANSON MAKING VIDEO FOR WHERE'S THE LOVE. *sent in by Erika* ~On the Where's The Love video, in the very beginning when they show that girl with the long blonde hair, whose kinda dancing, she resembles Jewel a lot. (sent in by Emily) ~At some point when they are on the steps (sorry, I'm not sure when) they hold a note for a while. If you put it in slow motion and watch Ike, he's making a really goofy face. (Heather) ~I'd appreciate if you stated something about the guy with the Pirates shirt on. Cause I'm from Pittsburgh, Pa. and to see that all too familiar baseball team, with the black and the gold, town of Pittsburgh's heart and soul...sorry...getting into the song. Anyway...I though it was pretty interesting and even a little strange to see a guy with a Pirate shirt, who just had British written all over him, kind of like that guy from "Verve", in London. So if you want to use it that's cool and if you don't that's cool too. (Empress) ~In the second half of the video where there are all these people crowding around Hanson, dancing, Taylor does that weirdo thing where you run your hands up the keyboard, but If you listen, the actual sound of it comes about three seconds later! (btvs) ~Hey!! I just wanna say that the thing in front of Taylor that is blurred out is an Airwalk ad. In the first scene that you see it in, it's blurred out but in all the rest of the scenes that have it, it's not blurred. (Silvrgrl01) ~At the end, when the couple is walking and they're holding hands, the guys is Ricky from Second Noah. Not sure on his name, but if I find it, I'll give it to you, *wirth* ~Zac does NOT almost start laughing, while singing on the steps! I'm so sick of seeing that one every single hanson page! He is just simply smiling! (sent in by Chester_66) ~Taylor doesn't lip sing cuz his throat hurt! In every single video on MTV, VH1, MuchMusic, what ever you watch the singers/bands/groups lip sing! (sent in by Chester_66) ~I'm not sure exactly where, but when there is a shot of Zac on the drums, there is a gal right behind him with a navel ring, and it is right by his head! (sent in by Liz) ~A day before the filming of "Where's The Love" Zac lost a tooth and Tamara Davis (director) gave him an English pound! (sent in by Emily) ~The blond who stands next to Taylor in the Where's The Love video is Hanson's cousin, Sky Hanson. She's wearing a white spaghetti-strap top with red pants. She's beside Taylor in some scenes, and when she's not, Taylor glances over to the right with this cheeky look on his face. I think Taylor is looking at her or something. (sent in by Samantha) ~In the where's the love video people are always going on about how the people keep going up and down the steps next to them again and again, especially the woman with the pink and green thing. Well it's quite simple why they do this, the lyrics say #Where's the love, ... round and round... # The people are just going around and around Hanson as a kinda symbolic thing. (sent in by Tom) ~Just thought you might like to know, the steps they are singing on are the steps to waterloo station, and the bit at the end where they do the "Oooooh, Baby" bit, is in front of Battersea Power Station. Heres another fact: Hanson had to get permission to sing in covent garden, like buskers have to do. Some of the people dancing when they're at the shop or whatever it is, are models, but most are just people who turned up. I'm surprised the pigeons wouldn't land on them, they land on everyone if you go to Trafalger Square (I was there today!) so Hanson must really smell or something! (Only joking!) I dunno if the blanked out sign says Airwalk, cos I've never heard of Airwalk, and I live near London, so..... (sent in by Jenny) ~When the guys are sitting at the steps, just before chasing the piegons. Taylor has a strand of hair in the face. The camera films the other boys for like, one second. Then it turns back to Tay, and he has the hair behind his ear. The camera turns to Ike and Zac and then back to Tay again. This time he has the strand of hair in the face again... Hmm... spooky.. (sent in by Emma) ~In the wtl video you can see the lighting guy working the lights while ike is doing his guitar solo. (sent in by mindy) go back MMMBop - I Will Come To You ~that girl (i call her raccoon girl) holds out her's the freakiest thing! ~when Tay and Ike are standing on that corner, they look sooo serious! Bet they were just dying to laugh! ~Zac does this little dislocated hip thingy when he's singing is solo. funny! ~Zac's wearing a hat when they're walking through the street of people ~i still haven't figured out what the point of having raccoon girl in the video was. She finds that lady, they hug...then what? ~think about it...there is people floating around the screen. ~when Taylor's sitting on the corner (doin' his solo thing) he looks constipated. ~in fact, i think the whole song is really about constipation!! just watch it sometime, keeping that in mind. ~at one point in the video, Ike is just standing there, stumming with his eyes closed. ~When they show Taylor singing there is a rose tied to the mic, then it fell off, then it was on again ~In the beginning of the video Zac has his hair under his headset but in the end itís OVER the headset ~I just wanted to say that in the video for "I Will Come To You" (which was totally pointless to begin with), When they show zac playing the drums right before they sing "When the night is dark and stormy.." towards the end I guess, Zac looks in taylor's direction and makes this face like, "What in the hell is that??!!"! It's really funny, actually! Don't you think that girl looked like Wednesday Addams from The Addams family? :D (thanks Jill for sending this in) ~In IWC2U...which i htink is a really gay video that serves no purpose...notice in the whole thing its like...geared on taylor?! whats up with that? just curious...(sent in by shanna) *Hi! In the video from I will come to you (which is one of their best videos, by the way) there is this part when Taylor sings Iwill come to you in the end of the 2nd chorus, and just when he sings 'will' he flashes this really cute flirty smile at the camera, as if he sees a pretty girl behind it. I used to play that part in slowmotion when I was hysterical about them. I think I went a little overboard a couple of times. And when Zac plays his drumsolo, he looks really concentrated, as if he doesn't really know it yet. But he does a great job anyway. (sent in by Vendela) ~This is mostly for Australian Fans, but if you know of the actor Callan Mulvey (Heart Break High-Drazic), well he appeared in this video. He is the guy with the beanie on and he is carrying a tv. Sometomes he walks straight behind Tay and Zac in the crowd, but the time where he is really visible is when he walks straight in front of the camera near the middle or ebd of the clip. (sent in by Jane) go back *In the albertane video, when Taylor is laying on his bunk, talking about going to sleep and waking up in the next city etc.etc. he shuts the light and then turns it on and says "oh god" you can hear him mother say "watch your language"! (sent in by Lynn) *i noticed that when tay is walking through the tour bus giving a tour, you can see his mother just sitting there reading a magazine in the corner. (sent in by KNSX02D) *I noticed that when tay is in his little bed in the bus, and ike comes over to pretend he is Rongo Star, Tay is wearing his pj's and he is so fine in those cute things! (sent in by KNSX02D) *In the Albertane Tour Video, when they are bowing at the end, Taylor has silly string stuck to his butt (sent in by morstad) -very special thanks to Cassia for sending in this!!- All right, for the first time since I got it I actually sat down in front of the TV, popped The Road to Albertane in, and watched it without screaming, without getting up and dancing, without doing anything except breathing really fast (I had to physically hold my mouth shut)so I could make this list. I never realized that this many things happened! Of course, I was always screaming at the TV, so...anyway, there's a lot so watch out! * When Taylor is zooming out on the TV and VCR and stuff, you can see his toes. (I don't know why that is a big deal, but I think it is so cute.) * The all-famous Bingo is actually Scruffy the dog from Ty inc. I have him, so... * Stories, With You in Your Dreams, and Soldier were shot especially for the video. You'll see that it is in letterbox and there is no screaming. It was filmed at the Key Arena, though. * When they are "kicked out of the bus" in River, Tay does not have a water bottle. However, when they are running after it, he has one. * The band that Taylor has on his right arm is a necklace that he got from a friend. He decided to put it on his arm to be different. (This was confirmed on the Yahoo! Chat on the tenth.) * When Taylor is doing his ďFruitÖcandy!Ē thing, you can hear Avery or Mackie in the background going ďaní pretzels aní goldfish!Ē * While Zac is painting (but not talking) he looks so serious that itís cute! * A lot of the concert footage was shot in Seattle. I remember clearly that Tay was wearing a blue-green short sleeve shirt, Ike was wearing a cool kind of shiny silver button-up shirt, and Zac was wearing a burgundy v-neck tee with yellow pants (I went to Seattle.) and youíll see that thatís what they are wearing for most of the shots. (it kinda bugs me. The other shows were just as good, Iíll bet. Maybe even better.) * During Ever Lonely, when they zoom in on his playing, Ike has a hair band around his wrist. * Taylor sounds like heís gonna cry when he introduces With You in Your Dreams. (Awwwww!) * When they are sound-checking MMMBop, Ike is dancing around. I find this hilarious. * In the acoustic set, it seems like Zacís mike is in a rather inconvenient spot. He has to lean over to sing into it. * It seems like Taylor has a lot of different watches, doesnít it? * Does it bug anyone else, the way Taylor is playing the keyboards in Speechless? (Itís like he forgot he wasnít playing the congas) *Right before Zac is doing that painting "a man" (hehe) thing, when he opens the door, you can see cute little Mackie walkin around. (sent in by Erin) *When, (Im sure everyone saw this) at the VERY End, after all the credits, it shows little cutie Zoe crawling... she is SO adorable. (sent in by Erin) *In the part where Ike's playing with broccoli and imitating Puff Daddy, he has a red hair band around some of his fingers (but not all his fingers). (Karen) *When they're playing With You In Your Dreams, Isaac's not playing guitar yet at the beginning and he's looking down over the neck of his guitar, looking ready to cry. Then when he started playing, he was thinking more of what he was doing, so he didn't look so sad anymore. Zac flashes a couple smiles at the camera, but it looks like he's faking it so he won't cry. (Karen) *HEY!!! DID YOU NOTICE IN THE ALBERTANE VIDEO, TAYLOR HAD A TEAR IN HIS EYE DURING STORIES??? I GOT A PHOTO OF IT AND ENLARGED IT-IT'S SOOOOOOO POIGNANT! ALSO< THERE IS A PART IN THE ALBERTANE VIDEO WHERE IT LOOKS LIKE ZAC HAS A SEVERE BONER!!! I WON'T SAY WHICH PART, YOU CHECK IT OUT AND SEE IF YOU CAN FIND IT!!! KEE HEE HEE!!! ALSO< DID YOU NOTICE THE BOYS TEND TO LOOK UP TO THE RIGHT ON THE TONIGHT SHOW? THAT'S KIZ FANS ARE STANDING UP THERE WAVING AND STUFF> ALSO< YOU CAN SEE ZAC'S UNDERWEAR ON MTV LIVE, AND TAY'S UNDERWEAR IN THE WTL VIDEO. BTW-THEY GET THE HANES 3 PACK FROM WALMART, KIZ I HAPPENED TO SEE THE PAIR TAY WAS WEARING IN WTL AND I SAW THAT PAIR IN WAL- MART MYSELF!!! AND I DID HEAR IKE SAY HE DIDN'T CARE WHAT BRAND IT WAS AS LONG AS THERE WAS ENOUGH CLEAN UNDERWEAR TO TAKE ON THE ROAD FOR TWO WEEKS.. OK, CALL ME A PERV!!! JUST THOUGHT I'D LETCHA KNOW. HA HA HA!!! (Risherry) Hey! Well a couple things I noticed was when Tay was in his bunk and right after he turns the light back on, you could see a little spit bubble fly up and out of his mouth. Also, when Zac is painting, he claims to be painting "a man" , but it's really a big picture of some roses (that's why he was using red paint). Also, at the end when the credits are rolling, and they are standing out on the side of the road, you could see that Tay is actually wearing SHORTS!! and sandals. He's got nice legs. hehe hee. Tay is hot! *Mary* *In the Road to Albertane vid, when they are singing Soldier, at the beginning of the song tay isn't playing, he just has his hands on his knees, just before he starts playing he must have an itch on his 'genital area' because he quickly rubs/scratches it, itz really funny! *Louise T* *You know when tay is lying in the bed and ike pulls the curtain you can see one of the sisters standing there she has a green shirt...she's the one who hands ike the teddy bear. Oh and when they are doing the waterballoon thing you can here like this little girl complaining and then hear tay going don't touch that..or something like that check it out you'll see. *SnowAngel* *When Walker is video taping them in the bus (Tay is playing the piano, Ike is yapping on the phone, and Zac is drawing the little thing he likes to call a "man") When he swings the camera past a doorway, if you look closely through the doorway, you can see Jessica Hanson walking down the hall!! *Alison* *In the part where they're doing the water war between buses, there's a part where Isaac is talking (I can't remember which part exactly, but his face is right up in the camera) and you can see Zoe behind him. You can't see her face, but you see this little diapered body, for a split second, and then for a couple seconds more you can see little feet in little shoes. It's at the bottom left of the screen. *Karen* *When they're talking about writing songs, Zac has a Zildjian hat on. *Karen* *You know that part when Zac holds up a Coke and asks his dad if he ordered it? I finally figured out what their dad is saying. He says,"You wicked wicked child, get away from me!"*** I swear that taylor was about to cry in With you in your dreams! He looks up to the ceiling a couple of times, and that's what people do when they have tears, and they want to "hold them back" well, I do that. *I thought it was pretty cool when they are on the CN tower. I've been to Toronto, but not up the tower. They're brave. I couldn't walk on glass floors in a tower that's about a mile up into the air! Uh uh, not me. *When Ike is doing his Austin Powers thing, you can see Zac in the background playing with a duffel bag or a suitcase. *Erika* *Ok, at the water fight part of the bus, if you freeze the screen when Ike is saying the Star wars/water names, in the lower right hand corner there's the guys couins Josh, after they show the bus in front, put it in slow motion again you can see the back of Josh, and Avery (i think) is wearing pink sitting in the seat near the door drinking what looks like coke. (sent in by LilZacBop) *When Zac is holding the drink and Walker's talkin' to him, play it in slow Mo, you can se Mack, the Josh (cousin) and Diana, are over in the corner, you'l probably see Diana's hair first! (sent in by LilZacBop) *i can't believe nobody has sent this in yet. it's so apparent. in the acousic "soldier," one of the hansons messes up whie singing. i think it's Zac. it comes right before at the end of the song when they repeat what they first sang: "not so long ago in a toy room not so far away lived a boy who had so many toys and he...." (here is where Zac ~or ike or tay~ messes up. You can hear one of them begin the line "didn't know what to do with them all with them all" when the line was supposed to be "played with them all with them all". this really bugs me! (sent in by Cass) *When they were having a water balloon fight, when Ike was saying "Yeah! In the bus!" you can see Avie behind Taylor sucking a bottle. (sent in by mooky) *During Man From Milwaukee, When Zac's singing the Was a man with no hair part, you can see a towel and an empty box of fresh fries on his left side. (sent in by mooky) *When they were talking about the Hanson Ave & Oklahoma Ave. crossed, Tay's rat tail is actually unbraided. (sent in by mooky) *During The water balloon fight, After Ike says "Hydro Granade Model 101" you can actually hear Zoe's voice. (sent in by mooky) *the Part when they were shooting a police with a water gun, you can see Zac's boxers or brief? i can't really tell what is it but it's color white. (sent in by mooky) *The part when Ike was saying "Don't you like food" you can see Zac at the left corner of the room. (sent in by mooky) *During the part when they were at the Hanson Ave., you can hear "OK! That was nice! after, which can be heard at TT&MON. (sent in by mooky) *At the acknowledgements, when Tay was driving a vehicle, Tay was wearing shorts at that time. (sent in by mooky) *After they've won in the water balloon fight, when Tay was saying "Yes! Oh! MAn.", you can see Avie's arms and legs at the right side of the screen. (sent in by mooky) *Hey! In the part where they're singing Soldier, at the end, Zac messes up. He says "He didn't" when its supposed to go "and he palyed" etc. and also in that same part, a little earlier, Zac makes a funny face when Ike sings "Past a river rat..". Watch Zac's face, he makes the funniest expression! And in the beginning of "Ever Lonely", someone has a a lazer pointer thing. I guess that all i could find for now. (sent in by Emily) *In the Albertane Video, you know at the end where all the credits are going up and when the Hansons are walking on the glass? (I don't know what it's called, I think the CNN or CN Tower, or something, somebody already said on this page what it was so check it out to see what I mean, 'cause I wouldn't know I'm from Australia) anyway, you know how Zac is crouching down? Well, he yells "No!" and then he says "Don't break it!" I think someone must have been kidding around with him pretending to break the glass or something! He sounded a little scared, don't you think? (kangarooland note: Yep, it's the CN tower) (sent in by Hilary) *When Zac offers who I think is his dad a drink, in the background you can see Mackie, their mother, and someone sitting on the black couch. You can see it in the reflection of the mirror. In that same scene, I think it's his dad who's saying this "You're a wicked, wicked man, get away from me!" (sent in by Hilary) *In the part where Tay, Zac and Ike are answering the question about writing songs and Zac is in his hat, and Tay's in his white T-shirt, well, I think Zac has a little bit of food or something on his face (it's a white dot) you can see it when the camera zooms in on him and he's saying "...a song with an idea." (sent in by Hilary) *You know the part where Isaac and Taylor are sitting together discussing the show and they're both in hats and black T-shirts, Tay's holding a red pen and you can see the 'Hanson Set List' and Tay's saying to Ike "Is there something you wanna say?" Well, if you look behind them to where all the clothes are hanging, and you look in between them, you can see who I think is Zac (well, his pants anyway!) walking past and then stopping behind Tay and Ike! Ok I have one more...In the part where Taylor is showing us the bunks right before Isaac says "Hi! I'm a dog my name is bingo!" Well, if you look down the hall I think there is someone sitting in a chair, have a look, I may be seeing things! Oh, and for the record, Isaac is saying in that same scene (I'm sure most of you know, but anyway) "And then your dog comes in and licks you and goes 'I Love You!!" Also, when Zac painting the roses he says "...It's just not me! I want to do gardening!" (get it!) (sent in by Hilary) *During the water war between buses, at the front of the bus you can see this sign that says "Dave's Not Here" or something. (sent in by Karen) *There is a part of MMMBop when Taylor is in a tight black tee and the show him from behind for a split second.Well if you look ij the distance( like where the audience is) it looks like it's raining---it is! it's actually pouring, that's the Jones Beach concert, it was raining alllll night, that's why there is no footage from there! (sent in by Hansonite13) *I just wanted to say that on Road To Albertane, on the part where Taylor and Ike are talking about what they should say during the concert, Tay is wearing a W.W.J.D bracelet. (sent in by Andrea) *When they show Tay's back and he is playing "Money" on the piano, the person with the video camera walks around to the side and Taylor looks at the camera and pulls the most hilarious face! He looks like the camera caught him unaware, it is so funny! (sent in by Alex) *that during the concerts on road to albertane video tay ALWAYS wear's this black band around his elbow it looks (dont take this wrong) like something a gurl would do man he needs to stop that and oh also in road to albertane video they seem to like leave zac out ALOT like the put more clips in of ike and tay and see to umm but zac out (sent in by krystal) *Ok at the end at all the credits.. after Ike does his "uh-uh" to Kermit, when Zac is playing the drums he has Hanson taped to his shirt and I can't quite tell what is under it.. Also when Zac is doing his "baby bird thing" when the show the side on Taylor he is kinda giving Zac this weird look like "That's not how we do it." and then he goes back to playing.. (sent in by Janie) *In the beginning of "Look at you" tay is laughing at Ike and Zac. And Near the end of "Good Lovin': Zac is making fun of Tay and gives a really funny look, like "What is tay doing?" (sent in by jasmine) *1: When Hanson are backstage, right before they go onstage, and are discussing changing the order of songs(thinking of you and where's the love, i think) you can hear music in the background, Admiral Twin, maybe?? 2: When Ike's doing his Bingo/Ringo/Puff thingy (sorry i got SO specific, hehe :-P) you can hear someone (Diana, maybe?) saying something like "Go out and get today's paper, maybe" and it sounds like someone (Tay?) says "Ok", but i;m not sure 3: At the end, when it shows zac backstage pushing the camera away, he says "I'm Sorry, that's not the right press pass" or something..... hehe, he rejected his poor dad (or ashley greyson... hmmmm) 4: When they show Ike playing acoustic guitar, on the bus or backstage maybe, singing a song called "crimson lips" (or so i've heard...), the table next to him is loaded with junk food.... (Sour cream and onion Pringles... my fave! gee, how'd ya know, Ike? hehe) 5: When zac's playing with oh-so-cute Zoe (c'mon people, group "Awww! she's so sweet! hehe) you can hear "Where's the love" in the background. 6: When Tay's driving the little golf cart thing near the end, the guy (Ashely greyson, maybe?) driving with him says"Watch out for the girls! When are you getting your permit? Isn't that like real soon?" *sigh* we can only hope and pray that Tay's driving has improved since he got his license.. hehe 7: I also noticed that when Tay's driving the golf cart and almost runs into some fans (watch it Tay, golf carts are dangerous pieces of machinery! hehe) the girls seem unphased, almost ecstatic about the prospect of being hit by Tay... hmmm maybe they were hoping he'd come visit them in the I.C.U...... hehe j/k 8: near the end of the video, they show Zac shooting the crowd (... with WATER people! otay, quit freaking out, breathe in... breathe out... hehe) he says"there's an old man jumping up and down!" and if ya look close, there's a middle-aged man boppin in the crowd! 9: when they're showing little clips of fans and stuff, they show a girl holding her MOE card for like half a second... (woo-hoo yeah! i'm in the MOE! :-D) 10: When they're singing "standin' in the shadows" from 'Look at you", they show tay's shadow against a 'wall' at the red rocks amipitheatre(??).... was it planned or just a coincedence? we'll never know..... (X-files theme plays.... hehe) (sent in by Kerry K) *Did you notice that when they are singing "With You In Your Dreams" in the long form music video Zac is actually smiling? How could he be smiling when singing such a sad song? Also, in the same song, Tay has an almost microscopic yet noticable tear in his eye? I guess him and Zac have different emotions! (sent in by Jeri927) *Everyone says that in RTA, Tay says "Oh God" and then his mom says "watch your language" That's not true. If you listen REALLY closely you can hear Isaac say "God Damnit!" (Ike you naughty boy!:) and then ZAC,not his mom says watch your language in a smart alleck tone.It's cute! Just thought I'd clear that up!=0) (sent in by Pixie) *I realised quite a while ago that when Tay's filming inside his bunk, you can see his shoes when he's zooming up on his tv. Someone already mentioned that you can see his toes, but Look at the shoes! They're like, this girls sandals, and it scares me....Also, when Zac's singing (I can't remember what song) and he's wearing the yellow pants? Well the camera looks up at him, like between some of the drums and you can see, a hole, or something, in the crotch of his pants. Dear oh dear, looks like Zac will have to learn to mend his own clothes!! (sent in by Lauren) *On RTA, while they are singing "Soldier", when they get to the part "and when he jumep to save her from the flames", the camera shows Zac and he has this like totally druggy face. -On the end of RTA when they are singin "Man From Milwakuee", and Zac gets to his "babybird" part his voice kinda gets off trail, and then they show Tay lookin all freaked out 'bout it. -On RTA when Tay's singin' "Weird" and they do this close-up of his face u can see that he has smthing inside his nose(sorry) -On RTA when Zac goes backstage u can see Tay walkin in front of him with his pants slipped down like 3 inches -Have u noticed that on RTA Ike and Tay are wearing the same shirts (of course at different gigs) (sent in by Katie and Julie) *Right after the part when Zac messes up the part in "Soldier", if you look at Taylor, he seemed to be smiling as if he knew Zac made the mistake. Also, during the "Man from Milawaukee", when Zac was saying "...for the love of Pete come in" it seemed like he couldn't breathe or something because he makes this really funny looking face! hahaha. Also, (I think it was during "With you in Your Dreams"), at the beginning Zac starts swaying and I just can't help but laugh. (sent in by Celin) *in look at you tay points out 3 times. who do yo think he's pointing at ? (sent in by Nguyen) *on the road to albertain.....the part when zac is gettung off the bus to get on the jet..if you look behind zac when hes getting off the bus you can see zoe if you look really close!~~~When they are doing their water fight...when Isaac(or zac I forget who)is saying "this will be fun"If you listen in the background you can here Zoe crying but then she stops after crying for like 5 seconds (sent in by Heather) *Is their mom playing soccer with them during the song "River" on RTA? (sent in by Madeline) *right after Tay says "ok, Ringo" to Ike you hear Diana say "has anyone seen today's paper?" she may say Tay at the end but i'm not sure. (sent in by tayskuuipo) *in Taylor's cubby in his bed on one side he has his cell phone (Nextel) and in the other his sandals (sent in by tayskuuipo) *during River Taylor does this weird thing with his arm like the chicken dance when they say "you'll never know" (sent in by tayskuuipo) *has anyone else noticed those weird faces Tay makes? (while that guy is interviewing them he just stands there and looks at him really weird, and when he's playing the piano and someone comes up behind him with the camera he just stares....) (sent in by tayskuuipo) *when they're at the CN Tower you can see Mackie next to Zac on the glass floor (sent in by tayskuuipo) *when Tay and Zac are looking out of that circle window and they're pointing at something Zac grabs Tay's arm and pulls it down. (sent in by tayskuuipo) *Ike has a little obsession with Puff Daddy (sent in by tayskuuipo) *during the water war you can hear Taylor say "my hair!" (sent in by tayskuuipo) *why would that lady want to play soccer barefoot while there's people in doc martens kicking at the ball? (sent in by tayskuuipo) *Taylor's red W.W.J.D. bracelet was inside out. (sent in by tayskuuipo) *I can't believe no one sent this in yet, but, ever notice that when they're having the water war between buses Zoe starts crying? It sounds like Zac's saying "Honey, honey." to her. It's pretty obvious. (sent in by Nikki) *When they are playing "With you in Your Dreams" at the very beginning when it's only Tay playing his keyboard watch Zac. He's doing this freaky wave thing. It's so funny! (sent in by Megan) When Ikeypoo is doing his little puff Powers dealy...Tay says, "Man are you sure you're not Austin Powers? Nice Teeth." (sent in by Linz) *In the Puff Ringo, Bingo the dog thing...When Tay says something about the other bunks, And just before Ike gets "Bingo" in the way, you can see who I think is Zac laying is the bunk. To put it more plainly, his feet. (sent in by Linz) *In Soldiers, when they say "Let's stick him in a boat" Someone says "It looks just like the one". And the screwup at the end, that is already u here, it's Zac that makes the mistake. (sent in by Linz) *Everytime they say "Standing in the shadows" in Look at you it shows Taylors shadow cast over the crowd...or, at least I THINK it's everytime...I noticed it twice, but....I did have a fever at the time. (sent in by Linz) *In the water war, Zac does not "Wait for it." You can see his water trail. (sent in by Linz) *Closer to the end, you can hear Ikeypoo say something about his HAIR. (sent in by Linz) *At the beginning of Soldiers, right as Zac clangs his stix together...Isaac nods at someone off camera. I just noticed this. It's kind of cool. And YES! The acoustic set WAS taped in Seattle. They actually WERE going to do all of it there, but, decided otherwise. It was done during the soundcheck, which is why they were there so early. I like to watch it and think, "As they were doing that I was in a car on my way to see them." (sent in by Linz) *At the end, when Zoe is crawling and whatever, right before she comes on, there's a little twisted sort of flash of Where's the Love. "Look at what we're doing..." (sent in by Linz) *This is just a general observation, but "mmmbop" has gotten WAY more Rock-ish in the past 2 years. Yay! (sent in by Linz) *During With you In Your Dreams, The music is offtime. It kind of bugs me. Especially when Ike is doing "Woh-oh...I'll still be with you..." Cuz...Well, watch it and you'll see. (sent in by Linz) *Taylor get's REALLY into "Man from Milwaukee". (sent in by Linz) *Tay is very subtly getting muscles. PUMP ME UP!!! (sent in by Linz) *The camera work in Road to Albertane is really cool at times. Like,really cool. yah. (sent in by Linz) *Taylor, during the credits, grabs a camera, and I think he talks to it, and then it close ups on his nosular mouthish area. (sent in by Linz) *Wellllllll during "Weird" (it's at the Red Rocks during this part) it has a picture of Taylor singing fading into a picture of Isaac/Zac (I can't remember who at the moment). If you look closely, Taylor has abooger hanging out of his nose :) hehe... Just thought you all might like to know that! (sent in by Sara) *I don't know if any of you caught this, but when Hanson is doing "With You In Your Dreams" and there's a scene in which Zac in playing his drums and he does his "Woa" thing, and he tries to do it a little higher than he should, and his voice cracks!! Me and my friend thaught that it was the saddest thing! But funny. And at the very end of the song, a tear escapes fron the cornor of Tay's eye and looks like it is gonna trickle down his face any minute! IT'S SO CUTE! It makes ya wanna wipe it away and comfort him and tell him it's gonna be alright!! (sent in by Butterflybop) *On the Albertane video, the video game that Tay and Zac play is Rush for N64. Taylor's car is on the top and he is in 3rd place. (sent in by meg) *We are two very dedicated Hanson fans. We have noticed in the Road to Albertane video there are 2 girls about Ike and Tay's age that are playing soccer and having the "Water Wars" water fight going 70 miles an hour on the highway. If you look closely on the video you can see them on the other bus.Also in the latest MOE book the tour pictures you can see a girl in a flowered skirt standing by the bus. (sent in by Cmjul20) *look at the fans throughout the Albertane vid and see if you can catch the girl in the front row with the same black band around her arm as Tay (anyone could've done that though)! (sent in by Mowglee07) *On the Albertane video, when Tay shows the bunks while he is laying in his own bunk, you can see some one (I think it's Zac) laying in the buck across from Tay's. Also, did anyone else crack up when Zac kept on giving the camera weird looks during "Look At You"? (sent in by Meghan) *1. Zac almost messed up his part in the song "Man From Milwaulkee." He starts it slower than normal and in the end has to rush it. 2. The mistake on "Soldier" I think is Taylor. 3. At the end of the video, you see the sign for the Brady Theater in Tulsa. Actually, I think that their concerts were done at the Mabee Center and not the Brady Theater. Much of the live footage was shot in Seattle, home of Nirvana. In the beginning of "Man From Milwaulkee," the first thing Ike plays is the opening riff of "Smells Like Teen Spirit." At least he tries to anyway. (sent in by Lee) *1. Have you noticed on the video that when they sing MMMBop the scratching sound is in the background. I guess one of the back-up players is doing it. 2. During the credits if you listen to them you can hear Taylor go "There's an old man jumping up and down!" I swear thats what he's saying, I even had to rewind it to make sure I was hearing it right. It's very clear though. 3. At the end of "Weird" when their singing "sometimes...." they show Zac on his drums- he has on a red shirt and his hair is pulled back- he smiles SO big at the camera!! It is the cutest thing I have EVER seen!! (sent in by Kelli) *In the Albertane video,the part where Zac is talking about how is to be on backstage, before they sing "Good Lovin'" Taylor is walking in front of Zac, just take a look at him.. (sent in by Thaisa) *On The Road to Albertane video when their singing With You In Your Dreams Zac is swaying his sticks back & fourth its so cute! And Taylor gives mean looks at Zac or Ike during that in the beginning of the song WYIYD too. And during Stories or Soldier Zac winks at the other camera. When Ike is going Puff Brocclie when Tay is pushing him back Ike tries to put the brocclie in the other hand and almost dropped it but he didn't, then he stuck it out again it was kinda upside down. (sent in by Heather S) go back I'll have a few more to add once I get a better look at the subway station scene ~I like how the subway train starts off the video and ends with the same scene, almost like a story or something ~when they look at their reflections in the door (just before it shows the punk guys), their positioning is totally different from the scene before! Especially with Zac and Tay. Zac has his head moved to the side and Tay doesn't have is arms crossed before, but Zac's head is straight and Tay had crossed his arms when you see their reflection. hmmmmm, I thought it was weird anyway. ~When it shows the 'punk guys' right after what I just mentioned (in the sentence above), the guy who is supposed to be Taylor, actually kind of looks like him (notice the cheeks and jawline) but the guys there for Zac and Tay look nothing like them. The guy being Zac, is trying to be shorter it seems. ~When the guys are 'walking on the walls' of the white room, they are actually walking on the floor. The room is round i guess, and it's spinning. The paintings and statues are actually on the floor. ~When they walking in the subway car with all the business men with 'Hanson' newspapers, there's a hanson poster behind them on the wall. ~in the same scene, Taylor grabs a newspaper from one of the guys, and I noticed it doesn't really look like he's reading it. ~In the scenes where either Zac and Tay are sitting on the white couch, notice they are actually sitting on the back of the couch because its immposible for them to sit on the seat. ~i really don't like it when Taylor stands there and squints into the camera like he's ticked off or something! That part really bugs me! ~I noticed they slide down the picture on the floor a lot ~There's one part where Zac gets of the couch or something, and starts walking towards the camera, as if he's trying to seduce your or freak you out or something. This isn't something I'd expect to see Zac do for some reason. ~Ike's water scene has got to be the most hillarious part of the video for me. He gets right into the music, waving his arms around and stuff. Just watch his face sometime, it's so funny! His shirts are a bit loose to don't ya think?? ~I like the part when Tay's standing there holding onto his head, why would someone do this in a video? ~There's a part when they are all singing, and Ike takes a step towards Zac and it looks like he's signing TO Zac. Funny... ~Check out the scene when Tay is sitting the chair that looks like its upright against the wall (when really it's glued to the floor of the room, and the he's looking up at the camera) I thought that scene was really well though out. It's pretty cool, when he jumps at the camera and stuff ~My second most fave scene would have to be when Ike and Tay are supposed to look like they are sitting on the couch, but they are really sitting on the floor with their legs up. (shot taken from above) Actually, if you watch carefully, they aren't even sitting on the seat! I love that part though.. ~I really like Tay's clothes and stuff, but I really really don't like what his shirt looks like when they jump out of the water! (some of you may enjoy it though) ~If you just watch Zac's facial expressions during the whole water scene, you'll notice he looks somewhat like a blowfish (sorry zac) Get the poor boy some air please!! ~someone mentioned to me that Tay looks like Anna Pacquin, That girl from 'The Piano' (thanks for the correction Lynne!), when he's in the water..I don't see it though! ~I love the part near the end when Isaac is sliding down the wall/painting on his butt, and Zac sliding on his feet. Check out Tay in this scene, by the look on his face and how he's hanging onto the couch, he looks kinda worried or something (maybe because he's on a slant there) ~I really like it when they are all sort of walking to the camera, while the room spins, and Taylor is walking kinda sideways, I love that for some strange reason! ~I hope you all noticed those funky little silver dudes behind Zac when they are playing in the subway station. They're behind him dancing to the beats of the music. hehe ~don't you just love Ike's scarf and hat?? Can't forget the orange vest!! ~There's a part when Zac is sitting on the couch has they show really fast clips of the room scenes, and he looks really tired/mad..he's probably dizzy from spinning around! ~I feel so sorry for Zac when he's sitting their with buckets for drums and he gives this puppy face look to the camera...awwwwww ~anyone else notice the freaky guy with the dredlocks at the Subway station? ~I don't know but if anyone else has noticed this, but the first time I saw this video the part that I really liked was near the end when they are outside walking down the street. When they turn around fast and the wind just hits them in the face (It looks really cool if you watch Taylor as he's singing here) Just the way the hair blows really fast or something. ~I really like Taylor's long coat at the end there, it added character don't you think? ~You can see taylor's boxers when they are in the round spinning room and he jumps, when he is coming down u can see them (they are blue) ~When they are outside, and Taylor turns, he blinks his eyes twice pretty quickly ~You can see the top line of taylor's boxers when they are about to jump into the water (thanks to for the last three) ~I don't know if it freaked anybody else out, but on the part when they show doubles of everybody the girls with the really poofy hair with a headband thing in it look like they're just staring at you; like they're gonna do something evil! Oh yea, and those punk people are really scarry! The ones who just get done kissing and then stick thier thounges out at each other!! (thanks to Elizabeth for the last three) ~1. THAT AT THE BEGINNING YOU CAN SEE JASON BROWN'S BEAUTIFUL BALD HEAD CLEARLY. (?) 2. WHEN ISAAC IS SUPPOSED TO BE SINGING "NO ONE FEELS THE SAME" HIS MOUTH ISN'T MOVING. 3. ISAAC TRIPS JUMPING INTO THE WATER. 4. THE PART WHERE ZANDI ARE GOING TOWARDS THE CAMERA AND TAY IS GOING THE OTHER WAY... 5. STOP ME IF THIS IS TO SICK BUT DOESN'T ZAC LOOK LAYED WHENS HES LAYING ON THE COUCH...? (thanks to for the last three) *kangarooland note* would some please explain to me how you can 'look' layed?! (also, shouldn't it be L-A-I-D?) Anyway... ~In the Weird video when there in the train walking past the people Zac is ahead of the other two and then Isaac is, but shouldn't be? (thanks to Nic for that in) ~ In the video Weird, Near the ending , you can see the "no tresspassing" cop line ( you know..the yellow one) And you could see the cops and guards. Taylor squints alot in the video Weird. When Taylor goes really close to the camera ( sorta like a close up) , the camera turned black. ( You could see it if you pause it) When Taylor is swimming in Weird, You can see his stomach because his shirt goes up a bit. Taylor always messes up when hes singing I will come to you. Havent you noticed that near the ending instead of saying " when you have no light to guide you" he says " when your night is light to guide you" ? Then right after he squints and he acts like nothing happened and keeps singing like if he was mumbling...until of couse he starts screaming ( which I love very much !!) In "Weird" , near the ending..Taylors spit is about to come out when they show him close up when he goes" oooh isnt it strange ..." Well thats all from me!! (thanks Stephanie Garcia for sending this in!) ~On mtv,they did a interview with Hanson and they were talking about the weird video and they said that when they jump into the water and jump out they are actually jumping backwards. (thanks for this one!) ~in the weird video i noticed that when they push open the door to jump into the water the window (on the door) is square.....when there singing...look behind them....the window is round.... (thanks Serena *not me* for sending this in!) ~In the weird video in the subway shot where everyone's reading the Hanson newspapers you can see a lot of advertisements on the walls. "Zac Jeans" is one of them i think. (thanks HansonFan for sending this in!) ~You know how previously there was a comment made on who Tay looked like in the water scene? Personally I think he looks like Kathy Ireland. Maybe it's just me, but I think it's because of his eyebrows.(sent in by Annie) ~When Taylor jumps down from the wall in the white spinning room, if you put it in slow mo., you can see part of his butt. Not lying. * He needs a tan* *sent in by Molly* ~Gus Van Sant (director) is in the begiining of the video when they're singing in the subway station *sent in by Molly* ~near the beginning of the vid theres a black dude near the back of the scene near a pole the camera goes away from him for a sec and then comes back and hes laughing histaically does he think hes not in the shot or something ? *sent in by ashley* ~also after they look at there reflections when the are walking through the buss zac mouths the wrong words hes on another verse and looks over puzzled kinda . *sent in by ashley* ~When they are in the white room they are walking towards the camera Ike is in the back and you see him kinda push Zac back and Ike makes a mad dash for the camera, all while that is happening Tay is groaning to the camera *sent in by SKA229* ~Right before they show them walking through the people in the subway, you see that freaky black guy and that other guy, and then the advertisement right on the wall above the door is "Jonny's Friends hotline" like from "Yearbook" *sent in by Dessa* ~When they are singing in the water, you can see the yellow weights on the bottom of Taylor's shoes *sent in by Dessa* ~You can see in the newspapers, on the back page, it says, "Hanson" and then on the bottom of the picture it says, "buy this" *sent in by Dessa* ~in the video weird when they are in water tay has a hole in his left sock. It's really funny well to me :) (sent in by Liz) ~whenever theres that persown wiht the the subway station or wherever that was...was "pig person" a guy or girl?? I'm alll curious now.,..LOL...well..i guess thats all. seeya. (sent in by shanna) ~on the artist cut of weird, they were like on the new paper there were advertisment for Zac Hanson jeans, and Jonny's (form Yearbook) hotline. and if you look when they'r in the sub with the business men, there a hanson add on the subway in the back to the left of the door. (sent in by ~when they're playing the instruments in the station at the beginning of the video, they all look really poor and their instruments do too like the buckets for zac's drums, and an old, green keyboard for taylor and ike's run down guitar. (sent in by Braylee) ~zac looks like he's some crazed retard staring right through you when he's sitting on the couch by himself in the spinning room thingy. (sent in by Braylee) ~when they jump into the water the window on the door is square....and when you look behind them when there singing..the window is round (thanks for sending this in) ~At one point in the white room, Isaac is supposed to sing a line by himself. They show him struming away at the guitar with his mouth shut. Not even an attempt to edit that out. (sent in by heather) ~When it shows them jumping out of the water, they actually taped it in reverse. (sent in by heather) ~In the white room, when Taylor falls from the top of the screen to the bottom; he was actually stuck on the top part and had to wait up there till it spun the right way around so he could jump off. (sent in by heather) ~when they're all outside walking in the street at night the camera gets a side shot at tay and he makes this "weird" (get it) look like he ate something sower. (sent in by Braylee) ~at the same scene (as above), zac looks at tay like, "c'mon!" and then his face gets all blurry. (sent in by Braylee) ~i dont see how they could have rewound the tape to make it look like they r jumpin outta the water since it is shot from the side 1 time, and the front another. Also, when they go in it shows them goin in and when they jump out, it shows them comin outta the water. ??? this is hard to explain but just watch it and maybe you'll see what i mean. i know some people say this came outta hanson's mouths but i never saw the interview it supposedly came outta, but if it is true, its doesnt seem logical, but o well i guess, anywayz, bye!! (sent in by Terra) ~in the Weird video before they jump into the water, zac's hair is in a perfect ponytail, and when they are in the water its flying all around, and then when they jump out its back to being perfect again. Wierd huh?!?!? (sent in by Terra) ~Everytime i watch Wierd i can not go pass Tay underwater. MMM.... oh yeah back to what i was talking about Who here loves the way his hair looks in the water? Can we say Cute? All soft and fine and flowing and like above his head vertically! :) Did you guys know that Wierd was named the 13th most expensive Videoclip to make recently? The seat Tay sat on upside down alone, costed $2000! Each pair of twins cost $200! There were 12! (sent in by Nicole) ~In the video Weird, They look at themselves in the mirror/door (whatever that is) and Taylor's arms are crossed, then they go back to Hanson(who turned into freaks) and The guy who was supposed to be Taylor had his arms uncrossed and he lookes at the camera, and his eyes are brown...and The freak who was supposed to be Isaac had blue eyes...I dunno I just notice things like that :o) (sent in by AgntCooThD) ~In the scene where the guys are looking in the mirror( right before they show the punks)when they do show they the one thats in Tay's position looks an alwful lot like Tay (sent in by Amber) ~In the weird video, I think you'll notice that in the scene where Zacs in front on the train, on his way in two of the punks actually squash him and he gives them a dirty look. My friend and I believe that Taylor looks ticked off because they keep sticking the cameras in their face and they don't want that, and it's also got to do with the meaning of the song. The bit where Tay's sitting on the seat which is actually stuck to the floor, when he spins around you'll notice he nearly falls off the seat. At the beginning in the ststion, Tay gets knocked by a passer-byer, and he looks at them funny. Also in the station, when they zoom in on Zac, the silver guys behind him are walking in time to the music. (sent in by Little Miss Psycho.) go back has anyone else noticed Mackie sitting behind the guys when they are singing MMMBop in the Sydney Opera House? ~we thought, just 2 help u with ur page, wed give u this info. theres a fault in ttatmon (the video). when theyre in australia, they show shots from sydney, then melbourne. but when theyre showing shots in sydney, theyre in a radio interview, right? fox fm? yeah, well, thats a melbourne radio station. and when theyre at a zoo in 'sydney'? funnily enuff, that zooz called 'melbourne zoo'. just a bit of 'frippery'. (thanks jessie and madeline for sending this in!) Hi !! Well I just wanted to add in your interesting stuff page that in the ending of TT and the MON , when the guys start playing a song in their living room, there is a black cat sitting on the couch...but you have to kinda search for it because the couch is black..just like the cat !! It took me a while to figure out what was sitting on the couch!! (thanks Stephanie for sending this in!) When the guys are playing a song in their living room , the chair that Tay is sitting on has a big hole on it! Tay is sitting on the very edge of the chair! (thanks Stephanie for also sending this in!) ~In "Hanson Doing Stupid Stuff", when they're on the ride, Tay was sitting next to Ike.(Tay was in a T-shirt)Later when they show the ride again, Zac was with Ike.(Zac was in a long sleeved shirt) (thanks for sending this in!) ~When they we're about to sing "A Minute Without You" in the ??? theatre, Zac was twirling his drumsticks while Ike was saying "We couldn't do a record" and blah, blah, blah part. (thanks for also sending this in!) ~which hanson's being interviewed by a blond girl in england (this is the interview whre tay spits that ball from his mouth and speaks with a fake accent) as tay leans back in his chair and kinda spreads is legs apart, you can see he something in his pocket and it's sticking out (thanks Sara for also sending this in!) ~after they talk about mistakes turning creative it cuts to them recording oohs and right in front of ike there's a poster of a naked woman, parts of her covered by postcards. *kangarooland note* the naked woman is madonna. ummmmmm yeah (thanks Sara for also sending this in!) ~when they're talking about how they got number one on the charts, and isaac's talking about michael jackson being two notches below them, taylor sorta strokes his uhhh...ya know three times. not that i was looking! hehehe... (sent in by Diana) ~In TT&TMON, the word "like" is used 27 times, and the phrase "You know" is used 40 times. (thanks for sending that in) ~Is it just me, or when they are performing Thinkin of You and Zac's singing "Look at what we're doin" for the first time, is he a little out of breath? (thanks for sending that in) ~When they're waiting for the flower to grow in the MMMBop video it looks like Tay is staring more at Zac than at the ground. (thanks for sending that in) ~When Ike's going "we started writing MMMBop not knowing blah blah blah" it looks like Tay is falling out of his chair. (thanks for sending that in) ~When Tay's talking about songs evolving, Ike gets on my nerves. He straightening out his socks for heaven's sake! (thanks for sending that in) ~When Tay gets off that ride in SegaWorld and goes "Woah!" you can hear someone going "Tay are you all right?" (thanks for sending that in) ~When Tay's talking about "The lighting guy has to run with the camera so he doesn't blah blah blah" and it shows Ike, he's got this look on his face like "What is he talking about?" (thanks for sending that in) ~When Zac starts his harmonizin thing Ike goes "Kick it!" an then Tay goes "Guys guys guys" but then gives up and when it shows him like a couple of seconds later he's got his head between his legs and he's laughing (thanks for sending that in) ~When they're talking about what they're going to do in the video (we're going to walk down the sidewalk, like act casual) you can hear Zac in the background saying "How are you going to look through this on a skateboard?" (thanks for sending that in) ~There's a lot of things that I noticed in the TT&MON video, and some of it came off of other sites. While they are in Jakarta, the guy directing the bus has on a Hanson tee. When they are getting ready to do that giant swing thing, the guy hands Tay the handle and he just looks at him funny. Whenever Tay is informing Zac about how long a redwood lives, if you look at Taylor, he has on a Kerroppie back pack. If you look at Zac while he is recording "Look At You" by himself, he gets up off of the floor like he was just rolling on it. At the Ytv perfromance, when they are going through the crowd, there is a pair of identical twins in baseball hats. When the three are out shaking the hands of fans in that little semi-circle, Zac's hair is only braided on the sides and not in the back. While they are singing the acapella MMMBop at the Sydney Opera House, Mackie is sitting behind them on a bench. While they are in the shoe store in London, Taylor looks at the price tag on Zac's boots and says "They're a size 9," then Zac says is "they're too big." While in France, it shows Tay looking at something, and he is looking at charactures. While they are in London, Big Ben is on the time 7:25. While they are in the London interview with that blonde girl, there are tons of candie wrappers and soda cans behind Zac on a table. I hope that this added a bit of info to your page. I read a lot more from other sites, but I couln't seem to find some of them in the video. (big thanks Amber for sending that in) ~One of the things that I noticed in TT&TMON was when Tay was talking about going into Sega World, And he has on those sun glasses, you can see Zac and Walker in the reflection of them. (thanks Amber for sending that in) ~The part before they go to sagaWorld It looks llike Tay says "To Hell with the money part, now the fun part!" and at the begining when the were talking about paramus Mall in N.J. It's sounds like Tay says "There were hands and Sh*t it waz just so amazing" Sorry if i offended anyone but that's the way it looks and sounds! *sent in by Amanda BoB* ~On the part where Hanson is at SegaWorld, you can see Isaac wait for his turn to play one of the games. He's standing behind a guy with a backpack. (Aww, at least we know he's not stuck-up or anything) K, well thats it. *sent in by Katie* ~In the video if you keep watching after Zac says," Stop watching,itz over," at the end they show hanson when they were younger. *sent in by Dana* ~When Zac is on the that motorcycle video game in Sega World, you can see his sister Jessica waiting in line before Ike. Just thought you'd like to know!! *sent in by Erika* ~Well the 7th time my watching TT&TMON My friend Bianca and I noticed that when they sing Where's the Love at the Beacon Theater the forget to sing the ,"Dark clouds on the ground, etc." part, all you can hear is Ike doing his Guitar solo thing but not the words! *sent in by Jessica* ~When they are playing MMMBop at the Beacon Theatre, in the very first verse, you can see that Tay is not wearing his watch. But then it shows another shot for about 2 seconds and then it comes back to Tay and he does have his watch on! (It could be the other way, where he has his watch on first, I haven't watched the video for awhile.) *sent in by Erin* ~When Ike says 2 nothes below u Tay and Zac mouth it too. *sent in by Allison* ~When Tay spits the ball out at that interview w/ the English gurl she says "That could've been nasty" *sent in by Allison* ~When they do the MFM performance on Ytv When they are waiting to go onstage you can see Zac's little tummy go in and out =) *sent in by Allison* ~In the MMMbop video When zac is driving Ike is waving his hands like retard (No offense to any Ike fans....Its just soooo funny) *sent in by Allison* ~At the paramus park mall when ike says "This is crazy" You can hear zac go "Well we gotta-" Then he gets cut off *sent in by Allison* ~When Ike is saying "u get a fresh new edit of WTL" Theres a Mr.potato head behind him with the arm in his mouth *sent in by Allison* ~Im mmmbop when they're all in the living room and they show Tay's back u see ike wailing away swinging his gituar around. *sent in by Allison* ~In mmmbop when they first walk into the cave Tay is walking like a Girl *sent in by Allison* ~When they are holding the snakes when it shows taylor u see a glimpse of Tays gold bracelet on his wrist *sent in by Allison* ~When tay says "Now for the money part the fun part" behind him u see zac carrying a blue messenger bag *sent in by Allison* ~When zac says stuff about the monkey forest u hear diana say "Zac you are so gross...u are the grossest 6th grader i know!" *sent in by Allison* ~when they are at the monkey forest tay has hands on his hips and he is watching over jessice avery and mackie like a mom. (sent in by Lisa) ~On T,T&MoN someone did a pretty crappy editing job during the part when they're on the stairs. They repeat the clip of what Isaac and Taylor have just done. (sent in by heather) ~At the end, before the Beacon Theatre, Ike says, "It'll be broke-ass dude!". While they're sitting down like talking to the cam, there are markers and paper, I think one of the papers says Hanson in bubble letters. At that same place, you can see those little TV screens sometimes, and if you watch closely it's parts of the video, some of them aren't even in the vid! Avery, Mackie, Jessie, their nanny, and their parents are in the vid a whole bunch, when they feed those fish look for Jessie, Avie, and the nanny(the blonde woman). Look for the nanny, Diana, Avie, Mackie, and Jessica when there's those carts(shopping?) in Germany, they're all around! Avery and Mackie are walking hand in hand in the rain(?), Avery has a bright pink rain jacket on, they're near a statue(I dunno where). They're walking down a street and the camera man(Walker or Ashley) says, "That's nice" or something to Isaac and then you see Diana walking down the street carrying Mack(she has baggy pants, a black shirt and SUPER long hair). They're in the car(you never see Zac), Isaac says something about Italy, you see Tay, he's got a styrofoam cup on his mouth(he's got it between his lips or something). Oh, they're recording those oh's and no's, when Zac goes into that head bang thing, that's part of Cried, and the poster behind them has a naked lady, with her chest covered by stickers or something! (wow..thanks for sending that in Allison H) ~hi!! i have some things from the TT&MON video ok where hanson is about to 'try to fly' you can here either jessica or avery in the background saying you guys are gonna kill yourselves, also i noticed that when they are singing at the beacon on some parts zac hair is behind the microphone that goes around his head and other parts its in front of it, taylor kinda acts like a snob during the red wood part (I STILL LOVE YOU TAY!!!:) the last thing i noticed is that when hanson was in that room at the paramus performance, you can hear Isaac saying "haha their screaming your name" and taylor is like oh my gosh!!! thats all i have!! thanks (sent in by hansonschick15) ~When zac is rushing while the three of them are in the recording studio you can see their mother in the bottom left corner conducting them and holding a drink. (sent in by Mellissa) ~This is from the TT&MON video. When they are in Toronto Canada, after they are done talking about the decible level, after their dad says,"Get your ear plugs and let's boogie!", and when they are walking up the ramp, you can hear Zac say,"Dad, gang way!" Then you see him at the bottom of the camera. Also, when they are doing stupid stuff, you hear Taylor say, "We are about to do the stupidest thing, we are about to try to fly!" If you listen closely, you can hear one of his sisters say,"You're about to kill yourself!" You have to listen out for it because she says it while he's talking! HANSON RULES!!!!!!! (sent in by Sarah Clarke) ~my daughter and I noticed that at the redwoods, zac has on an animaniac`s hat (at first I thought it was felix the cat!sorry Zac!) When zac is talking about,"lots and lots of trees, make big trees" and a redwood lives 2000years.. Taylor answers the question and then Zac says kinda under his breath "oh yeah" (sent in by lynn) ~At the radio station in Italy,Taylor is leaning on the table near the DJ, very quickly he moves away and wipes his arm like the DJ spit on him! In the next shot,Zac is standing next to the DJ (sent in by Lynn) ~on the interesting stuff part of your web page one girl sent in about the tt&mon video. the one where zac is talking about the monkey forest and in the backround you hear Diana talking she says "Tay you are so gross, Your brothers only in 6th grade" not "zac your so gross, your one of the grossest 6th graders i know" How many 6th graders could she know? (sent in by NastyMac1) ~I noticed that well, when they are singing Madeline and Taylor has on that really tight shirt, you can see the rim of his boxers because his shirt was so tight. Not that I WANTED to know that or anything!? j/k I watch out for those kinds of things Enjoy!!! (Shea) ~when hanson is sitting on that table thing at the becon and they're singing wheres the love accappela and ike tells tay to drop it like a third. tay goes thats not it you, and he points to zac and ike goes oh well and they just start singing. just thought you'd like to know that. bye bye *Amy* ~The interview in England with the Blond Women is actually an interview with Jennifer Cawthron for Top Of The Pops magazine. It is when they (Hanson) recorded a performance for the show. The reason for the balls is that the band do a photo shoot with a lottery machine and it is made to look like they are taking balls out of the machine with the question on. The balls are supposed to be a different colour depending on what type of question it is. Just thought you'd like to know. (sent in by Taylors Tambourine) ~I really only have 1 thing to say that i noticed about this video, which is when they're singing "A Minute Without you", they seem a little out of breath. It seems like they're tuckered out! (sent in by Emily) ~This is what I notice in TT&TMON video. The part where they're talking to a British blond girl and where Tay spit out a ball, it's an interview at Top of The Pops, a top Britsh magazine. You can find that inetrview in a last year issue. I forgot what number issue coz mine was stolen by a girl in school. :-( but if anyone you know has it, you can read the interview in TOTP and I swear it's dead funny. (sent in by Clare) ~i dont have many things to say but when they are in the room with the chairs and when they talk about mmmbop and stuff and the mall in one of the parts you can see a man behind him in shorts reading something. and in Jakarta 2 things happen, first of all when one of them says JE KARTE none of their mouths are moving and after they say that zac makes a face into the camera its funny. and when they are in the van when they hear MMMBop you can see tay tay has a cup up to his mouth. there ya go! hopw i make TTMON more interesting for you :) (sent in by Paige) ~ *kangarooland note* Katy - I didn't recieve the first five of them!! please send them to me! 6.When Ike gives his "tour of London" the woman walking in front of him is Diana, holding Mackie. Taylor, Zac and the girls can be seen in front of them. 7. When the camera starts to flip and you see three blond kids, that's Ike, Zac and Jessie. 8. Mackie being held in front of SegaWorld. 9. In Sega world, when Ike is watching Zac ride the yellow motorcycle thing, Zac moves forward and Jessie can be seen standing next to Isaac. 10. At the airport in Germany, you see Avie sitting behind Diana, who is holding Mackie. 11. During the photo shoot part, if you play it in slow motion when Ike jumps up in the Christmas photo shoot you can see his boxers. 12. When they are in the studio recording "Look At You" Zac can be seen getting up from laying on the floor right before he says "I messed up on that last line" 13. In an outtake of the Where's the love video when they are outside in front the power plant Taylor is headbanging. 14. On "Hanson does stupid stuff on video" The old clip of them on a ride, first is Isaac and Taylor, then after the part where Zac punches the camera, its Zac and Isaac. 15. When the Skycoaster starts to drop Zac grabs onto Isaac. 16. When they sing MMMBop at the Sydney Opera House you can see Mackie sitting down behind them. 17. When they are in that little room with the TV's and the couch there is a Godzilla sitting the counter next to Taylor, eating a snack bar. 18. When they are feeding fish in Tapei you can see Jessie and Avie. 19. The video was filmed on Aug. 24 1997, because when Taylor stutters they cut scenes and you can see the little thing with the date on it. 20. At the zoo in Australia Mackie is on a guy's shoulder at the giraffes 21. When they are holding the snakes, you can se a close up of someone holding a snake, which looks like Taylor, but it's not because the person is wearing a tennis bracelet, and has long fingernails that are painted. 22. Tay thinks caves are sweet. 23. In the monkey forest Tay asks if you can "pick them up" Ike quickly informs him "NO!" 24. At the very end Taylor can be heard instructing Zac when to bring the camera shudder thing down. (sent in by Katy) ~I'm not sure what they are saying in this part but its when they're in the room that they were talking about Paramus Park Mall. Anyway there is a guy in the background just standing there looking at something! He's so annoying, he serves no purpose what so ever!! (sent in by Keli) ~also during the concert at the Beacon theater zac's hair keeps changing! sometimes his microphone is over his hair sometimes it underneath! you can especially notice it during Minute with out YOU. (sent in by Keli) ~Taylor does not cuss when they go to sega world. he says "No-ow for the money part, the fun part!" (sent in by Keli) TULSA, TOKYO, AND THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE *At the beginning in TTMON, when they are showing the snow globe of Tulsa, the Oklahoma state song is playing. *When Ike & Tay are talking about what they're gonna do on the MMMBop video, you can hear Zac in the background saying, "How are you goinglook through & stick it on a scateboard?" *At that photo shoot when they're standing on the roof & Zac starts dancing, have you ever wondered what he says? He says, "I'm a dancing Hanson!" *While Hanson is singing MMMBop at the Sydney Opera House, you can see their brother Mac sitting right behind Zac or Tay. *During the part when they're on that ride that goes uo & down and Ike says, "I'm about to launch myself 150 feet in the air..."It's actually Taylor next to him at first. Then it's Zac. You can tell this because Tay is wearing a t-shirt and Zac is wearing a long sleeved shirt. So Ike launches himself once with Tay and once with Zac. *When they are in England,& there is a close up of Tay in a cab, you can hear Ike say, "What square is this?" * At the Beacon theatre, Zac's hair is magical! During a Minute Without You ( & the other songs too! ) Zac's hair is always in a different position when theyu show him in different's not possible! The reason this is, is because they sang each song more than once 'cause it was filmed especially for the vid. *When they are in the yellow room talking for the 1st time, you can hear a watch go off! *During the making of the MMMBop video in TTMON & they're on the set in front of a green background, Tay kinda starts to do this type of dance-like move! *When Ike, Tay & Zac are pretending to fight, at the end when the screen goes black you can hear Zac say, "Ahh, that felt good!" And then Tay goes, "Oh, Zac!"! *In Australia when they are going through a sound check at Melbournes Southland shopping Center/mall, Tay says, "We're about to do a concert at a mall..." and then Zac says, "Actually, in a carpark!" So then Taylor decides to say "Carpark." in all of these funny voices and accents. *During the part where they're talking to Cindy Crawford, ike or Zac says "Why are we all in yellow?" But the actual fact is, is that they are not ALL in yellow. Only Hanson are. Cindy's sunglasses arn't yellow! *When Ike gives his 'Tour Of Londo,' and stops talking into the camera, you can hear their Dad say "Okay, that was nice." *While Tay is pushing around a shopping cart in Germany, you can see some of their family, like Mac, their mom, & one of the sisters. Avie I think. * At the Sydney Opera House ( the theatre they are singing in and there is no one there for all of you non-Australians ) tou can see mackie behind them. *Whenever they are talking in those rooms you can see bits an d pieces & takes from TT&TMON on the monitors behind them. *When they have the interview on that rdio station in Milan, Italy, the DJ spits on Tay ( or there is something wet on the bench ). You can tell this 'cause Tay wipes it off and then you notice that he is no longer standing next to the DJ. *When they are singing "A Minute Without You" Taylor sings "How many days guys" instead of, "how many hours". *While Ike is introducing AMWY, Zac is twirling his drumsticks behind him. *In the Monkey forest in Indonesia, you can hear Ike and their mother both warn Avie about the monkeys biting and jumping at them. Oh, how sweet! Plus you can hear the Hanson sisters actually talkingand making noises to the monkeys. *When Zacis doing his, "Do you wanna see something? Do ya?" bit you can hear Tay say, "Zac, shut up." *When IKe and ZAc are explaining what they're gonna do in the MMMBop vid, you can hear Zac say to the camera man, "How are you gonna look through that thing while your on the scateboard?" *On that interview in Londaon with that blond girl and the questions on the balls, it is actually an interview for Top Of THe Pops magazine. I know this because i've got it and the questions are exactly the sane abd are asked with these lottery balls for a photo shoot. The magazine is a British one & is kinda hard to get. The only difference is the answers that Hanson gave. The magazine lied! They re-wrote what Hanson said into different wording, but similar to make the interview sound more interesting. Remember that whenever you read an article in a magazine nezt time. They don't always tell the truth. *When Tay gets off that ride at Sega World you can hear someone say, "Are you all right?" *While waiting to go on stage in Canada, and they are crouching, Ike pulls on Tay's ratstail! THE ROAD TO ALBERTANE *During the song "WHERE's THE LOVE" in the 1st verse Tay messes up the lyrics! WHen he is supposed to be singing "You drove me crazy, but i don't know baby..." he actually sings, "We're seperated,concinces is faded.." Oh well, I still love them! *When Ike is doing his Austin "Puff" Powers impersonation, you can hear Tay bad mouth Ike by saying, Oh give uo the Puff thing Ike. Or something along those lines. Tays just jealous that Ike is sooo funny! *When Tay is in his bunk & he turns off the lights and says "Oh god," his mom then says, "Watch your language!" *A lot of the concert footage was shot in Seattle. *That painting Zac calls a man is actually a picture of a red flower which looks like a tulip. ------------------------------------------------------- ~HEY! I JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT BEFORE THEY GO INTO SEGA WORLD TAY SAYS "NOW FOR THE MUDDY PART, THE FUN PART" HELL WITH THE MONEY PART NOW FOR THE FUN PART. (sent in by Jennifer) ~TT&MON.In the beginning traveled is spelled with 2 L's instead of one. In interviews and even their official book Hanson says that the skating accident wasn't planeed ,but when they on the vid.when Tay's talking about MMMBop he says "We're gonna skate then blah blah"or something like that. I haven't watched it in 4-ever. Then when they are in that one recording studio singing "ooooohhh" (you know the one with the poster of a naked woman) I think, but I'm not for sure of this its from them recording Don't Accuse off of Boomerang b/c they look young enough and cause what the're singing matches the opening lyrics to Don't Accuse. (sent in by sweetchick45) ~i have noticed some stuff, from ttmon. When they are singing where's the love at the beacon taylor does the most funnest thing!!! he like gets heaps into it and he like bends forward on his toes it's soooo funny!! he looks so stupid!!! Also when they start up where's the love again (you know how they stop then start it again) well it shows zac drumming and if you look in the background you see taylor like jumping to the beat really fast hahahah it's heaps funny too!!! (sent in by emma) ~k one thing I noticed was in TTMON when they are doing the MFM performance on Ytv, when Zac is doing his megaphone part, Tay says "c;mon" or sumthin, and Zac gave him a look that kills! so then after that Tay goes "give it up for Zac hanson" and Zac smiles like everythings better again. brotherly love lol. and another thing, *NOT* to be rude to Tay (cuz I worship the ground he walks on) but, he's kind of a ditz in the movie. like when they are in Indonisia (sp?) walker goes "where are you?" and tay is like "what do you mean? oh we're in jakarta" hello tay! and one last thing, when they are doing all the taipea and japan things, on the interview where they're standing there and Ike goes "next up, our video" and zac is late saying "where's the love" Tay is kinda standing by a door and if u look really closely his fly is undone lol (sent in by Terri) ~~Ike tries to impress Cindy Crawford. You tell by the way he's acting/flirting. ~In the very beginning when Ike talks about how they started out, he says "ack"appella instead of acapella. ~When Ike straightens his socks he also straightens his pant legs. ~On the Ytv part there is this girl with Taylor Hanson written on both arms and she waves them and they jiggle. We thought that was kinda funny. ~Also while at the Ytv concert thingy and the whole audience is singing MMMbop, Ike straightens his shirt! What is up with that kid and straightening his clothes. ~In the Beacon theater concert there is this girl who has a major problem with her boobs. She jumps around a lot and it is very annoying. ~When they are in Italy doing the radio interview, one of the DJ's (I guess you would call them) asks Taylor how does it feel to be so "sex"cessful at your age? I know he really means successful but with his accent that's what it sounds like. ~In the WTL video, Zac says WTL and he sounds constipated. I know that's mean but that's what it sounds like to us. ~At one point Ike is talking about how much time it takes to do videos and they get this shot of Tay and he looks so out of it, like he's stoned or something. It's really funny. ~Everytime you see Tay playing at a concert he always has his knee bouncing up and down. We thought that was funny too. (sent in by zipper) ~When they're in London, the camera zooms onto a double-decker bus with the words 'Soldier's Story'. And the part where Tay talks about Mmmbop, Zac keeps zoning in and out. Then in one of the photoshoots, when they have to pile their heads on top of each other, Zac looks like, "Hurry up! This is embarassing!" In the redwood part, Tay yells, "Ike, you're a caveman guide!" And when Ike asks Tay to sing higher/lower in the WTL? acapella, Tay moves his fingers as if playing keyboards. Just want to let you know. Correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks. (sent in by Yi Wen) ~and in tt&tmon when they are going to see the monkeys zac has shorts on in the car but once they get their he's wearing pants how'd that happen?? (sent in by Melissa) ~On TT&TMON when Ike and Zac are doin' the rappin thing, and they are beign really funny (well at least at our opinion) Tay kida gets jelous/embarrassed by them so he kinda grabs Ike's hand and pulls it as to tell him to shout up. (sent in by Katie & Julie) ~When they're doing that 1 foreign show, Jakarta or, um, she on dar-a-u. Well, the part where Zac is laughing really weird and then he stops right away. N-e ways, at that part, they messed up on what they were doing cuz they were reading off of something, and Taylor goes, and you're watching she on dar-a-u (or whatever it is) then Zac goes, The coolest show *laughs* yep! thats what he said! Well, if you watch Taylor's mouth closely, he mouths: the coolest show in the world. and when Zac doesn't say that, he kinda gets an alarmed look. Ok. 1 more thing and i'm not sure if u have it or not, when they're showing all those clips from the show they did in Japan, there's a part where they're like, "Hi I'm Isaac, Taylor and.." Well, Zac said Taylor's name when Taylor said it, and for some reason, i find that funny. (sent in by Emmy) ~1) When Hanson were in the bus after a show in Jakarta and were chased by fans, it's really dark at that time but you can hear someone, I think is Zac, saying "Lock the door" and you can hear Tay say "The door is lock" 2) Near the end when there were faking a fight and take turns saying the get on really well and blah blah blah, after Ike's turn is Tay. But before that, when Tay's fighting with Zac, he doesn't have his hair tied but when he pulls the chair and Ike falls, there's a short pause or whatever you call it and Tay has is hair tied. 3) In the "World Famous Hanson Garage", you can see they drew buildings and few hills and then custus with sunglasses and radio. I mean, buildings in the middle of the desert? Some creativity! 4) I think Hanson finds a temple in Taiwan with school kids funny. Not the Haha funny but strange funny. These kids are brought by teacher for a school trip and they all look so small! But cute. And they were watching the soldier doing his stuff for a long time. 5) In Thailand when Tay is waiting for his fried spring rolls, he was talking with the cook. Do you think the cook speaks English or does Tay learned some Thai? Anyway, when his dad asked him what's up, Tay said "Just checking out some srping rolls" and Walker said "Oo../ fresh!" (sent in by Clare) ~In TT & TMON, right after Ike does silly thing with his socks, Tay seems like scratching his knee. You think so ? (sent in by Nguyen) ~On TT&TMON when they are playing Man From Miluakee, Tay does an "oh" during Zac's bird part and when Zac is done with the birds he glares at's really cute! (sent in by Madeline) ~Tay is definitely faking his dizziness in Sega World when he gets off the ride! (sent in by Madeline) ~In TT&MON when they are talking about photo shoots, if you look behind them at the T.V. screens you can see Hanson on almost all of them! (sent in by Madeline) ~there's this part in TT&MON where it's near the part where they do "that U2 thing" and zac gets really near the camera and you can see that he has fillings in his teeth. i think that it's toward the middle of the video, near the germany part. (sent in by Brenda) ~One, when Issac's talking right before, I can't remember..but he says MY name! I think he does, he mumbles, " Agatha." right around where he pulls up his socks? (sent in by Agatha) ~Right after Taylor, and Ike finish talking about walking down the street, the next shoot, you can see a cat walk over ,and Zac bending down to pet it. When Taylor says redwoods can live up to 3,000 years, a guy walks behind him blowing a bouble. (sent in by Kristina) ~Just wanted to say, when Tay says "Now for the money part, the fun part!" he DOESN'T say that, he says "Now we'll have some money burnt at the fun park!" and I know this makes sense because they're at segaworld and there is a place called the fun park in segaworld in London. Oh, and when they're at the monkey forest, you hear walker say "If you're not careful, they'll bite you" and then you hear Diana say "Mackie, if you jump at them..." And that girl in the TOTP interview giggles WAY too much! OK, that wasn't a fact, but it's true! And Taylor's attempt at her accent sucks! Oh, and "What d'you reckon?" is NOT an English thing to say! And when Ike is doing the "Welcome to Hanson's tour of London" they are walking by Westminster Abbey. And when Tay is in the taxi and goes "What square is that?" it's trafalger square, which is pretty obvious really, cos it's the only one with a dirty great column in the middle! Oh, and when Tay gets off the ride in Segaworld it's really wierd cos I saw it just this afternoon and it had a fence around it, which isn't there in the video.... When they're talking in that's in lots of parts of the vid, but I think it's when they're talking about the WTL video, there are two blokes in the background moving boxes around. At the end when it shows them younger, and the old woman (I assume it's their grandmother) says "One day the Hanson brothers will be really big" or whatever, one of them, I think it's Ike, has this massive brown stain on the back of his t-shirt, like he's been rolling in mud or something! And here's a little mystery, they say the concert reached 140 decibels, well, how come the guiness book of records doesn't mention it at all?............. When they're watching the gaurds in where ever it was, it shows all the little kids and then it shows Tay and he's chewing gum with his mouth open! EWWWWWWW! When they feed the fish in where ever, just before it the music to Minute Without You is playing without the words, but if you try to sing along, you can't fit the whole of the verse and chorus in before they start singing "All the minutes in the world..." (sent in by Jenny) ~Is it just me or is Zac singing a little too loud on the recording of ''Look at You ?'' (sent in by Leigh) ~After Zac says the theater is gonna be broken you can hear Isaac's Beavis/Butthead impression if you listen close. He says 'It's gonna be broken,dude'' (I think) okay, now listen for it. bye-bye (sent in by Leigh) ~one of the things i noticed on TT&TMON was that when they were recording "Look At You" Tay's pants have holes in them. (sent in by AdRiAnN) ~When are being interviewed by the blond girl, Tay does the accent from Secrets and Lies, and the girl laughs. Then you can hear Zac or Ike mock her laughing. (sent in by ILLC2U86) ~I just thought you might want to know when they are in Australia and the guy is holding the snake and Zac is talking in the background Mac says,"It feels like a snake!" (sent in by Elizabeth) ~Did you ever notice that the guy who produced ttmon also produces the simpsons??? (sent in by mindy) Keep sending your stuff in guys!

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