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These are the pages where you can find the information. Of some species I have more information, so they have their own button. Information about other species can be found in the Shark Archive. If you need information about a specific kind of shark that isn't on this website you can always email me asking for a basic information sheet, like the ones in the archive.

Per month I have also selected a special shark. The Shark Of The Month. So come back every month so see which shark is this months special. Each shark in the Shark Archive has been a shark of the month. You can find them in two ways. Or through the older shark of the month files or through the archive.
Again, no further explanation is required; just use the buttons to navigate through the information and the kinds of sharks.

For now I'll leave you with a friend of mine: Sherman.

Do you like Sherman's Lagoon?! Check out their Official Site.

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