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The Other Onlyists: the Many Forms of Bible Version Onlyism Stupidity

January 2003

Amazingly, there are other groups of Bible version onlyists (other than the extremist KJV Onlyists) and variations on them out there in this day and age. Not all of them are as large a group or as infamous as the ultra- fundamentalist KJV Onlyists, but they exist nonetheless.

Apparently, many in Christendom have not learned a lesson from the Latin Vulgate Onlyism stupidity of centuries past or the idiocy of extremist KJV Onlyism of today.

A few years ago, after writing another piece entitled "Those Wacky, Kooky King James Onlyists," (with an emphasis on the "King James [Version]"), I've since come across some trends which seem to have arisen fairly recently -- "recently" being about two years ago.

A casual search for anti- KJV Only material on the web now turns up all sorts of things. We now have not just KJV Onlyists, but also

  • NKJV-Onlyists,
  • NASB-Onlyists,
  • Textus Receptus-Onlyists, and
  • Majority Text-Onlyists.

I realize that some of the groups, such as the "TR- Onlyists," have been around longer than two years, but my perception is that the presence of the TR- Only stance, and all the other views listed above, are becoming a little more publicized on the web now than they were a couple of years ago.

In other papers at this site (see list below), I also comment on or critique other "onlyist" Bible version groups, and some "quasi - onlyist" groups (including contemporary version users), so stay tuned.

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