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Those Wacky, Kooky KJV Onlyists

updated January 2003

Witnessing the debates and divisions within the King James Only camp is quite funny and also reveals that these folks can't even establish one solid defense for KJOism (really, because there are no good defenses, but watching them try to come up with them is also good for a laugh)-- all of their various defenses conflict with those held by others within the same group!

They like to tell us that the King James Bible is God's Only Word, but they can't really tell us why without shooting down the arguments of other KJV-Onlyists-- some say it's due to the Byzantine Manuscripts, some the TRs, while others wish to believe that the King James Bible was directly inspired. Of course most of the "KJV Only" supporters can't tell you WHICH of the several KJV editions is "it" or "THE ONE."

Sane, logical, Bible believing Christians who are not a member of the King James Only Cult know that only the Autographa, (the original Biblical writings), were inspired and not copies or translations thereof, at least not in the same manner or to the same degree.

For your reading enjoyment and entertainment, here I present links to pages by King James Onlyists who squabble, disagree with, or run down other King James Onlies.

January 2003: some of the following articles are no longer up, but I intend on placing copies of them at my site, so do check back every now and then.

The KJV Onlyist Zone

Now come and enter an alternate reality. Where up is down and down is up. Where nothing makes sense to normal, thinking people. You're about to enter the KJV Onlyist Zone.

NA = Not Available

"Oh yeah?," Snipes a Cranky Ruckman to Cloud

Not to Disappoint, Ruckman Throws in the Ad Hominem! Get Your Popcorn NOW before the action gets really good!


David Cloud Disses "God And" in the Epic

"Gail Riplinger's Slanders"


Well GAR will have none of this! GAR Unleashes Her Claws to Rip Cloud in

O Madman: Gail Riplinger's Response to David Cloud, Taken From the Book 'Blind Guides'

Hope GAR has had her rabies shot, meee - ow!

As an added bonus, even the intro by the site owner to this GAR work is funny. He says,

"Blind Guides is a scholarly and detailed response to the crtiques [sic] of Hunt [and others]..."

"Detailed," I have no doubt (GAR in her bouts of infantile, immature behavior, is quite good at coming up with insulting words that rhyme with her opponents' names) -- but "scholarly"? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Shuuuuuuure it is!


A Disgruntled KJOist Criticizes Peter Ruckman

Possibly the finest piece of pro- King James Version Onlyist anti- Ruckman work ever written. I promise to have it up as soon as possible!


A KJOist Says to Other KJOists: You're Makin' Us All Look Like Lunatics, Knock it Off!

Alas, I am afraid that this page is forever gone, but I keep the link for posterity's sake. How I wish I had saved a copy. It used to reside at this URL: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/9345/kjvonly.html


Ruckman: Hear Him Bleat! See How He Runs Down Non-KJO's!

Is there a more charming man than Dr. Petey in all Christendom? Me thinks not!


I was thrilled to find this. From those who boldly put words into dead men's mouths, the DBS apparently, at some point, called Ruckman a heretic.

The KJV Only wacko-s at this site were not amused. Take THAT, Dean Burgon Society!

Dean Burgon Society Warns of Ruckman Errors


This one too is forever gone, but I keep it for posterity's sake. Formerly located at http://biblebelievers.simplenet.com/BBB5.html

"Split Down the Middle," by Peter Ruckman... Read how he Calls other conservative Christians "sissies" and "Bible perverters." Witness his lame attempt to defend his crude language and name calling! Observe how he avoids responsibility for dividing the body of Christ!

Do you have copies or links to other fine KJVO vs. KJVO cat fighting, especially among the more infamous of our kooky KJV Only friends? If so, please shoot them my way at lion_of_judah@virtual-mail.com
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