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The Heresy of KJB-Onlyism Page

Topics Covered at This Site:

Offers Links to Many Relevant Sites, such as Bible Translation Pages, Sites Which Refute KJOism, and lots more!


The King James Only Resource Center

Topics Covered at This Site:

by Gary Hudson:

Ruckman's Incredible Ideas ? Seven Reasons Why KJO Spreads in Independent Baptist Churches ? Easter in the KJV: A Response to Ruckman, Gipp, Moorman, and Mrs. Waite ? Carter's Criticism of the NKJV ? Michael Maynard's Deceptive Treatment of Scrivener Regarding 1 John 5:7 ? 1 John 5:7: Grammatical Argument Refuted: An Answer to Dabney, Hills, Strouse, and Cloud ? Axiom Vs. Thesis: Things That Are Different Are Not the Same by Mickey Carter: A Critique ? and many other articles!

by Doug Kutilek:

The Great Which Bible? Fraud ? "The Spirit Itself," or, The Greatest Defect in the King James Version ? Why Psalm 12: 6,7 is Not a Promise of the Infallible Preservation of Scripture ? Restating the Obvious About Bible Translations ? and many other articles!


The Theonomy-L "Debate" with Theodore Letis ? A Colorful Review [by Thomas Holland] Falls Short-- WAY Short ? The View From Marrs (James White responds to Texe Marrs) ? New Age Bible Versions (by Gail Riplinger) Refuted ? A Response to a Brother in Christ, Dr. Henry Morris

James White Responds to "85 Large pages of Scholarly Refutation," by Dr. Kirk DiVietro ? The Ruckman-White Correspondence ? White's Response to Ruckman's Critique of The King James Only Controversy ? and other pieces.

Also by James White:

Is Your Modern Translation Corrupt?


Bible Versions Controversy (Presented by Darkness to Light)

~ Be cautious of their anti-Critical Text, anti-N.I.V. Bible and anti-Alexandrian manuscripts views at this site!!!

Topics Covered at This Site:

Is the KJV Inspired? ? Difficult Terms in the KJV

Articles by Rick Norris:

The Revised Version of 1611; KJV Only Reviews; Origen, Jerome, Erasmus, and the KJV; King James and His Translators; The Latin Vulgate View; The Text and "Tree" of the KJV; Supposing and Not Knowing


Brian's KJV-only Issue Page

Topics Covered at This Site:

? Articles on Specific Verses and Passages

? Many General Articles, Including:

Something "Qere" is Going On in the KJV ? Jesus in the new Versions: Facts Often Ignored by KJV-Onlyists ? Is the KJV "Gender Inclusive" and more ?

Essays by Rick Norris, including:

Considering the Tree of Good Bibles ? Unicorns and the KJV ? The Influence of An Anglican Archbishop on the KJV ? Is Revision of a Bible Translation Always Wrong? ? Was the Roman Catholic Erasmus Sound in His Doctrine? ? and many others ?
Essays by Doug Kutilek:

Erasmus, His Greek Text and His Theology, "Roots" of the KJV Controversy, and other essays



Wayne Leman's Bible Translation Site

Topics Covered at This Site:

So many, it's hard to name them all! Brief Sampling:

King James Onlyism ? Essays on Bible Usage and Translation ? Translation Philosophies and Appproaches (e.g., Dynamic Equivalence, Formal Equivalence, Hermeneutics, Different Translational Methods, etc.) ? Figures of Speech ? Inclusive Language (including gender accuracy)

? Interpreting the Word ? Biblical Languages: Greek and Hebrew ? LOTS of other resources!



The 1611 KJV Contains Errors ? King James, Known Homosexual ? Roman Catholicism ? Obsolete Words in the KJV ? Inspired Authors of the Bible were NOT English Speaking ? How Can a Bible Translation Be Inerrant? ? The Dogmatism and Lack of Love Demonstrated by the KJV Only Crowd ? Alexandrian and Byzantine Manuscripts


"KJV Only" advocates refuted!

Topics Covered at This Site:

Irrefutable proof the translators were not inspired ? Introductory notes ? 69 Questions for "KJV Only" advocates ? 1611 Marginal Notes Devestating! ? Indisputable, Universally Recognized Errors in the KJV ? Inconsistency in Translation ?A Good Translation, But Nothing More ? Nine Reasons Why the KJV is NOT the Best Translation Today ? Egyptian Corruption Argument Refuted ?

Historical Bloodline of "KJV Only" False Teachers ? Archaic Language of the KJV ? The Original Translators Preface to the 1611 Edition


The King James Only Debate

Topics Covered at This Site:

Is This Issue Really Important? ? The Greek Text of the New Testament ? [Is] the Alexandrian Text Corrupt? ? The Preservation of Scripture ? Do the Modern Translations Omit Parts of Scripture? ? Do the Modern Translations "Deny" the Deity of Christ? ? 1 John 5: 7-8 ? A "Typical" KJV Only Paper


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