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"What Is King James Onlyism?" @ PILGRIM PUBLICATIONS

Topics Covered at This Site:

Why Dean John William Burgon Would NOT Join the Burgon Society ? King James Only HOKEY ? KJV Revision is no "myth" ?The KJV IS a Copyrighted Translation ?

Are Modern English Bibles Irreverent? ? A Critical Review of G. A. Riplinger's New Age Bible Versions ? "Not One Jot or One Tittle" A Plea For Original KJV Spelling ? "Original 1611" KJV Forever Lost!

? Questions for the KJV Only Cult ? Is Revision of a Bible Translation Always Wrong? ? "Through His Blood" at Colossians 1: 14 and King James Onlyism ?

Does the Textus Receptus Attack Fundamentalists? ?Unlearned Men: The True Genealogy and Genesis of "KJV-Onlyism"

?Westcott and Hort: Were They Members of a "Ghost Society?" ? A Defense of the King James Bible ? Accuracy of Translation for the "English Speaking People": Dynamic Equivalency verses Formal Equivalency


KJV Only? by Elgin L. Hushbeck Jr.

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KJV Only? by Elgin L. Hushbeck Jr.

Topics Covered at This Site:

This Is an Excellent Article Which Offers a Concise Look at the Problems with the King James Only Position; the author outlines their more frequent arguments and refutes them


King James Onlyism Countered

Topics Covered at This Site:

What Is the KJV Only Movement? ? A Brief History of the KJV ? Revisions and Paraphrases Discussed ? Are There Errors in the New Versions, Do They Strip Christ of His Deity, Are There Doctrinal Changes? ? Problems in the KJV ? KJV Guilty of Same Problems as Modern Translations ? Manuscripts Discussed


All Those Translations!

Topics Covered at This Site:

Touches on the differences between 'dynamic equivalence' and 'formal equivalence.' Discussion on the King James Only phenomenon, pointing out some of the flaws in the KJO view.


Another good, brief summary of the problems with King James Only Position


Prof's Soapbox (Dr. Wallace's Site)

Topics Covered at This Site:

Some Second Thoughts on the Majority Text ? The Majority Text and the Original Text: Are They Identical? ? Why I Do Not Think that the King James Version is the Best Translation Available Today ? The Conspiracy Behind the New Bible Translations ? Mark 1: 2 and New Testament Textual Criticism ? Attacks on the Text Behind the Modern Versions: Errors in the Greek Text behind Modern Translations?--The cases of Matthew 1:7, 10 and Luke 23: 45 ? and many other very good essays!

Also by Dr. Wallace:

What About the 3,000 Differences Between Alexandrian Manuscripts (Codices) Vaticanus and Sinaiticus?

Is the claim correct that many early translations and writings of the church fathers show they are in support of the Byzantine text?

If you say you believe in the inspiration of the original manuscripts, does this mean you do not believe this carries over to our English translations?

What About Jack Hyles, He Says That Modern Versions are Corrupt

Changes to the KJV Since 1611: An Illustration


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