The Vanishing Leprechaun
A Saint Patrick's Day Special

This as an amazing puzzle. We take a drawing of 14 leprechauns and cut it into 3 pieces.
When we switch the top two pieces, a 15th leprechaun appears! Switch them back, and he vanishes!

Here is the picture with 14 little guys.

Count the Leprechauns . . . 14

While switching the top two pieces leaves us with 15 little guys.

Count the Leprechauns . . . 15

Notice the difference? The top image has 14 leprechauns, while the bottom image has 15.
Where did the extra little guy come from, and where did he go? Go ahead . . . count them!
Count them again!

Have fun solving this! Don't jump too quickly to the answer . . . it spoils it.

Want the answer?