Tournament of Teams

Tournament of Teams

Amidst the chaos of the war, a new tournament is being held to rally the people of Evermore and show them what Evermorian strength means. This tournament is different from others, for it shows not only the strength and heart that all Evermorians show in battle, but also their teamwork, their outstanding companionship, and brotherhood.

Rules: -No powergaming, as always
-Effects that happen in the tournament are lasting to your character. So, if a finger gets chopped off, this translates over to the RP world.
-The partners are randomly assigned, and once assigned, will not be changed. The only way they could change is if something happens RP-wise to make it so.
-All OOC comments and questions on the tournament should be directed to the designated thread on the tournament board entitled "OOC."
-Battling will be conducted team vs. team. When the teams are assigned, they shall be given a code name that will be listed below on the competitor list. When a team is called for a match, that code will be announced as the title of their battle thread. Ie. "Team Crimson vs. Team Emerald."
-For the finals, the teammates will be forced to battle each other in order to decipher who will take 1st & 2nd, and 3rd & 4th place.
-You will be allowed to be in the tournament at the same time as doing an RP on the regular RP boards.
-The rules are subject to upgrading as the tournament reaches its beginning.

Sign Up: Keep the number of characters you enter into the tournament limited to three or four.
-When signing up, simply give this information: Character name, and the weapons that s/he will be using in the tournament.
-Once again, this tournament will have referees. If you want one of your characters to act as the referee, simply say, "Referee - [Character's name]."
-All signups will be posted, both referee and participant, within the thread "The Tournament of Teams" from which the link to this page originated.
-Registration expires on Thursday, February 3rd, so sign up your characters before/on that date.

Competitors / Teams
*Note, this is only a list of competitors until all have signed up, that is when teams will be assigned.
Team Members
Team Sapphire Apiny & Kevin Samual
Team Emerald Blazer Redleaf & Eos
Team Garnet Fergard Mentar & Derrick D'Alganne
Team Amber Raging Red Flame & ???
Team Amethyst Optimus Prime & Gamon Sentrial
Team Citrine Bane & Gibble Oronto
Team Moonstone David Claw & Parthenope
Team Onyx Eurios & Slick Pickens

Referees: Vintillin Bluehair, Hurley Masterton, Lilathia Septerron, Z.A.I.A. 358, Marcus Feathermoss & Mitch, Victor Mentar

Prizes: All competetors receive the new Evermorian Tournament Cloak. A long, deep green cloak, embroidered along the edges in golden sword patterns. The cloak includes a bright purple clasp. The clasp is shaped like the two crossed blades of Evermore upon a great round shield. The blades of the swords are made of mithril.