Era of Annihilation


You approach an area of land that has been closed in. Huge walls of stone have been built around this land. You walk along the walls until coming to a huge silver gate. Two guards are standing at the gate, carefully watching you with suspicious eyes. The gate is opened slightly and you quickly squeeze through, wanting to get away from the two armoured guards as quickly as you can.
You look around within and what you see seems disasterous. Forests burned and dead, most of the water seems undrinkable with a slight purplish glow to it. The scent near the water is filled with the unclean scent of rotting fish. The town has been reduced to nothing more but slums, most of the buildings broken and shattered. This place seems to be no more than a disgusting wasteland. Off in the distance you see a huge tower-like building giving an ominous and controlling feeling throughout the kingdom. The entire place seems darker than anywhere else around it, the air itself is cold and unwelcoming. This is truly a desolate world, unforgiving and evil.
You continue to walk along down the rotten path. At the side of the road is an old man, he coughs and motions you to come closer.
"Hello, and welcome to Evermore. Or what's left of it. Need directions? I'll tell you where to go. If you have any questions, go to the slums and seek out the shelter," he says in a raspy old voice. "Welcome, friend, to the Era of Annihilation."

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Evermore was created April 17, 1999
The Era of Annihilation began September 25, 2001