Royal Guard HQ

Royal Guard

This is the Royal Guard HQ. You can only enter the front office, anything else is off limits. There must be a ton of guards, since the building is huge. There are only a few Royal Guards within, but each gives you an unsettling look. There's some information on the Royal Guards and all branches of it on a desk. You come to a large board, posted on it, are a few Wanted posters. You walk over to it, and examine each one.


Resyn and Shade
Wanted for assault on Edwin Palemoon and escaping Royal Guards.

Dead, preferably. 5,000 gil reward for each.


Any Member of Rayden
Wanted for terrorist attack on Royal Guards, taking Royal Guard hostages and threatening the welbeing on Evermore.

Dead or Alive, Extra Rations for all Evermorians if brought in, Gil reward to any with information.


Wanted for high treason against Edwin.... Considered dangerous
Dead or Alive, Extra Rations for all Evermorians as Reward


A young man, between 5'7" and 5'10", average weight, blonde hair and a tail. Possibly going by the name Rod, he has attacked a Royal Guard and is considered dangerous. As well, be on the lookout for his accomplis.

The suspects accomplis is a young woman, between 5'3" and 5'6", slim, long brown hair. Possibly going by the name Rydia. Is not considered dangerous but should be reported and taken into custody for questionings.

Alive, Gil reward to anyone who brings one or both of these people in


Blazer Redleaf
Wanted for the assault of a Royal Guard and possible Resistance Activity.

Dead or Alive

Give any and all information on possible Resistance activities to a Royal Guard.
Gil Reward to anyone who can provide such info.