Faces of Fear

Faces of Fear

These are, what some have begun to call, the Faces of Fear. These are the three monsters that took the sleepy little kingdom of Evermore and changed it into a house of evil. Together, they have caused more destruction and chaos than any enemy to attack Evermore. The Faces of Fear have only begun their reign. Their evil has slowly begun to spread, and no one knows when it will end.

Crystal Cross - The hired body guard. He appears to have great magical ability and destroyed Evermore Tower single handedly. That was only phase one in the entire destruction of the Evermore we once knew.

Dark Angel - The evil angel gone insane. He has begun a quest to take every kingdom on the map. He completed stage two of Evermore's destruction. He killed Emperor Claw.

Edwin Palemoon - The mysterious man. He came out of no where and his intensions and motives are unclear. He was the one who finished it all, he constructed Trèggin Sci and took Evermore from all. He has thus begun the Era of Annihilation and sent Evermore into this age of destruction and doom.

These are the three evil masterminds controlling Evermore. No one knows what they can truly do. It is unlikely that anyone has seen their real power. Evermore's current state of evil, chaos and destruction, has only just begun.