The Legions

Legions of Monsters

The following list of beasts is arranged from those that are considered least to most dangerous.

Monster Description
Kobolds Barely clearing 3 ft. in height, kobolds have scaly hides that range from dark, rusty brown to a rusty black. Their eyes glow like a bright red spark and they have two small horns ranging from tan to white. Because of the kobolds' fondness for wearing raggedy garbs of red and orange, their non-prehensile rat-like tails, and their language (sounding like the yapping of small dogs), these creatures are often not taken seriously. However, for what they lack in size and strength, they make up for it in ferocity and tenacity.
Goblins Goblins have flat faces, broad noses, pointed ears, wide mouths and small, sharp fangs. Their foreheads slope back, and their eyes are usually dull and glazed. They always walk upright, standing around four feet tall, but their arms hang down almost to their knees. Their skin colors range from yellow through any any shade of orange to a deep red. Their eyes vary from bright red to a gleaming lemon yellow. They wear clothing of dark leather, tending towards dull soiled-looking colors.
Orcs Orcs vary widely in appearance, as they frequently crossbreed with other species. In general, they resemble primative humans with grey-green skin covered with coarse hair. Orcs have a slightly stooped posture, a low jutting forehead, and a snout instead of a nose. Orcs have well-developed canine teeth for eating meat and short pointed ears that resemble those of a wolf. Orcs prefer to wear colors that most humans think are unpleasant; includin Blood red, mustard yellow, greenish purple, etc.
Giant Spiders Imagine a spider, but about 8 ft. in diameter.
Sahuagin Sahuagins are a vicious, predatory race of fish-men that enjoy raiding communities for food and sport. Typical Sahuagins are blackish green on their backs, shading to green on their bellies, with black fins. Their great, staring eyes are deep, shining black. They have scaly skin, with webbed fingers and toes, and their mouths are filled with sharp fangs. An average sahuagin stands 6 ft. tall.
Undead Undead are anything that is neither alive nor dead, such as an animated skeleton or a zombie. Some variants of undead are quite weak, perhaps weaker than kobolds, but some are more powerful than any other monster, such as a vampire. So, they sit here in the middle.
Gargoyles Gargoyles are stone figures, typically carved to the appearance of a demon, and magically animated to life. They enjoy the screams of their prey, so they tend to torture them before eating them.
Giant Worms Giant Worms are, as their name says, giant worms. They are anywhere from 6 ft. to 50 ft. in length, with large teeth and small, almost un-seeable eyes on the head. The mouth is a circular opening, nearly as large as the head, and the teeth extend outward.
Ogres Ogres stand 9 to 10 ft. tall, and weigh 300 to 350 lbs. Their skin colors range from a dead yellow to a dull black-brown, and (rarely) a sickly violet. Their warty bumps are often a different color, or at least darker than their hides. Their eyes are purple with white pupils. Teeth and talons are orange or black. Ogres have long, greasy hair of blackish-blue to dull dark green.
Trolls Trolls are horrid carnivores, standing between 9 and 10 ft. tall. Most creatures avoid these beasts, since trolls know no fear and attack unceasingly when hungry. Their frame appears thin and frail, but trolls possess surprising strength. Their arms and legs are long and ungainly. The legs end in great three-toed feet, and the arms in wide, powerful hands with sharpened claws. The rubbery hide of a troll is colored between a dull green to a putrid gray. However, the greatest ability a Troll possesses is it's ability to regenerate. When losing a limb, the limb will still fight even though it's mobility is quite limited, and die in a few hours. Even a decapitated head can be regenerated, and if completely chopped up the largest piece begins to grow a whole new troll, the rest die off. The only way to perminately damage a Troll is Fire and Acid, which it does not fear and simply tries to get around these substances.
Golems A golem is a being carved from stone or clay, or forged by iron, and magically enchanted. The magical natures of golems cause them to be unaffected by nearly all spells, and normally are very resistant to most melee attacks (Try cutting pure iron with your sword. Prolly won't work). The strength of a golem is unmatched by any other monster unleashed on evermore. It's only disadvantage is how slow they are, and because of this Golems are normally made to be a guardian instead of a soldier.

The majority of these descriptions were made in the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual. The ones that are from the manual are slightly edited as well, so it doesn't give you tons of info you really don't need to know.