"The Drellian Calendar" by David S. Claw

You glance through a number of articles and find one that interests you titled "The Drellian Calendar" and so you begin to read....

The Drellian Calendar consists of 10 months in one year. Each of those months has a total of 30 days. The months were all named after gods and goddesses of those that had created the calender back when the Ancient Era (A.E.) ended and the Common Era (C.E.) began. The ten months are: Teekah, Lenthay, Echten, Lexina, Odorn, Pletab, Sevlan, Melgrat, Kirdel, and Xeltyte.
There are 50 weeks of 6 days each per year. The calendar was very simple to sort out, with just the right amount of days, months and weeks. The average day in Drellia is 25 hours.

These are but the basics of the Drellian Calendar. To learn more, consult someone who knows what they're talking about.