Kingdom of Evermore

Kingdom of Evermore

You walk along a wide, cobblestone road. There are vast, green fields all around you. You see mountains to the west, and long stretches of bright yellow to the east where crops are growing. There is a freshness in the air that you did not find anywhere else in your travels. It feels as though the air itself in this serine place is optimistic--almost cheerful.

You carry on, and the road begin to turn. A group of people pass by. They wear simple tunics of blue and green. They smile at you as you pass by, and the youngest of the group waves. You cannot help but smile in return.

The sky above is a magnificent, crystaline blue. A few white clouds softly soar by. It feels as though this world has been untouched by hatred, war, pain, or suffering. A cool breeze touches your skin, but the sun quickly warms you. The infectious feeling of happiness that this place eminates starts to fill you.

You see a middle-aged gentleman sitting by the side of the road. He smiles up at you, and you call out a greeting in return. You ask him what this place is. He smiles, and responds, "Evermore."

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