Rules of Evermore

No taking control of another character(s) or their non-player character(s) without his/her permission.

Hitting or striking of a character without giving him or her the chance to defend himself/herself. Examples are: Wrong way- The tree falls on and knocks the person out. Right way- The tree falls toward the person, a direct hit could knock them out.

Ignoring of an attack/action directed at you as thought it never happened. If you are stronger then them still acknowledge that you dodge, block, shield or absorb it.

Plain old power gamming is not allowed. This would be acting as though you had unfathomable powers that no one could hit you. You may be a god but hits still will take a toll on you. Just be sensible, as no one like the role-play with someone who power games and it won‘t be tolerated.

Swearing is no longer allowed. Using of the symbols will count as swearing. Everyone should get along fine without being able to swear. (Exceptions are h_ll and d_mn and they must be cencered - over using of these will be penalized and might even get them banned.)

Slurs based on religion, sexuality, ethnic background, social situation, and physical or mental handicaps will not be tolerated at all.

Harassment threw message boards, chats, e-mails, AIM, ICQ, yahoo, and other means will be punished. If not on chats or boards it must tie in with Evermore to be affected by this law.

From now on, all houses, caves, islands, and other such things will cost money to buy but they will increase your income by a sertain amount depending on how much you spent to buy it.

Items, weapons, armor, and other such things used in RPs must be bought before they can be used. Previously owned such things must be checked in and might cost money to be used.

Your character may only role play in 1 RP at once, do to the face that time is within reality.(This does not affect OOC notes, The Battle arena, or things that are not really a big rp.)

You may only have two Characters in Evermore. This way you don't have 500 characters that you pull outta nowhere to attack one guy. This doesn't count for baddies. But you must keep your amount of baddies small or else it could become a problem which could result in a court issue.