Race = Feline

Age = 21

Birthday = Unknown

Gender = Male

Physical Description = Wolfram is a sought of self taught were-cat, he was originally a black brown domestic cat grown in a laboratory by his friend and teacher Professor Tower to be psychic. His abilities surpaced what even Professor Tower could of hoped and he grew to learn to adapt his DNA, now he is a well built humanoid with slight cat ears, he has a tail and wears a black over coat, his eyes are green and his clothes are black. His hair is brown black much like his cat fur. he may also alter himself to look like almost any other living thing within reason.

Weapons = Creature weapons- claws, teeth, limbs.

Powers = Wolfram is completely psychic, his abilities are enhanced by his inherent genetic abilities, he surpaces many people in this as he uses his psychic abilities to a differant advantage, he alters his own DNA using his mind and he wills people to do things he wishes without knowing it creating a reputation about himself that hides his true purpose. His telekenis is tied directly into his physical abilities enhancing them and allowing him to do things no ordinary person could. His genetic structure focuses on adaption while retaining it's true self, his body will adapt to weather just the same as his pupils will adapt to light. His abilities are largely feline.

Personality = To his workmates and the people who know him in his neighbourhood, Wolfram is an overly pleasant nice guy. He treats everybody he meets with fairness and equality, he is ever humble and ever guiding. His helpfullness has always lead people back on track, but to Professor Tower and the few who truely ever meet the inner workings of Wolfram. He is a spitefull, hate filled creature who believes all humanity should be destroyed and replaced with the upgraded model. Tower is his key to this and his mind allows him to manipulate people to his wim, he is the future of any thing humanoid and he'll do anything to get his dream, but he has time so he moves slowly.

History = Wolfram was created in a test tube as you already know, where this labaratory was you don't need to know, he soon came to Evermore, Evermore is the present and the future. That's all you need to know.

Quote = Have a nice day..before I ruin it