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Race = Bengal Tiger

Age = 9

Birthday = March 29

Gender = Female

Eyes = Silvery Blue

Hair = Silver and Black

Height = 3' 4"

Weight = 300 lbs (remember, she isn't human ^^)

Job = Huntess

Weapons = Gisla: A sword that contain's Venus' power

Powers = The ability to shapeshift into any of 12 animals: Human, Dog, Dragon, Rat, Monkey, Rabbit, Pig, Horse, Chicken, Ox, Goat, and Snake.

Personality = Friendly, friendly, friendly! But very easily confused...

History = She was taken from her mother when she was only two days old, and was bought by the Lord Kuhno Majaz. He named her, and owned her for many years, before he was drafted into a war. Venus fought alongside him, and it was in this war that she was given the ability to shapeshift.
Now that she is nearing the end of her life, she travels around, looking for stuff to do, and people to hang out with.

Quote = "Being a human is tough!"