Body Age; 1 month
Appearance Age; 300 years, elvish
True Age; Unknown

Race: Elvish

Eye Colour: Forrest Green

Hair Colour: Silver Blonde

Attire: He wears a green cotton under shirt and loose cotton brown trousers, over that he wears blue robes tied about his waist with a red satin sash. On his back sits a small brown backpack.

Hand Alignment: Ambidexterous

Weapons: Siege Pistol; An ancient weapons wrought by the dwarfs and enchanted by the elves of his homeland, used to blow apart pieces of buildings and decimate sections of armies in a single shot. It is only used in important circumstances.
Ancalmninque; A magical sword made specially for Vanye`nce, it holds the essence of ice inside of it and almost always steams unless it is near absoulute zero.
Long Bow; Nothing magical about this, it is plain wood and used to fire normal arrows, occasionally it will be used to fire magical arrows but very rarely
Shield; a rounded steel shield

Magic: Elemental; ie- Nature, water, wind, earth, fire, skull. Elven; a special variation on elemental magic, it allows certain spells to be cast without a thought or any preparation, it also allows certain ancient rune magics to be cast curtasy of the dwarfs.

Abilities: Ki/Chi; this is commonly seen on shows like Dragon Ball and it's counterparts, this is used widely in the rp world and enables super speed and cinematic like super human abilities when the person has "powered up" this is when the person releases their inner energy and creates an aura like coloured fire around themselves, they can create Ki/Chi attacks or better known as energy attacks. Fluid Robot; this is a new technology developed by the races of Vanye`nce home world, he is in part a Fluid Robot. His body is half tech and half normal, this enables him to regenerate quick than a normal human and move in ways never possible before. True Fluid Robot's have a hive mentality but half Fluid Robot's can block this out, yet it does come in handy when accessing infomation having a direct link to what is commonly known as the Internet although it has far surpased this. A Fluid Robot has an advanced version of the second vision, such as "day dreaming when your eyes are open", although they see both worlds quite clearly and seem to react to both seperately.
Cloning; this ability is a spin off from his Fluid Robot self, his regenerativeness allows him to create copies of himself taking about a day.

Personality: He has alot of inpatience for an elf and quite easily commits himself to something he later wishes he hadn't. He is good natured at heart but would rather not go against the present government due to his heavily drilled in standard educated mind control, he would gladly give his life to save another he thought worthy of it, knowing full well he can get another one. His past life has left him with quite a few grudges but at heart he is a single dad family man.

Origin: Vanye`nce was recreated from the remains of Konomex once he had agreed to return home to save his newly reforged homeland, Oiomure, the name itself means land of mists and that is exactly what it is. Returning to Evermore his history is short, he spent a short time saving his immediate world and was granted the blessing of his old memory. He now works for Edwin trying to foil the Rebels plans, for if they ever win it surely means an end for him.

Quote: "Don't quote me on this!"