Race = Sayjin/Elf

Age = 1013

Birthday = First Day of Winter

Gender = Male

Eyes = Black

Hair = Black

Height = 6'2"

Weight = 150 lbs.

Job = Mage

Weapons = Has magical powers; Ablility to control energy; Can turn into Oozaruu

Powers = All; Energy based attacks; Illithid control circlet (also gives him protection against psionic attacks)

Personality = Suvok is a mentaly unstable mage. He may not have great physical strength, but he has unimaginable magical powers. He acts like a child, but when angered he is clearly an adult, and unstoppable.

History = His father, being a great Sayjin warrior, came to Evermore is hopes of destroying it (long before the creation of the kingdom; over 1000 years ago), he met Suvok's mother and fell in love. They eventually had Suvok. At the age of 13, more Sayjin warrior came to Evermore looking for Suvok's father. When they found him, they destroyed Suvok's father and mother, leaving him mentally scarred for the rest of his life. After the death of his parents, he went to go live with his mother's family, but was shunned for his Sayjin heritage by all but one person, a mage, who was greatly interested in the ability to control energy. After many years, the two had learned as much as they could from each other, and Suvok had decided to leave, and the elves threw rocks on him as he left. This is when he lost his mind. When he was done with the elves, they were nothing but dust. He has traveled since then.

Quote = " Oh well......KITTY!!!"