Soul Hunter

Race = Unknown

Age = Immortal

Birthday = Unknown

Gender = Male

Physical Description = Soul Hunter's body is made of flesh but underneath it is made of pure energy. His hair is long and silver. His eyes are a strange white-like color. His voice his very strange as well, it seems hollow, almost ungodly like. But at the same time his voice also seems very beautiful. Underneath his long, steatlh black coat his body is quite built. He has many scars on his left arm. He is covered mostly by his long coat that has a hood that covers his face with the exception of his long hair that hangs out and his glowing eyes. He is a very mysterious person. For he is immortal and has seen the beginning of Raylor and many other worlds and has seen the creation of both Crescentlake and Evermore.

Weapons = Soul Hunters reaver is covered in a holy energy and his other weapon is a strange gauntlet that never seems to come off, almost part of his body. The gauntlet is made of dark energy that can be shaped into any weapon he wills.

Powers = His powers are various. His unlimited energy power and his incredible strength are just many of the powers he has.

Personality = Soul Hunter is usually a very mysterious. Some people think he is a vampire or some type of undead being. Soul Hunter is not a leader. He will create situation where others take the credit. He has a habit of making others the heroes instead of himself.

History = Not much is known about the man in black. Except for the few things he has told. He has the power nearly of a god. And that he cannot die.