Sarra Farakin

Race = Elf

Age = 19

Birthday = July 18

Gender = Female

Physical Description = Long Chestnut Brown Hair, Silver Eyes, White Skin, and like all Elves she has Pointed Ears

Weapons = Long Sword: What appears to be a common Long Sword at first glance, is actually much more. This sword is surrounded by a dark blue aura of ice. On every successul hit, the person hit by the blade feels the cold bite of ice.
Buckler: This small shield is made of the same material as Platemail.
Steel Breastplate: A Breastplate made of Steel.
Necklace: A mysterious necklace that Sarra always wears around her neck. It seems to emenate an aura of magic, though what exactly it does is known only to Sarra.
Leather Boots: Finely Crafted Boots made of Leather.

Personality = Sarra is a very silent, very calm young woman. She remains that way except to her most dearest friends, to which she is a very cheerful person.

History = Sarra was born nineteen years ago, to a poor family that lived within the slums of Evermore. During the Era of Annhialation, her brother joined the Royal Gaurds, her father was killed during a riot, and her mother died of an unknown disease. All alone, Sarra continued her training in the arts of a warrior. As the Era of Annhialation came to a close, Sarra recieved a letter infroming her that her brother was killed in action. She now wanders around Evermore, trying to make a living for herself, and attempting to help those around her.

Quote = Don't play with fire, or you're gonna get burned.