Race = Human

Age = 19

Birthday = Unknown

Gender = Male

Eyes = Purple

Hair = Black

Height = 5'10"

Weight = 200 lbs. (mostly muscle)

Job = Renegade Ninja

Weapons = Murasame, Masamune, 2 Ninja swords, 10000 Shuriken, An Excalibur sword given to him by his father that was a Holy Knight, and a strange looking old rusty sword.

Powers = He is a master of all Thunder Magic, some black magic, some white magic, Ninja Magic, All Swordskill (Dark Sword, Holy Sword, Mighty Sword, Destroy Sword, Magic Sword, Guts, Limit.

Personality = Mostly Grim with a bad temper.

History = He is a ninja hired to completely wipe out Evermore of all inhabitants whether they be Empire, Resistance, or Citizen...
...His father was a White Knight (a.k.a. Holy Knight) of great power, and his mother was a strong Monk. His father was killed by the former Samurai Ninja and now Shogun of the Dark, Genma when he was just 8 years old, and his loving mother was killed when he was just 13. When he was a baby he was trained in all magic types and excelled at Thunder, he was also taught most of the swordskills by his father and melee abilities by his mother. He trained with ninjas of the Koga and Iga clans and became one of the fiercest warrior by 15 and master by 18...
...He has been hired by a Samurai that will tell him the whereabouts of Genma should he succeed.

Quote = "I will kill Genma no matter what"