Rufus Trueblade

Race = Half Human, Half Elf

Age = 18

Birthday = May 12

Gender = Male

Eyes = Dark Blue

Hair = Black

Height = 5' 8"

Weight = 159 lbs.

Job = None

Weapons = None

Powers = When the spirit possessing Rufus takes over his body, Rufus gains all Celestial (Battle) Magic through level 8.

Personality = Rufus: Rufus is generally a kind individual, but he tends to keep to himself. Rufus has a deep hatred for the Faces of Evil, and would like nothing more than to see them dead. He would like to hopefully be recognized by the Resistance, but with someone possessing him, that could be difficult.
Zane Darktooth (Spirit possessing Rufus): Zane is an evil spirit that is constantly trying to permanently take over Rufus's body. Zane is determined to wipe out the Resistance, and get in good with the Faces of Evil. Zane will try anything to kill the Resistance Leaders' heads to the Faces of Evil, and prove just how powerful he is.

History = Rufus: Rufus was born in Evermore, and his father was part of Evermore's Royal Guard. During the invasion by the Faces of Evil, Rufus's father was killed and Rufus was left to fend for himself. Over time, Rufus's hatred for Edwin and the other Evils grew, and he soon honed his skills for the purpous of slaying the three terrors. One night, Rufus had been staying up late into the night training when he heard someone calling out to him. Rufus went to investigate, and as he turned a corner, a powerful force slammed into him, and effectivly possessed Rufus. This force was Zane Darktooth. Since that night Rufus has changed, and has tried to keep the evil spirit under control, but is finding it increasingly more difficult to do so.
Zane: Zane history is shrouded in mist, and it seems that no one but himself knows anything about his history.

Quote = Its not how a person looks on the outside that matters, its the inside that counts.