Resyn Sentrial

Race = Half-elf

Age = Unknown

Birthday = Unknown

Gender = Male

Eyes = Blue

Hair = Black

Height = 6'1

Weight = Unknown

Job = Bounty Hunter

Weapons = Double-edged sword, Bow w/ steel arrows, grappling hook.

Powers = Unknown

Personality = Very aggressive, rather harsh.

History = Is Gamon Sentrial's half-brother. King Teroth married an elf-woman. However, in the forest they lived in, a battle ensued. King Teroth and the others tried to escape but Resyn was left behind. The elf--woman was ambushed and killed. Resyn was raised by elves for a while. However, the same army that killed his mother burned the forest he lived in. After the fire, he had gotten amnesia. All he's pieced together is that he belongs to the Sentrial family. He's also learning, very slowly, that he has some kind of unlimted power.

Quote = "I bet that some boy, who lives in Russia, has only lived a life of oppression and hate. But, I bet he's heard about America, and how beautiful it must be. Someday, I'd like to meet that boy...AND TELL HIM THE AWFUL TRUTH ABOUT THIS PLACE!" "Oh, shut up and eat your lima beans already." -Excerpt from Calvin and Hobbes