Race = Human

Age = 20 years

Birthday = Fourteenth of Lexina

Gender = Female

Physical Description = Razha is 159cm tall. She has short, red hair and saphrire eyes. She is very fit.

Weapons = She has a horned cap to protect her in battle and make her look more feirce. Her armor consists of basic mail and leather covering her chest, back, arms and legs. She wears boots with steel in the toes, and gloves with brass knuckles and uncountable tiny spines to pack a very powerful punch. She also carries poison darts and throwing daggers for range weapons.

Powers = Her fists are her deadliest weapons. You wouldn't want to get into a fistfight with her. However, long range weapons and spells are her weaknesses...

Personality = She likes to be proper and slightly arrogant. She likes a good battles, but is willing to put differences aside to overcome difficulties.

History = Razha was born into a rich family who enrolled her in fighting classes at a young age. She has become deadly with her fists, but enjoys tutoring children in the arts of hand to hand combat...

Quote = I'm silent, I'm deadly, and I smell 'fresh as a rose!