Race = Drow

Age = 228

Birthday = He doesn't know or care.

Gender = Male

Eyes = Scarlet Red

Hair = Ivory white.

Height = 54 inches

Weight = 80 lbs

Job = Assassin

Weapons = Ivory hilt longsword, and Rune crested Short Bow

Powers = Shield of Shadows
Does not attract attention to him/her-self
Able to summon spiders at will

Personality = Phobius is a patient assassin, but when it comes to his personal plans, he will stop at nothing to finish them for they will ALWAYS be for his personal gain. He is always scheming, because he's drow, that's what they do.

History = From the time he was able to carry a sword and a short bow, he has trained to be an assassin. Growing up in Underdark was also no treat, he lost his family at age 23 when an assassin killed the matron mother of his house. He quicly escaped to the surface world to vow revenge on the house who destroyed his house. From there he became a professional assassin, always killing and gathering any information on his ultimate goal, his revenge. Being an assassin, he meet Claw, his only friend. They became partners in assassination. When they parted, they made the pact to help each other whenever the need arose. So now he is in Evermore...

Quote = " Trust No One More Than Yourself "