Nicholai Elldic Nentioc

Race = Vampire

Age = 31

Birthday = 11/06

Gender = Male

Physical Description = Nicholai is a very tall and broad man. He only has one eye. The other is patched over with skin. His face is lined with scars and he isn't very friendly. Nick's hair falls to his shoulders and is blue and black. Nicholai says those colors describe how those vampire hunters will look when he's done with them. Nicholai wears a brown leather armor over his purple coat. His blue, ripped jeans hide under the heels of his black running shoes.

Weapons = Body armor, a small dagger, two vials of human blood.

Powers = Nicholai never kills the person he drinks from and always knocks out people before he drinks from them. All vampires' saliva can heal flesh wounds.

Personality = Nicholai is quite secluded when it comes to his ways and its not apparent if he's working for good or evil. Nick has had quite the easy life, and ever since he was a vampire, his easy life has become hard.

History = Nicholai hails from Vik, Iceland, and came to Evermore hunting down a few humans who once tried to kill him. Nicholai has no idea where to look or what he's doing. Nicholai was raised very well, but became a vampire when he was just 13. It's been a hard life ever since.

Quote = "I'll go it alone. Now leave! I don't need you, or anyone else helping me out. Why earn something when it's not on your own merits?"